Second Half of the Day (4-6 P.m.)

Second half of the day (4-6 p.m.)

Second Half of the Day (4-6 P.m.) 1

Can there be an exact time-range ? I am interested to see what comments you get,however, I may not be abysmally wrong if I say:

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Are you ready for the second half to begin?

Yes I am. Hopefully, the Mets begin the second half good later tonight against the Giants and their tough ace Tim Lincecum. Fan Friendly - David Wright Least - Hmm..... Very hard. It seems like everyone on the Mets are fan friendly. If I HAD to pick one player from the Mets that is not fan friendly, it will be Luis Castillo or Oliver Perez. Many fans do not like them anyway (Luis, Oliver, Jerry and training stuff all got booed when they got announced on opening day) Do not even remind me on collapses :(. I see the Mets and Twins making a huge surge in the second half and Tigers making a collapse. My opinion LOL

Second Half of the Day (4-6 P.m.) 2

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If Auto-tune becomes more popular than ever in the second half of '09 will Jay-Z lose some credibility?

Jay is not a trendsetter and that song is such an Oxy Moron He lost all credability after his return from retirement actually i already proposed a song similar to that The Game "Death of Jay Z and Game Beef" EDIT i meant like over the beat and a play off of DOA just like he did wit all of 50s songs

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Which team do u think will have the best second half?

Lakers because we will have Dwight 'Superman' Howard on the team on March 1, 2012. BQ: Rockets I guess.

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How do I reverse only the second half (World) in Hello World using Python?

OK, like in almost everything in Python, there are several possible ways to achieve it, depending of how playful you want to be.I.e. the boring ways (including just to print 'Hello dlroW")"Hello World".replace("World", "dlroW")or this, where the immediate call on the the lambda feels like JS:(lambda s: s[:-5] s[:-6:-1])("Hello World")# replacing slice indices with s.sub('w$', lambda match: match.or, my personal favorite, with reduce:from functools import reduce # necessary, if you are using the wrong version of Python :-)reduce(lambda x,y: x y[::-1], "Hello World". rpartition(' '))Where rpartition right-partitions the string by its last ' '. In our case, this results to a 3-tuple ('Hello", ' ', 'World"), and the lambda in reduce applies to all but the first, where, luckily for us, ' ', reversed, stays the same.Of course, this (reduce) is just a playful way to write something ugly, as:# ''-join 'Hello' and ' ', then add reversed 'World'(lambda s: "". join(s[:-1]) s[-1][::-1])("Hello World".rpartition(' '))How do I reverse only the second half (World) in Hello World using Python?

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what music was that playing right before commercials in the second half of the NBA finals tonight 5/23/08?

we made it by linkin park, thats all your gonna hear on all the Laker vs Spurs games on TNT

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What can I do to be more prepare for second half of my semester?

Study over break! Try to get ahead by reading a unit or chapter ahead. That way when you go back you will be set and ready to go. Also: Take notes on everything and review them as soon as the class is over and at home. Be sure to understand the material! Do not be afraid to ask questions, the teacher is there to help you! Study with a friend and do not think of it as a burden. In the end, you will be glad you did

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What do you think of this Wrestlemania 27 card?

The first half is not that good but the second half alone makes me want to buy this. 8.5/10

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Will the dodgers be better second half than rangers?

Dodgers.. they lost 4 starting players within a matter of like 2 weeks (one of them being the best player in baseball) and still managed 47 wins. the rangers have an amazing lineup while the dodgers have no big names behind Kemp, Kershaw, and Ethier. for 2 of those 3 to go down and for them to manage to still win games, thats impressive. if a Ranger such as Beltre or Napoli or Andrus went down, yes it would hurt them, but not enough to affect standings. in other words, Dodgers did do better and will do better provided the given talent they have

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