New Application Direction of Organic Silica Gel: Commercial Display Large Screen Fitting

According to the data of IHS Markit, a research organization reported by electronic enthusiast network (Wen / Huang Jingjing), the global interactive large-size all-in-one machine products will ship about 500000 units in 2018, and the annual compound growth rate will remain above 44% from 2018 to 2021.

Liu Huilian, an analyst of IHS Markit commercial display industry, believes that according to the characteristics of commercial display applications, the two characteristics of durability and reliability are the first conditions that the touch screen needs to meet when enhancing the user experience. The continuous subdivision of application scenarios has gradually penetrated from the original indoor, such as education and conference, to semi open and even open spaces, such as information release, monitoring and command, retail, etc. Whether the all-in-one machine is durable and reliable largely depends on the choice of touch technology.

Under this market trend, silicone shrinkage gels with a shrinkage rate of less than 1/1000, good weather resistance and good adhesion will have greater market opportunities. Compared with another gel on the market, the shrinkage rate of acrylic adhesive is 2%-3%, which is prone to warpage and easy to appear yellowing. Therefore, organic silica gel will be more widely used in large screen display market.

Figure: Wacker displays its latest source of silicone gel products: electronic fancier network

Li Dongliang, senior sales manager of silicone industrial solutions in Wacker silicone department, said in an interview with the reporter of e-enthusiast.com that the large-size screen is mainly used for outdoor advertising, indoor education screen, conference screen, etc. enhancing screen touch and interaction is the biggest feature of this kind of screen. In addition, the outdoor screen has high requirements for the durability and bonding materials of the screen. Recently, Wacker chemical introduced the new SILGEL 601 CN two component silicone gel, which is used for optical bonding of large size screens. The product has excellent adhesion performance and excellent weather resistance, can be quickly heated and cured, and is not easy to leak oil.

It is understood that Walker's silicone gel can quickly open the market after being pushed out, because it is superior to silicone silicone gel in terms of oil permeability and adhesion. This is experimentally comparable, as shown in the following figure:

Figure 1: after a week of heating at 70 C, the oil leakage of SILGEL 601 CN is significantly less than that of other commercially available silicone gel.

Fig. two: wacker's silicone gel has better adhesion than other commercially available silicone adhesive.

The business display large screen fitting market was launched 2-3 years ago. Last year, it entered the explosive growth period of the industry. Wacker laid out in advance and seized this wave of market opportunities. At present, it is in an absolutely leading position in the market.

In addition, wacker's latest lumisil series silicone optical bonding water glue, from thermosetting to UV curing, is suitable for different coating processes and can be used in vehicle, navigation and aviation and other applications. At the interview site, wacker's partner Xiamen Liju automation technology showed the process of plate bonding with Wacker silicone optical bonding water glue.

Figure: Wacker shows the flat plate bonding process using lumisil series silicone optical bonding water glue 1 source: electronic enthusiast network

Figure: Wacker shows the flat plate bonding process using lumisil series silicone optical bonding water glue 2 source: electronic enthusiast network

Figure: Wacker shows the flat plate bonding process using lumisil series silicone optical bonding water glue 3 source: electronic enthusiast network

We know that China's auto sales overall declined since 2019, but why does the demand for organosilicon gel on the vehicle display screen not drop or rise?

According to Li Dongliang's analysis, the first development trend of vehicle display screen is large screen, which used to be 8-inch screen, but now it has been expanded to more than a dozen inches; The second is the integration of instrument panel and central control panel. The third is the popularization of automobile electrification. Automobile manufacturers have higher requirements for automobile reliability and tend to choose more reliable materials. In response to the trend of vehicle large screen, Wacker has also grown rapidly in the vehicle display market in the past two years and is in a leading position.

Wacker has a history of producing silicone for more than 70 years. Now it has developed into the second largest manufacturer of silicone products in the world. Wacker silicone business department provides a wealth of products, including seven series of more than 2800 silicone products. Li Dongliang said that different from the market fluctuation of raw material production, organic silica gel is downstream of the industrial chain and is less affected by the fluctuation of basic raw materials, which also ensures that Wacker has sufficient and stable supply to customers when the demand for emerging applications breaks out.

He also pointed out that Wacker not only provides organic silica gel products, but also provides customers with overall solutions from equipment commissioning to finished product output, so as to facilitate the smooth progress of the whole manufacturing process and realize the perfect screen fit of organic silica gel.

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