Roma Has Developed a Single-chip Wireless Power Supply Receiving Control IC Conforming to WPC Qi Sta

lower heat, the industry's first ※ position deviation detection function, which helps the equipment work efficiently

Rohm (headquartered in Kyoto, Japan), a well-known semiconductor manufacturer in Japan, has developed a wireless power supply reception control IC "bd57011gwl" for smart phones and mobile devices.

For Rohm, bd57011gwl is the first new product to build a control IC for wireless power supply. It is developed according to the latest Qi standard low power Ver1.1 of WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), which has attracted much attention as a wireless power supply standard.

※ Roma survey data as of September 26, 2013

Although it is a single-chip product, its calorific value is lower. Compared with previous products, the temperature rise during power supply can be reduced by about 75%, reducing the mounting area and realizing low heating. Moreover, equipped with the industry's first position deviation detection function, it can detect the decline of charging efficiency in case of position deviation. Therefore, it helps to improve the working efficiency of the equipment.

The product is planned to be sold in November 2013 (the sample price is 500 yen) and temporarily put into mass production on the scale of 500000 pieces per month in February 2014. The production base of the early process is Rohm Hamamatsu Co., Ltd. (Hamamatsu, Japan), and the production base of the later process is Rohm Apollo Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka, Japan).

In the mobile device market, wireless power supply technology does not need to use the power cord when charging the terminal, which is expected to improve the waterproof and dustproof performance of the equipment connector. One power supply device can support a variety of terminals, so it has attracted much attention.

However, this technology faces a huge problem, that is, it will be seriously heated when sending and receiving 5W power such as smart phones wirelessly.

< features >

1. Single chip, low heating

Using the most advanced BIC DMOS process, the on resistance of MOSFET is successfully reduced to the lowest. Although it is a single chip, the calorific value is lower, realizing both reducing the mounting area and low heating. Compared with previous products, the temperature rise during power supply can be reduced by about 75%.

2. Equipped with the industry's first position deviation detection function, the charging efficiency is higher

When charging the terminal, if the terminal equipment is not placed in the center of the power supply device, the charging efficiency will be significantly reduced. The position deviation detection function can send an alarm for the position deviation of the terminal, which is helpful to further improve the charging efficiency.

â—‹ WPC Qi standard low power Ver1.1

The latest WPC Qi standard low power Ver1.1 was formulated in April 2012 as an international standard for wireless power supply.

The difference from the low power Ver1.0 initially formulated in 2010 is that Ver1.1 pays more attention to the improvement of safety performance and adds the obligation of carrying FOD (foreign object detection function).

Rohm has joined as a full member of the WPC composed of up to 25 companies and has actively participated in the negotiation and formulation since the formulation stage of the increasingly popular wireless power supply standard "Qi".

â—‹ FOD (foreign object detection)

FOD is an obligatory item specified in the latest Qi standard. When metal objects exist between transceivers, metal heating may cause casing deformation or burn. Carrying FOD can prevent the accident and significantly improve the safety performance of the equipment.

In order to realize FOD, the complex docking technology between the transmitting side and the receiving side is required. Rohm realizes FOD by integrating the analog technology of the company and the digital technology of lapis semiconductor.

In fact, when calculating the power loss on the receiving side, the fine-tuning amount of different loss errors of each receiving unit can be set through the external resistance. Therefore, the FOD with great flexibility and high precision is realized.

With the growth of wireless power supply market, the power range supported by Qi standard is also increasing.

In view of the increasing popularity of Qi standard, Rohm plans to give full play to its core technology necessary for wireless power supply within the group to develop control IC for data transmission and medium power (5W ) products in the growing market.

The wireless power supply IC supporting medium power will be exhibited in the Rohm exhibition area of the "15th China International High Tech Fair (elexcon2013)" held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Booth No.: hall 2 2b62). Welcome!

·WPC(Wireless Power ConsorTIum)

An industry group established to formulate an international standard "Qi" related to the popularization of wireless power supply technology for electronic equipment.

·Qi standard

WPC advocates the increasingly popular wireless power supply standard. At present, the low power ( 5W) standard for small mobile devices such as smart phones is the main standard. In order to meet the growing market demand, we are making efforts to formulate the medium power (5W ) standard.

·On resistance

Resistance value of MOSFET when it is working (when it is powered on). The smaller the value, the less power loss.

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