Present Ideas for 13 Year Old Boyfriend?

present ideas for 13 year old boyfriend?

get him a gift card for itunes or a football or a video game

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So Low Video Dedicated Ram?

as you can see in your computer's information,you can sometimes see "dedicated memory RAM = 0" .if it says 0,it means that the graphics card has its own RAM to prevent slowing down the computer's RAM and while playing a video game, wmp.etc.if your computer video card has a low dedicated memory is to prevent slowing down the computer,because your graphic card has not its own RAM memory.

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Does anybody know a good gift for an eight year old?

Oh get him a skateboard or a video game

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Who is the best video game villain?

Sephiroth from ff7 was pretty bad ass. The erhereal queen in the star ocean series, though she was more of a hard opponent than a real villian. Tarjan in bards tale three was pretty badass too, killed all the other gods. The villian in the newer bard tale was cool, since she flirts with your character, and you can even join her

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Why would a large percent of an otherwise sane population regularly play a virtual game that could get them killed

People could be so board with reality that they do not mind the risk of death and it is something they look forward to. Instead of turning to drugs they turn to this video game. Think of it like the people are so smart their minds need stimulation and turn to a video game that could possibly kill them.

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Trying to find a video game?

The only one that commes to my mind is Wild Arms 2 The main character is called Ashley (a guy) and if I remember correctly if his story begins like that. It's an RPG an he was sort of in the Army at the beginning of the game and this game has a lot of cave / ruins in it Try looking for a youtube wlakthrough of Wild Arms 2 to see if that's the one that you played

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What is the best video game ever?

Any old Mario game....because that plump plumber is a genius

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what do i get my boyfriend for

Maybe you should get him the ipod. Maybe you should get him a gift certificate to a store like game stop or best buy. You could buy him a video game. Try a lava lamp or black light - some guys really want those. You could get him clothing like a hoodie, shirt, jersey (favorite team/athlete), custom made hat. Try jewelry like a nice watch or a chain. There are an endless amount of possibilities. Shoes, cologne

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15 year old guy birthday present? HELP!

maybe a video game

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Hockey: Do hockey video game questions belong in the hockey section or video games section(bonus)?

I think it should under the go to a video game section because it is a video game and it makes alot more sense to do that good luck

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What makes a video game educational?

Witcher 3:This game teaches you about Butterfly Effect and causality like no other game. The world is in a fantasy realm, but is similar to life here. There are no black and white, only grey shades of morality as no one (except the main antagonist) can be called purely good or evil. Even you as a Witcher, a professional monster hunter, will often get entangled in morally complex situations with the sole aim of getting paid.You learn about the necessity of letting go of your loved ones so that they can grow even stronger.You understand why immortality is not as awesome as it sounds. You also learn, that going into a situation with good intentions alone will not guarantee a good outcome. Complete information here as in the real world is lacking, and we have to try our best and muddle through.League of Legends:A hyper competitive MOBA which has earned infamy for the most toxic player base. Ranked games have been an eye opener to me in more than one way.Here as in real life you work along with others as a team. Yet if my team fails, I have learnt that I gain nothing by blaming team mates. Instead I try to rationally see what I could have done better:Was I performing significantly better than my team mates? If my performance was similar to my team mates, its as much my fault as their's that we lost.If I was performing significantly well (i.e winning lane, getting fed), did I do enough to carry my team mates? Was I able to make the right rotations, the right shot calls?In most cases, these analysis reveal one big thing. I suck, irrespective of how my team mates perform. So I try to improve myself first.The second biggest thing that I learnt from ranked is handling stress and performing effectively under pressure. Your team mates are on tilt. There is massive rage in chat. Yet you still got to try win the game. You have to extinguish the fires, you have to be the voice of reason, and in case you are the target of all the abuse, you have to keep calm and play as rationally as possible (without further inflaming your team mates, since surprise surprise, you still need them). These are some immensely valuable skills to obtain and hone even for real life. You have learnt to handle stress, lead unknown people towards a common goal, and you have to always critically analyse what you could have done right and improve yourself.Any game, or any experience in life can teach you something, if you are receptive enough to it.

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