Stereo Displays

Stereo displays

Stereo  Displays 1

When LCD shutter glasses are used for stereo 3D displays, the effective refresh rate is halved, because each eye needs a separate picture. For this reason, it is usually recommended to use a display capable of at least 120 Hz, because divided in half this rate is again 60 Hz. Higher refresh rates result in greater image stability, for example 72 Hz non-stereo is 144 Hz stereo, and 90 Hz non-stereo is 180 Hz stereo. Most low-end computer graphics cards and monitors cannot handle these high refresh rates, especially at higher resolutions. For LCD monitors the pixel brightness changes are much slower than CRT or plasma phosphors. Typically LCD pixel brightness changes are faster when voltage is applied than when voltage is removed, resulting in an asymmetric pixel response time. With 3D shutter glasses this can result in a blurry smearing of the display and poor depth perception, due to the previous image frame not fading to black fast enough as the next frame is drawn.

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Facilities, collections and displays

Main buildingThe main museum building on St Laurent Boulevard houses a number of permanent displays, as well as temporary exhibits of the museum's collection and visiting exhibitions. The most famous (and oldest) of these exhibitions is the crazy kitchen, a room that is built on a tilted surface, thus causing gravity to pull visitors towards the wall, but has all its furniture nailed to the floor so they wo not fall, thus creating the illusion that the room is on an ordinary, flat surface. This competing information confuses visitors' brains which makes them feel nauseous. Artifact Alley, which runs diagonally across the building, displays about 700 historical objects at any one time. Collections Conservation CentreThe Ingenium storage facility, located at 1867 St. Laurent Blvd, it includes more than over 268,000 artifacts, such as a prototype for the Bombardier Innovia ART 100, a driverless rail car (ca. 1982), an Iron Lung once used at the Ottawa Civic Hospital (ca. 1950), and the FIU-301, and the Ontario Provincial Police's first Unmanned Aerial vehicle (2005-2007).

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WinSingad displays

WinSingad offers displays of: Input sound waveform against time Fundamental frequency against time Short-term spectrum Narrow band spectrogram Spectral ratio against time Vocal tract area Mean/min vocal tract area against time.In addition, a web camera window is often placed on screen with the camera positioned at the singer's side to provide a side view to enable posture to be viewed. In effect, this is a 90 degree mirror which gives a clear indication of spine alignment.

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Specialty displays and events

Rotated monthly, the museum hosts at least 12 specialty displays of events throughout the year. January: Quilt Show February: "It's Art" Show March: Toy Show April: Rummage Sale May: Military Tribute and Display June: LOHS Alumni Day & Ice Cream Social July: Depot Day November: Autumn Dinner, Christmas Memory Trees, & Christmas 'Round the TownAnd many other special new events

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"Zero-power" (bistable) displays

The zenithal bistable device (ZBD), developed by Qinetiq (formerly DERA), can retain an image without power. The crystals may exist in one of two stable orientations ("black" and "white") and power is only required to change the image. ZBD Displays is a spin-off company from QinetiQ who manufactured both grayscale and color ZBD devices. Kent Displays has also developed a "no-power" display that uses polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystal (ChLCD). In 2009 Kent demonstrated the use of a ChLCD to cover the entire surface of a mobile phone, allowing it to change colors, and keep that color even when power is removed. In 2004 researchers at the University of Oxford demonstrated two new types of zero-power bistable LCDs based on Zenithal bistable techniques. Several bistable technologies, like the 360° BTN and the bistable cholesteric, depend mainly on the bulk properties of the liquid crystal (LC) and use standard strong anchoring, with alignment films and LC mixtures similar to the traditional monostable materials. Other bistable technologies, e.g., BiNem technology, are based mainly on the surface properties and need specific weak anchoring materials.

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Other types of electrical displays

ExhibitionsElectricity was on display at the International Exposition of Electricity in Paris in 1881. The Times reported a few electrical accidents that resulted in fires. Though noting that such incidents aroused some alarm at the exhibition, the editorial sought to play down the events in effort to preserve the competence of the event. After about at least five electrical fires they were no longer able to directly discuss the danger of electricity when not properly demonstrated or attended to. In 1882, following the electrical accidents of the International Exhibition, there was a desire to utilize the electrical exhibition of the Crystal Palace to redeem the public's conception of electricity as safe, reliable and economical. This was not without some initial fear that the dangers of electricity would follow, the exhibition opening nearly a month behind schedule to ensure that safety precautions were taken. The British Edison Company took a special interest in the safe display of electricity. The Edison Company displayed a miniature version of its entire distribution system within the Crystal Palace. Additionally, they pushed the use of low-voltage incandescent lights as a low hazard. During the exhibition there were no reported electrical accidents, to the success of the technology's proponents. Further, the Times featured Edison's novel displays as a marvelous part of the Palace exhibition and featuring two images of the displays out of eight total included from the Palace exhibits. Theatrical displaysIn theatrical performances the use of decorative electricity was used in costumes of female performers. Richard d'Oyly Carte's Savoy Theatre in London was one of the first to use electric ornamentation during performances.

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