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Programming power supply hp66311b Agilent

This new feature is Agilent's proprietary technology that helps test engineers avoid improper remote voltage settings and ensure correct calibration of the charger circuit of the equipment - under test

。 Characteristic 5 peak current procurement next generation data transmission format excellent transient voltage response characteristics prevent test interruption up to 2.8 A due to triggering low-voltage mobile phone shutdown

Sink test built-in battery charger fast transient response, fast command processing and high-speed output programming time maximize manufacturing test throughput, low power output noise guarantee telephone

Less interference with operation "sleep mode" μ A measuring battery information loading dynamic current pulse measuring precision voltage measuring accurate tracking charger voltage level automatic

Detect open awareness wire connection visualization and characteristics of current and voltage waveforms (14565a device characterization software is required)

Hp66311b power supply


Dynamic voltage and current pulse measurement

High precision current measurement

Current subsidence

Low power output noise

High speed output programming

Smaller size

Product reliability and worldwide support

Hp66311b programmable power supply

Output voltage (DC): 0 - 20V.

Technical indicators:

Output voltage (DC): 0 - 20V

Output current (DC): 0 - 5A

Output power: 0 - 100W


Our strengths:

Complete variety, sufficient supply, strong inventory, fast service and strong maintenance ability.

Welcome to call! Come and see the goods! The price is easy to discuss! Your satisfaction is our pursuit^_^

Our company is responsible for the warranty of instruments and meters sold for one year

The company long-term supply / lease / maintenance of second-hand imported instruments

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