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$130 online course. $120 used smart phone. $80 disk-brake bike. Also, friends have adopted dogs for $150 or less. $10 watch, $20 sneakers, $10 dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, library, EdX, apps, books, road trips, museums, $40 WWOOF travel membership (basically travel and stay on farms), etc. Weird, kinda boring yet useful-stuff

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How powerful was the USSR?

It had a giant submarine fleet, and it had a giant army numbering 4 almost million strong, as well as a big air force. It possessed a vast plethora of spy and ELINT satellites, and during the Stalin era, it had a huge propaganda apparatus to tell the Soviet people that life under communism was wonderful especially for peasants


What resistance should I connect to an LED to be connected to a 12V DC supply?

LEDs have a current and voltage specification. It can be found in the packaging or in the suppliers website. Typical values range from:Red LED: 2V 15mA

Green LED: 2.1V 20mA

Blue LED: 3.2V 25mA

While LED: 3.2V 25mASo we take RED LED 15mA, then for calculating current:15mA(12V-2V)/resistance


What are high impedance states?

n tri state devices, used in digital circuits there is a

third state beside logic 0 and logic one. That is called

High Impedance state.

By this state we mean that there will not be any change on

output even by changing our input. THis is due high

resistance offered by input circuit. So output get fixed in

such cases.


Why do we use LED wall pack lights?

Because they are by FAR the most efficient way to convert battery power, or any other source electricity, into light (10x incandescent and 3-4x metal halide). They stay lit longer (on battery power) and cost less to operate both because of lower power per lumen and WAY lower maintenance costs due to typical 50,000 hr life


Do you support Trump's agenda? Why or why not?

I have no clue what Trumps agenda might be. Honestly. Well, apart from trying to undo everything the previous president did. Which could keep him occupied for quite a while, but I wouldnt really call that an agenda. Maybe Mr Trump would.


What do the people of Germany and France think of Britain leaving the European Union? Are they for or against it? And why?

I'm neither from France not Germany, but from Sweden. Personally, I think this farce has been going on for much to long already. It is time for EU to stop being so polite, and say no to any deal. The Brits don't want us; we don't need them


Is it true that leaders are born, not made? Can some learn leadership skills?

I dont believe leaders are born. It is a learnable skill. Of course, anybody can learn leadership skills. Leadership includes Communication, setting goals, directing others, delegation, problem solving etc.,it is a combination of number of skills. You can practice each of these skills


Why were the communists able to defeat the nationalists in China in 1949?

The simple answer is that they were honest and care for the people, providing food for everyone to eat while the nationalists were corrupt to the core and rob and oppress the people caring not whether they live or die as long as they can rob and plunder to their hearts content


Which is the best rechargeable LED emergency light with 8 hours of backup and in a range of 500 INR in India?

A2AAt that price you could afford a single 18650 cell of 2500mAh capacity, so at most you can lid a led of 300mAh (1.5W bulb). Some cheaper model comes with a 2 cell tiny SLA cell & brighter bulb but I doubt it will reach real 8 hours


Why do people like Kylie Cosmetics so much?

Just don't buy the skincare range. Some of the ingredients (like walnuts) will damage your skin. nYou can't get them in the UK without paying import charges, so I've only tried them in the US. They're okay, nothing to get excited about, so not worth paying the extra tax.


Has the Scottish Labour Party lost Scotland permanently?

For the foreseeable future YES. I was a Labour voter for many years but never again. To see Labour & Tory politicians hand in hand congratulating each other in 2014 for me was enough!Scottish Labour RED TORIES. At the end of the day Scot/Lab are just a branch office of the British Labour party.


What were African-Americans' roles in the American Revolution?

I suggest you start here: Presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage. Wallbuilders has numerous articles, books, CDs, and other media available regarding Black contributions during the American Revolution. The facts are significant. There are also numerous history links available as well. Enjoy!.


What song by Led Zeppelin has the best intro?

Michael, for pure animal drive, hands down Heartbreaker.Many may suggest Stairway, but no, great song but does intro not GRAB as Heartbreaker does (Stairway has a dandy solo!)Now my friend, please remember you asked MY favorite, so If of any help, let me know!


Does the American Mafia still "whack" (kill) people these days?

Its ruthless Russians in Sex trade and extortion. Italians in rackets, Westies do hits and Blacks in drugs. Not like movies. No honor or respect for anyone including themselves. Those movie Mafia days are long over. Its not a good life for most.


What are the applications of LEDs?

LED provides the option to use narrowbanded parts of the usable light spectrum, compared to any older tech that only provide broadband spectrum. Narrowbanded light enable pinpointing connections to specific functions in say plants or human eye response.Compared to older tech, LED is also less sensitive transporting and lasts longer than other light tech.


Is it possible to fully disassemble Obamacare by a Republican President and the Congress?

Complete dissimulation the Obamacare is not the answer of the present problem.And if you wanna know whether is it possible to wipe out Obamacare completely,theoretically, the answer is yes and i think,in real,it requires modification because the theme was not as bad as it is being planned and implemented so far.Thanks


What are the differences between the CPI and CPI(M) in India?

CPI is more flexible or rather opportunist and can shake hand with parties which have nothing to do with communism wheres as CPM is rigid to the extend that Will die and kill but won't bow down. But at the end of the day both possess ideology which are not in the interest of the nation


What characters on the West Wing were based on real people?

Ive heard that Jed Bartlet played by Martin Sheen, is a combination of past liberal Presidents, economically liberal-centrist like Bill Clinton (including similarities with his MS scandal), and foreign policy based on peace like Jimmy Carter. I think there are others but Im not sure


How would World War 1 be different if Bismarck was chancellor of Germany?

If Bismarck were in charge, Europe would never have reached the state of Entente Cordiale vs Cenral Powers. He would have maintained the Three Emperors League in the East and the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia. The situation in the east would never have deteriorated to such a point.


Why is George Washington considered a founding father?

I have to wonder if this question is sincere.Aside from signing the Declaration of Independence, he was the leader of the army that freed us from Britain. He was also the first president. He did much more, but that will more than suffice to earn the title Founding Father.


What if MS Dhoni played for RCB?

Hii my friends.Let my start my answer.According to me if this is possible then 100 present RCB is win. Because RCB is need a good captain.But it's not possible.Thank you for reading my answer. if the any mistake then sorry to my all friends


How did Sensex surge despite the 21-day lockdown in India?

Foreign investors have almost ran away and international position is similar everywhere. Although the demand for comfort and luxury goods would be effected and liquidity position would be tight throughout the world. The real demand as well as supply of shares has also adversely effected.


What was the point of holding the EU Referendum in the UK?

No point at all, we had much more important things to worry about at the time, and still do. A small rump of people were very noisily against EU membership, but it wasn't an overwhelming national priority. Now it's a toxic mess with no good way out.


Why is RCB team turning into worst IPL team ever? Is it because of Virat Kohli leadership?

It is because of1.Kohli leadership2.Kohli leadership3.Kohli leadershipIf RCB changes its captain, it may not win first few seasons but it will definitely win 3rd or 4th season for sure.Virat kohli should leave captaincy and focus on his batting, though there is no doubt about his batting ability


Is Modi able to tackle China?

Our forces are now mush better equipped than 1962. We must understand that Chinese are no pushover however we are ready to fight back. This is not 1962 and we can certainly give them a bloody nose. Another matter is we are also fighting back trade wise which will also hurt them. We have to learn to do without Chinese goods,


What is the importance of representative democracy?

Representative democracy is a variety of democracy founded on the principle of elected officials representing a group of people, as opposed to direct democracy. All modern Western style democracies are various types of representative democracies, for example the United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and Poland is a parliamentary republic


Is a road trip safe during COVID-19 outbreaks?

Would depend on where this roadtrips is and if you are In the risk group.If you go to an Area with low to moderate infektion, you are Healthy and not In risk group. Then as Long as you take caution (wash hands etc) then I would not be concerned.


How did the Macedonian phalanx differ tactically from the pike formations of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance?

Pikes were part of a strategy we call "pike and shot". Pikemen were a defensive formation to protect musketeers, who needed a lot of time to reload their matchlock muskets and could be run down by cavalry while so engaged. The phalanx was an offensive as well as defensive formation.


What is the motto of the Republican Party?

You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the timebut we wont be able to fool all of the people all of the time until we can trample The Washington Post, The New York Times, MSNBC, Democracy NOW!, and The Intercept under our hobnail boot.


Is it true as alleged that Aishwarya Rai had an affair with Amitabh Bachchan?

This is utterly non sense, a creation of Devil's mind.Aishwarya and Abhishek are living happily with their darling daughter, Aaradhya. They have also purchased a big villa in BKC, posh area of Mumbai for a whopping Rs 21 crores.

So let them live happily, wish them for the best and enjoy watching very beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's photos and movies !


How does globalization affect me personally?

Yes. Brexit is a good example. Great Britain thought the European Union would be a great idea. And it was until the common voter realized he was taking orders from Europe. Democratic control means it is you and YOUR government not yours and another government. No man can serve two masters, Jesus said, and he was right


What was Donald Trump referring to when he said it was Obama's fault there aren't enough Coronavirus test kit available?

He was referring to the fact that he is incapable of telling the truth. When it looks like he might be at fault just blame the black man that came before him. He has an Obama complex and he will take it to his grave. People are dying because of this man.


Why do people join the military? What motivates them to join the military?

I had no choice. My dad served 25 years. First as a POW in WWII, then in Korea, then in Vietnam. He retired. I graduated high school. It was my turn. Thats all there was to it. It was always pre-ordained. Glad I did


Is it time to "cancel" Quentin Tarantino?

Why? He just won an Oscar a while back. It means he created something that was considered the best in his field by his peers.Who else should be cancelled? Nobel Prize winners? Pulitzer Prize winners? Race car drivers? Other prestigious award winners? Olympic medallists? Spelling Bee winners?


What does Disney buying Fox mean for Deadpool?

It means nothing will change. Think about this, if Disney decided to cancel Deadpool 2 or make it PG-13, Disney would lose a truckload of money or two, and of course we shouldn't forget that Disney will most likely be dead meat. So, for the better of everyone, Deadpool must remain R rated


I see Vikings used a lot of axes. Would that have been a better weapon than a gladius?

Swords were and are incredibly expensive both then and now. At least swords you would trust your life to. Many Viking swords were named and revered by the Norse. But only a select few could afford them. But an axe could be had by most any Viking and thusly became their most common melee weapon


Why do Communists claim that the USSR wasn't "real Communism"?

Obviously because the former Soviet Union,which most communists adored while it still existed,turned out to be a spectacular FAILURE.And who wants to be associated with failure?Not to mention that mass murder and slavery-both of which were characteristics of the Soviet state under Lenin Trotsky and Stalin- have little appeal to most normal people

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