Obama's Bear Market- Is This His First Accomplishment?

Obama's bear market- is this his first accomplishment?

Obama's Bear Market- Is This His First Accomplishment? 1

The market peaked in October 2007 at 13000 and "came tumbling down last spring, to 11000, losing 20% when the bursting of the housing bubble started to add up to massive losses for Wall Street banks and other financial services firms tied to bad mortgages." after the public found out that Bush and the G O P's deregulation of EVERYTHING caused false values and NOTHING is worth what THEY PROJECTED of course confidence is OUT and people do not want stocks in companies that LIED about their profitability while paying their CEO multi-million dollar bonus's-----DUH

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How are you investing to take advantage of this recent bear market?

I hedge positions with options, even more so now because of market volatility.Today I bought an oil stock for $34.50 and hedged it with June options.I received a 50 cent credit, counting the dividend that will come next month, unless the dividend is cut.My cost basis is $24.50 (I begin to lose below $24.50)Between $24.50 and $35, I make 50 cents per hundred shares ($50). At or above $37. 50 at June expiration, I will make $3. 00 which annualizes to nearly 50%. AFAIC, I have a reasonable gain if it moves up $3 and no losses if it drops 29%. Good risk/reward.If it does drop, I will average down, perhaps adding more at $5 lower (cost basis of added shares will be about $19.50).I like for my investments to let me SWAN :->).

Obama's Bear Market- Is This His First Accomplishment? 2

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Why did the cryptocurrency market take off on April 2, 2019? Is the bear market over?

No one really knows whether the bear market is over. All the tasks that were supposed to be done for BTC to reach $40,000 by this time are all there, so it may be the time. I just do not know. I do believe that we will see it that high soon. I had been saying probably by the 2d quarter, and so here we are. But we will still have to wait and see.The one thing I most sure about than anything else is that BTC is "ON SALE!" Get it while you can

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America is on its second longest bull run market, is the economy doing really well or it is just over optimism and recession or bear market is around the corner?

Everyone loves to play prophet. Hary Dent and porter stansberry make a living selling impending doom.The signs of a potential market crash are now appearing, asset manager warnsThe investor's guide to spotting the signs of a stock market crashThe 10 Signs of a Market Crash: But It May Not Be Time to Bail on StocksEvaluations, fed actions, and presidential tweets seem to have an oversized effect on market conditions. The foriegn markets and especially currency rates and debt to GDP indicators are things to watch. Consumer debt can be az leading indicator of future trouble. I like to correlate gold price decline with market valuations. You will notice a suspending downtrend over a few months with an uptick in junior miners prior to or just after market moves. The strength of golds gain and the timeframe between new highs and lows becomes shorter with price appreciation. Silver going meteoric low with increased volume is a sign not to be missed

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Can someone explain to me the bear market?

stock index prices generally are on a downward trend - Like the DJIA, S&P 500, etc meaning a high percentage of the individual companies stock prices are going down more than they are going up

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How has your financial guru recommended that you prepare for the upcoming bear market?

How has your financial guru recommended that you prepare for the upcoming bear market?Mine (me) told me to sell over half of my holdings, and maintain a lot of cash. When the bear market seems to be over, I will start buying again.I have been waiting for 3 or 4 years!

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Are Liberals enjoying the bear market today? Isn't this what happens when you use Fiat currency?

Well, you can not eat cars or I Pads either and they have a Value. Cars seem to have no value now. I wonder what that will do to the economic well being of GM that was Bailed out and has it's Union Workers. Guess what? Not everything is logical in this world and the Almighty has a great sense of humor. He is laughing now saying "Did not I tell you the love of Money is the Root of All Evil"! Ben Bernanke, Jeffrey Immelt, Timmy Geithner? "Did not I tell you to love your enemy?". Yes we should definitely build that arsenal up some more and pump more of those fiat dollars into it. And we have to pay the troops. No wait. We can not eat them either? So, What does intrinsic mean intrinsic (n-trnzk, -sk) KEY ADJECTIVE: Of or relating to the essential nature of a thing; inherent. Or Innate. Gold is Shiny and rare and mallebal to make jewelry with and does not tarnish like other metals. It is innately precious. We all realize energy is something we need and the best system would be to barter, but Gold does work because it is rare. It will stay rare and it costs way too much to reproduce it chemically. The Human Mind is Hardwired to Gold

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