Seoul Semiconductor Announced That the New Concept Display "micro Clean Led" Can Realize 1 RGB LED P

CES 2020 will be held from January 7 to January 10 local time.

Seoul semiconductor and Seoul viosys announced a new concept display "micro clean led". The new concept "micro clean led" is developed by Seoul weiaoshi. This technology can realize 4K resolution TV size, from 42 inches to 220 inches, one RGB LED per pixel, and can be mass produced. The micro clean led solution used in smart watch display will be demonstrated to major strategic partners on CES 2020.

Seoul weiaoshi has the necessary technology, from RGB EPI grown MOCVD to small micro( μ) Seoul semiconductor also has patch technology and substrate connection technology, which can be used for large screen display.

In addition, developed in one pixel, it solves the three main challenges of micro led, namely transfer technology, color mixing and single color and light intensity control. By solving these three challenges, the cost can be reduced by 1 / 3, and the product reliability test has been completed.

In the LED market, the first wave is the adoption of LED technology in mobile phone applications in the 2000s. The second wave is in LED TV and lighting applications in the 2010s. The third wave is LCD and OLED. The market has reached trillion yuan, and micro LED is expected to occupy an important share in the next generation of displays. In addition, it is also applicable to light sources in VR / AR and Mr markets. Compared with the existing L Compared with CD and OLED displays, micro LED is the only light source in the world that can provide 1000 times faster response time, reduce internal and external power consumption by 30% and unlimited contrast range.

Seoul semiconductor said that Seoul semiconductor and Seoul weiaoshi have accumulated hundreds of patent applications and registrations for more than 10 years. In the past two years, Seoul semiconductor has won 32 lawsuits in seven countries in the world by using 72 patents of 14000 patented technologies, of which 4 lawsuits have led to bans on sales and product recalls.

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