Not Everyone Can Be a Private Photo of Edison Chen and Wang Xinling to Protect Your Data Security

Recently, photos of Wang Xinling sleeping in bed spread online, attracting countless netizens. If you observe carefully, you will find that the leakage of private photos of similar stars is by no means the first case, nor will it be the last case (flag has been established). So, how to save these private photos? If you have a home NAS, all problems can be solved. What is home NAS, and what is the special function of home NAS to protect data from disclosure?

Home NAS is a device that you don't need to know until you use it. Because there are not many people who know about NAS, and the threshold for using many traditional NAS is too high, many users do not know that NAS is a perfect one-stop solution when they encounter some problems such as storage, internal resource sharing and downloading. Therefore, they feel it necessary to tell you about the specific benefits of home NAS.

First, let's understand what NAS is. Baidu Encyclopedia has a definition, here to borrow. NAS (Network Attached Storage) is literally a device that is connected to the network and has the function of data storage, so it is also called "network storage". It is a dedicated data storage server. It takes the data as the center, completely separates the storage device from the server and centrally manages the data, so as to release the bandwidth, improve the performance, reduce the total cost of ownership and protect the investment.

After reading it, it's still in the clouds? It's normal. It's hard for home users to understand the benefits of NAS without specific use scenarios.

Reason 1: powerful mobile photo album management software. Many NAS on the market are equipped with album app management software. Among them, the dsphoto of Qunhui NAS and the wisnuc photo app of Wenshang technology are excellent apps. The mobile app of Wenshang technology is better in experience. Through the mobile app, the photos in the mobile phone can be directly backed up to NAS, and the mobile app will also classify and manage the photos and create photo albums through time, geography and other information. Another amazing thing about the photo application of science and technology is that the photos you take when traveling outside can be directly transmitted to the NAS at home. If your parents are at home and install the photo application, you can see the photos directly! This experience is really great! If you share this photo, your parents can also comment on it, which is equivalent to a private circle of friends!

The second reason is to access your private files across platforms anytime, anywhere. The ability to find the files you want on your mobile phone, home computer and company computer anytime and anywhere, and the saved data is the function expected by many users. Traditional NAS, such as Qunhui, weiunicom and other established manufacturers, have made some achievements in cross platform access. However, in terms of cross platform experience, some synchronization software such as icloud, baidu cloud disk and Evernote obviously have a better experience. The disadvantage is that these cross platform software are all public clouds. If they are more private and exist on other people's servers, they are always a little afraid. The emerging products similar to smell technology have made a breakthrough in this regard. The NAS products of Wenshang technology first ensure privacy. Secondly, the experience of cross platform access is close to the above synchronization software. Through the PC client, the mobile terminal can obtain the data stored on the NAS at home anytime and anywhere, which is equivalent to having a private Baidu cloud and private Evernote!

Reason 3: unified data management artifact. As digital has been fully integrated into our life, many friends have multiple mobile hard disks, computers, USB flash drives and other devices to back up and store data. The result of this is that the data distribution is very scattered. Sometimes it is difficult to find a piece of data in a hurry, and they stamp their feet in a hurry. The emergence of home NAS has solved this pain point. All data are uniformly stored on NAS and managed. There is no need to go through computers, mobile hard disks and USB flash drives in order to find a piece of data.

Where the data is, the hacker is there

In the information age, we will find that the amount of data is increasing, and we put forward higher requirements for picture quality and sound quality, which means that we need more and more storage space. Some of these data may be very meaningful to hackers, or very valuable and worth hype... Then the possibility of such data loss will be higher. We can even conclude that where there is valuable data, there are hackers.

Where there is valuable data, there are hackers

For non enterprise users, in fact, there is only one most important data: photos. After all, you can find them again after losing two movies and two novels. However, photos, as a kind of meaning, are often highly irreplaceable. Whether they are lost or leaked, they are fatal.

In fact, nowadays, taking photos has become a habit of people, but after taking photos, there is often no good storage solution, resulting in data leakage. The pornographic photo door incident a few years ago is said to have been stolen during computer maintenance. Now Wang Xinling's private photos have been leaked. His ex boyfriend admitted that the photos stored in his mobile phone have been leaked. We will find one thing in common: data leakage is often due to the lack of good security measures.

Compared with FMCG electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, they often face two major problems because they are often used: first, there is a high probability of damage, resulting in data loss or maintenance; Second, there is a risk of machine loss, which is easy to lead to data loss.

So where is the safest place for ordinary consumers? The answer is simple: Home NAS.

Home NAS: big brother of private cloud

In fact, for ordinary consumers, of course, they prefer to get storage space at a more favorable price. Before, the popularity of online disk was largely due to the rapid outbreak of free. However, this public cloud mode, as the lyrics say, "my door is always open", will only make your data more unsafe, and your hard disk goddess will inexplicably turn into an 8-second video

So what kind of private cloud center is home NAS? You can understand the home NAS as the big brother of all devices in the family. It and its good brother router jointly set up a bureau. All devices in this layout belong to the big brother. The money (data) you earn can be kept by the big brother. If you are short of money (data) at any time, you can take it from the big brother's home NAS. At the same time, all younger brothers in this network must be loyal to big brother. In order to better data transmission, there will be a LAN between private clouds. Whether you are a mobile phone, tablet, computer or game console, there is a family in the LAN.

I'll cover you

Since the "big brother" covers it, it not only transmits speed blocks in the LAN, but also can log in remotely and contact the private cloud organization of the headquarters at any time even when sailing in the "high seas".

In other words, with the home NAS cover, you can safely transfer the photos from your mobile phone, computer and camera to the NAS to make room for your mobile phone, take more beautiful photos and download more interesting videos. A home NAS can perfectly solve your needs for photo security and reliability.

Security: there is no pornographic door in the world

The yanzhaomen incident of that year is still the pain of many stars. If there is no yanzhaomen incident in the future, the best way is to improve the security of data and stifle the risk of data leakage from the source. So what can home NAS do to improve data security and make the world no more pornographic door events?

First: keep the system updated. Perhaps you have been greatly affected by the endless updates in some computer systems, but home NAS is generally customized by manufacturers based on Linux. Automatic updates are beneficial to you. It can effectively defend against threats posed by some security vulnerabilities, so you should turn on the system's regular automatic update setting (some systems will automatically ask whether to update after rebooting).

NAS auto update

Second: set up a firewall. General NAS systems come with their own firewalls. These firewalls are enough to deal with conventional network attacks. You just need to turn on these firewalls. If you are not satisfied with this, you can also create several new policies, such as allowing only hppts protocol, but don't set the firewall too high to get in

Third: establish a non admin account. In order to improve security, NAS network storage will provide multiple account applications and different account permissions. In addition to improving security, this can also prevent bear children and make multiple members of the family want to use different permissions. You can close the admin account, so that if hackers do violent cracking, they will probably try their luck on this account.

Fourth: change the default port. Although it seems very complicated, it is really a matter of high degree of operation and high rate of return. Just open the control panel, find the network tab, and change the number of HTTP and HTTPS ports to a random number between 1024 and 65535. Although it is a small change, it can prevent most middle and low-level illegal intrusion.

Of course, as long as the system is regularly upgraded, the security level of NAS is still higher than that of ordinary mobile devices, and the large storage space also makes NAS a necessity for many photography lovers.

Anti loss: let the photographed memory last forever

I once saw such a story on the Internet: a photographer's father to be took a picture of her mother to be during pregnancy every day to record the whole growth process. Every time I see such a story, the author will think, so many photos, where do they exist? The mobile phone is not professional enough and the camera memory is not large enough. Moreover, photographers will naturally have photography work. If they mix the photos of work and life, it should be difficult to sort them out.

Automatic backup function

Then the author found that there are a lot of these photos, and families that pay great attention to photo backup will have a home NAS, and each photo studio and studio will have at least one such NAS. In addition to its large capacity, this NAS can also realize the function of snapshot / backup.

We all know that NAS can build RAID disk arrays and choose a raid mode with strong redundancy / backup capability. On this basis, NAS also provides snapshot function. Through the integration of disk array based snapshot function and backup software, users can manage snapshots as part of the backup process. From the perspective of NAS released in the past two years, snapshot backup has become a default function and a trend.

In fact, some small movies and goddess photos are always not safe enough in other people's territory such as the public cloud. If we look back, we will find that whether Hillary's mailbox was hacked or Hollywood information was leaked, there are clear interest needs behind it.

Protect your privacy

For hackers, the privacy, photos and digital information of stars must be more valuable, while the photos and personal information of ordinary people are also worth extortion. It is hoped that after the trial of home NAS, data security will be improved, there will be less news like "Wang Xinling's private photos leaked", and a pure land for stars will be left. Although Wang Xinling's ex boyfriend Yao Yuanhao has apologized,

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