Price to Lease a Stall in La Marqueta E. Harlem Or Essex St. Market in New York City?

Price to lease a stall in La Marqueta E. Harlem or Essex St. Market in New York City?

Oops...thought this was for a horse...never mind

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Good paying job needed in Essex,UK !!!!?

Try using local jobs uk a try we offer a huge range of jobs and are free to use.

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How do I make a Jackass movie that can be in cinema and DVD etc.. I live in Essex England. How can I do it?

Try saving up money with your "crew" and buy a camera and post the video online on many websites. Hopefully people will see it and tell their friends about it.and it may just becoem popular. Theres no way you can make a movie because you are not Jackass and people may not want to see a movie with people trying to be a Jackass. Good Luck!.

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Can someone please tell me how to I get to Moriah Shock Correctional Facility , mineville, ny (Essex County)?

My pal, you requested this identical query not too long ago and I already instructed you the one method to get there may be via automobile. There is not any different method to get there rather then using. Good success

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I want to play hockey for essex?

Are you talking about Essex Ontario? the 73's get back to me i will give you good information

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From Essex how can I walk to New York avoiding major highways?

Easier than walking, take the 81 bus to the PATH train and get that. Much easier than walking

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i am looking for Mr.Jagdish singh bhogal s/o late S.gurbacgan singh r/o 56 kingswood rd. ilford essex uk?

They should have his address

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How long does it take to get from London to Essex?

Parts of Essex are in London

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Is Ilford in Essex or London? Any official answers?

i have some friends who live there and their add says essex

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i live in liverpool and i want to know how to get to stanford-le-hope (essex) ? ?

be very careful in stanford-le-hope. you need to get the train there from fenchurch street. i went there once by accident when i was drunk so can not tell you how much its costs or anything. cos i am from the southend end of the C2C line.

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If I wanted to move from London to Essex on my own, how old would I have to be?

18 with a job and a deposit for a room/flat. Otherwise your parents would have to sign rental agreements and guarantee your rent and bills will be paid. Another alternative is to continue in education until you are 18, apply for uni, take out a student loan and move to another city.

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Travel Help from The US to Essex?

There is not too much you can do thats touristy in Essex, so for anything like that you will probably have to head into London or the surrounding counties. So allow about 15 for every day you want to head into London for a travelcard. Many of the tourist attractions in the city are free, so just allow enough for food etc. If you really are staying the majority of the time in Essex, and want to go out most nights, I would say about 750 would roughly cover you, but it could be a lot more, depending on what you want to do.

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why can't I find a nice girlfriend in Essex?

what do you mean by in Essex?

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Woman from essex got deported back for kissing a man, your thoughts?

I agree with H , it is kind of a waste of public resources on something that was a misdemeanor at most , even in Shariah law kissing is not a crime , but being promiscuous in public is generally judged by local customs, from which this is viewed as indecent and disrespectful to patrons of the place. I am sure the judge did not base his ruling on what the little kid said alone, as that in itself is not proof legally speaking, and how could a child tell the difference between a bottle of alcohol or a bottle of sparkling drink, so the judge is not that dumb. Rather it was based on the blood tests and may be (I do not know if it was used in this case) the portable alcohol level gauges police patrols carry to catch drunk drivers. So they were not deported for kissing, which carries a fine as H pointed out, but rather for drinking alcohol out of designated places. (I still do not get that but perhaps that restaurant did not not have a valid alcohol license). Also this woman was with an Arab citizen of UK , he should have known better , as for her it is a normal thing to do. Also if I remember in the news one of the waiters collaborated what the women stated to police. Personally if you go to Dubai airport or any of the major malls in Dubai you will see people smooching all the time , and quite often the security guards and CCTV watch people turn a blind eye. Are not these also public places. If they are going to apply such laws they should applied equally, to all offenders , not just to unaware visitors at 2 AM , when that kid is supposed to be in bed any way. And this incident proves the opposite of what you are claiming , that emirati turn blind eyes to western crimes, because this is a case where it was not really a crime and it was reported , in a way you might call jumping the gun. There were at least 4 other arrests of westerners committing crimes in UAE last month , one of which reported by another UAE woman , so your claim really has no basis , given most of the criminal activity here , by virtue of population ratio at least , are committed by Indians, Bengalis, and Pakistanis. I will remind you that the UK couple of Pakistani origin (not in the above case) that went to report a rape in the bathroom by the hotel worker, also an Asian , were drunk and having sex out of wedlock and yet some how Muslim , the both of them. And also that guy who dragged emirates airline name into the times square terror incident was a Pakistani . Do not pretend to be better than any one else , you guys are no angles. with all due respect to people of Pakistan , do not speak on behalf of UAE people. The number of westerners are relatively small to Asian numbers , but in terms of their small ratio they invest more in economy of UAE. Also you might think UAE nationals do not count much given 80% are non-nationals, but the fact is 60% of the country's economy are investments by UAE nationals , despite the 80-20 ratio and despite the foreign investments , 60% is not a small number. And UAE nationals own 87% of bank deposits in UAE. So do not come saying Pakistanis built UAE or whatever, then how come we have Pakistanis destroying their own country fighting each other. Whatever jobs were offered to Pakistanis they were compensated for , but unfortunately some of your country men are not honest with each other and take advantage of needy people with low paying jobs. The UAE is a small non-democratic country , so keep that in mind before you start comparing UAE workers' rights to what you can have in US, UK, & Canada.

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