Play Video Games, Cure Corona Virus?

Foldit is a downloadable multimedia puzzle game, developed at the University of Washington, that allows users to contribute to scientific research. The puzzles challenge users to modify and fold the shapes of proteins. Users are required to solve several introductory puzzles.

Once complete, they can participate in weekly puzzles of COVID-19 virus particles.Scores are determined by the users ability to neutralize virus proteins. The puzzles with the highest scores are evaluated by scientific methods for lab testing at the University of Washington.

The university is targeting gamers who can use their problem-solving skills for scientific research. There is a learning curve, but new players are introduced to the basic biology neededto understand the concept of the game.Multimedia GamesNew users to the Foldit puzzle are required to complete a series of introductory multimedia puzzles.

A map presents users with an overview of the introductory puzzles. Each puzzle becomes a learning objective, as each covers a different protein folding concept.Each lesson progressively builds on the other.

Directions, rules, and hints are popped-up onto each puzzle. Parts of the protein can be moved, shook, or wiggled to reduce atomic clashes and increase their score.Our ReviewThe game is very well developed.

Graphics are clear and they use colors to indicate changeable parts of each puzzle. Popups use clear fonts and contrasting colors. Even with complex puzzles, users can zoom and rotate the puzzle to get a clear picture of what they are trying to solve.

The game was challenging. It was not easy to get the proteins sticking out and hydrogen bonds strengthened. Wait.

Are those biology terms? Biology is my least favorite subject, but I learned something. The game was well designed with pre-training on their website for novice learners like me.

Will I find a cure for Corona virus? Probably not, but it was fun and educational to try.Interested in trying?

Check it out at on the Foldit Website here.Check out our other articles on com/tech-alchemy or visit the Tech Alchemy website here

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