An Introduction to show hunter

Tyranny is an American drama and political thriller web series that premiered on March 11, 2010 on KoldCast TV. Written and directed by John Beck Hofmann, the series is centered on a man who, after volunteering for a neurological experiment at UC Berkeley in 1999, finds himself having visions of a troubling future and must understand what the visions mean before that future comes to pass.

Hofmann has said that the movies Twelve Monkeys, The Game, Manchurian Candidate, and Kafka were influences on Tyranny.

English Riding of show hunter

Classical dressage

Dressage (see FEI, above)

English pleasure

Eventing (see FEI, above)

Field hunter


Hunt seat

Saddle seat

Show hunter

Show hunter (British)

Show jumping

Show hack

Team chasingMounted games

Characteristics of show hunter

The best way to identify a Zweibrücker is by the brand on the left hind leg. It features the two bridges of the city of Zweibrücken topped by a representation of the duke's crown. Otherwise, it is not possible to distinguish a Zweibrücker from a German Warmblood bred elsewhere based solely on appearance. All German Warmblood registries exchange genetic material in an effort to continuously improve their own horses.

Most Zweibrücken are middle-weight horses with "old style" examples heavier set than those deemed "modern" in type. The ideal height is 160 to 170cm or 15.3 to 16.3hh at the age of 3, but deviations in either direction are not uncommon nor are they disqualifying. The most common colors are bay, chestnut, gray, and black, however several breeders of colored warmbloods have chosen to register their horses as Zweibrücken, so there are tobiano pintos and colors such as palomino, buckskin, and cremello.

The Anglo-Arabian ancestry of the Zweibrücker is found primarily in what remains of its old female families. Today, the Horse Breeders' Association of Rhineland-Palatinate-Saar is known for its liberal pedigree policies, accepting breeding stock from most other warmblood studbooks which are members of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses.

The breeding objective, based on market demands, is currently a horse suitable for dressage, jumping, and eventing, though combined driving is also mentioned. In North America, the breeding objective includes suitability for show hunter competition, as well.

Zweibrücken share the standard of German Riding or Sport Horse with their parallels in other regions. Ideally, the horse is characterized by a noble expression, with long-lined and correct conformation. The head is dry, expressive, and aesthetically appealing though need not have out of the ordinary refinement. The topline is long, generous, and slightly curved featuring a medium-length neck set on rather high, a stark, laid-back wither and long sloping shoulder. The loin is well-muscled, the croup is long, slightly tilted, and muscular. The horse stands on a foundation of dry, large joints and correct limbs ending in correct, hard hooves of sufficient size.

In motion the gaits are correct - no deviations when viewed from the front or rear - and expansive with a pure rhythm and suggestive of great work ethic. The qualities of freedom, elasticity, and power are paramount. The walk swings through the neck and back, while the trot is cadenced and powerful. Suspension and elasticity are effects of the ability of the horse's joints to store energy and absorb shock, thus are influential in soundness. The canter is important as an indicator of jumping suitability, and should be cadenced, balanced and powerful.

Zweibrücken, especially stallions, are typically evaluated over fences through free jumping, where the horse is let loose in a chute with specifically measured obstacles. This allows judges to draw conclusions about the horse's jumping abilities without pushing them too fast under saddle. Judges look for a horse which is capable of jumping, having an appearance of ease and confidence as he jumps, without any carelessness. The rhythm of the canter should remain unchanged while the horse adjusts his stride length to leave the ground from the correct place. The fore and hind limbs should be drawn up close to the body, which should pass close to the obstacle, while the spine forms a convex arc over the jump called "bascule".

As part of the approval process, stallions and often mares are evaluated in controlled conditions on their personality traits or "interior qualities". This information allows breeders to choose mates properly. The horses with the best marks for interior qualities have kind, personable temperaments, are uncomplicated to ride, strong-nerved and reliable but alert and intelligent. Another quality, called "rideability", is a measure of how comfortable and simple the horse is to ride. High rideability is coveted by amateur riders in particular.

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