Set List

"Renegade" "Break the Spell" "Feels Like Tonight" "Crawling Back to You" "Losing My Mind" "Outta My Head" "Crazy" "Start of Something Good" "What About Now" "Home" "Rescue Me" "Spaceship" "Louder Than Ever" "Over You" "No Surprise" "Runnin' Down A Dream" (Tom Petty cover) "September"Encore "Rebel Yell" (Billy Idol cover) "It's Not Over"

Set  List 1

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Full set list

"I Need You to Turn To" "Your Song" "Country Comfort" "Border Song" "Indian Sunset" "Amoreena" "Bad Side of the Moon" "Take Me to the Pilot" "Sixty Years On" "Honky Tonk Women" "Can I Put You On" "Burn Down the Mission" (including "My Baby Left Me" & "Get Back") "My Father's Gun" (encore)Note An alternate version of the set list was presented on several 1970-1971 bootleg album issues of the concert. It presents a concert with a somewhat different flow, and although crossfades of the UNI/MCA/Mercury issues present applause where it did not occur in the original concert, the setlist as presented on these bootleg albums does seem to clear up a few problematic references in Elton's comments."I Need You to Turn To" "Your Song" "Bad Side of the Moon" "Country Comfort" "Can I Put You On" "Border Song" "Sixty Years On" "Indian Sunset" "Honky Tonk Women" "Amoreena" "Take Me to the Pilot" "Burn Down the Mission" (including "My Baby Left Me" & "Get Back") "My Father's Gun" (encore)

Set  List 2

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BandTypical set list

Prince - Vox, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard / Piano, Drums John Blackwell - Drums Rhonda Smith - Bass, vox Renato Neto - Keyboard, vox rad. - Keyboard Chance Howard - Keyboard, vox Greg Boyer - Trombone Maceo Parker - Saxophone Candy Dulfer - Saxophone on selected datesPiano intro "Let's Go Crazy" "I Would Die 4 U" "When Doves Cry" "Baby I am a Star" incl. "1999" intro "Shhh" "D.M.S.R." "A Love Bizarre" (instrumental) / "The Glamorous Life" (instrumental) "I Feel for You" "Controversy" Renato Neto interlude "The Beautiful Ones" "Nothing Compares 2 U" "Insatiable" "Sign o' the Times" "The Question of U" incl. "The One" "Let's Work" "U Got the Look" "Life 'O' The Party" (over "Hot Pants" (instrumental) backing), incl. "Uptown" interpolation "Soul Man" Chance Howard lead vox "Kiss" "Take Me with U" "The Everlasting Now" "Purple Rain"Other songs included "Alphabet St.", "All The Critics Love U In Melbourne/Sydney", "Days of Wild", "I Want to Take You Higher", "The Jam", "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)", "How Come U Do not Call Me Anymore" and a piano medley of several songs.

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PersonnelTour set list

The Rolling StonesMick Jagger - lead vocals, harmonica Keith Richards - guitar, backing vocals Mick Taylor - guitar Bill Wyman - bass Charlie Watts - drumsAdditional musiciansNicky Hopkins - piano Bobby Keys - saxophone Jim Price - trumpetThe typical set was: Jumpin' Jack Flash Live With Me Dead Flowers Stray Cat Blues Love In Vain Prodigal Son Midnight Rambler Bitch Honky Tonk Women (I Ca not Get No) Satisfaction Little Queenie Brown Sugar Street Fighting ManEncore: Let It RockFor the rest of the tour some songs were dropped, at certain shows. "Wild Horses" was likely played at the 1st Newcastle show and almost definitely at the 2nd Newcastle show. It was likely played at other shows. Sympathy For The Devil may have been played as the first encore, with Let It Rock as the second encore, at the 2nd Newcastle 2nd. It may have been played at other shows. It has also been suggested that the band attempted Ca not You Hear Me Knocking at least once early in the tour.

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Actual set list from 12 November

"Warrior on the Edge of Time / The Scan" (this was re-ordered for the CD release and crudely cropped) "Choose Your Masques" "Coded Languages" (alternative version released on Out and Intake) "Magnu" "Dust of Time" "Waiting for Tomorrow" "Angels of Death" "Ghost Dance" (on Out & Intake only, but not on main CD - Nik Turner lead vocals) "Steppenwolf" (not released - Nik Turner is on lead vocals) "Psychedelic Warlords" "Social Alliance" "Utopia" (end is removed due to re-ordering the live CD) "Arrival in Utopia" "Solitary Mind Games" "Sonic Attack" (not released - again Nik Turner on lead vocals) "Dream Worker" (beginning is missing due to re-ordering of CD) "Brainstorm" "Ejection" "Shot Down in the Night" "Master of the Universe"

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