Sp300vac600w / 1000w1500w Single Phase Medium Power AC Power Supply Chengdu Hongwei Technology Co.,

This series of AC power supply is a high power density programmable AC power supply with single group output. It adopts high-speed DSP CPLD control, high-frequency PWM power technology and active PFC design to realize AC / DC stable output. The power supply has the advantages of high power density, high reliability, high precision, and is compatible with screen touch and manual operation interface of keys. It can simulate power input such as normal or abnormal output for electrical equipment, and meet the requirements of power input test. It can meet the verification of power electronics, motors, lighting, avionics and automotive electronics R & D quality assurance laboratories, as well as the production test verification of factory production lines.

Product features:

●   The color touch screen can set parameters quickly and accurately, and the interface display is specific and intuitive

●   AC DC output mode, level offset can be set

●   On / off phase angle can be set, 0 359.9 °

●   The output frequency is 15 1200Hz, and the output change rate of voltage or frequency is adjustable

●   High output current peak factor characteristics to meet the surge test requirements

●   The built-in power meter function can realize real-time measurement of 15 electrical parameters and up to 40 times of harmonic component measurement. It supports list / pulse / step waveform editing mode and can simulate power disturbance test

●   Built in dimming and Governor Simulation Function

●   Built in maximum power point scanning function

●   Multiple current measurement gears can be selected to improve the measurement accuracy

●   The standard USB data interface supports CSV file waveform import

●   It has OCP / OVP / OPP / over temperature protection / short circuit protection and anti backflow protection

●   It can set voltage and current output limits and support constant current output mode

●   Up to two in series and four in parallel are supported

●   It supports three-phase parallel output and can simulate three-phase unbalanced output

●   Support external analog control and TTL level output

●   Two functional versions meet the cost performance requirements of different application fields

Functions and advantages:

Graphical operation interface

The super large color touch screen provides customers with simple and fast operation, real-time update of display output data and power status, and graphical display makes the display more intuitive.

Adjustable on / off phase angle function

This series of power supply can set the on / off angle, which is suitable for the output test of switching power supply. Set the startup angle to 90 ° to test the input surge current amplitude. The power supply will display the measured surge current amplitude. Users can customize the test start time and duration of surge current.

Voltage / frequency ramp up & ramp down function

The soft start of voltage or frequency can be realized through slope setting, so as to effectively reduce the surge current generated when the motor or compressor is started.

High output crest factor

This series of power supply provides peak current of 5 6 times the rated current, which is suitable for rectifier load or circuit, motor or motor with instantaneous surge current.

Maximum power point scanning function

This series of power supplies supports the maximum power point scanning function, which is used to capture the input conditions of the maximum power point, and display the corresponding parameter information on the interface after the test.

Dimming / speed regulation simulation function

This series of power supply has built-in dimming / speed regulation function, which is applicable to the verification test of dimming / speed regulation control for electric lamp or motor products, and can also be used for production test. It can simulate the user's actual application scenario and check out the hidden dangers of product quality in time.

Analog power grid interference function

This series of power supplies provides a variety of waveform editing modes to simulate various power interference conditions and regulatory certification projects, such as periodic power failure, sag, instantaneous spike or more complex waves

Shape output, widely used in R & D laboratories, universities and Certification Laboratories.

List mode

Step mode

Pulse mode

Notch / burst

Power output test mode

This series of power supplies supports the test function, which can be turned on in any mode of power output. By comparing the measurement parameters with the panel setting parameters, the test results pass will be automatically displayed after the test is completed   Or fail prompts the user. You can customize the start time and duration of the test.

USB interface to save and call files

The front panel is equipped with USB interface as standard, which can save the current display interface. Users can import CSV format files through the USB interface to generate waveform output.

Parallel and three-phase output function

Through the selection of synchronous parallel interface card, the series and parallel output of multiple AC sources can be realized, and the maximum voltage can reach 600V and current can reach 184a. Or it can be connected into three-phase output, one of which is set as the host (phase a), and the other two are slave1 (phase B) and   Slave2   (phase C), the phase difference is always maintained at 120 °, but the output voltage of each phase can be set synchronously or independently according to the demand, which can simulate three-phase imbalance or lack of equal test conditions. Users can realize the connection mode of Y-type and ▲ type according to actual needs, which can be matched freely and flexibly to meet diversified testing needs.

External control amplifier function

The sync interface supports the input of external analog signals, allowing users to input AC and DC waveforms output from any signal generator, amplify this signal and output it in real time.

Programmable output impedance function

The low output impedance and low voltage harmonics of this series of power supply make it comply with iec61000-3-2 standard. At the same time, it provides programmable output impedance function, and the output voltage is fed back to power through load current

The circuit control change can be applied to iec61000-3-3 standard test. The user can set the output resistance and inductance parameters according to the test requirements to simulate the requirements of specific test conditions.

Harmonic / interharmonic generation simulation and measurement function

Support waveform synthesis and editing. The harmonic component can reach 40 orders, and the fundamental frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz. Support the synthesis and editing of Interharmonics, and add another frequency to the original basic voltage output

The voltage component with variable rate is suitable for anti-interference simulation test. Support the measurement of total harmonic distortion (THD), DC current, output current and output current with fundamental frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz

Fundamental frequency value of voltage. The amplitude of 2 40th harmonics can be measured or the distribution of harmonic components can be previewed graphically based on the percentage of fundamental frequency voltage.

Difference between advanced edition and Professional Edition


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