My Skin on My Face Has Dry Flaky Patches Under My Lips. I Am Not Sure How to Make It Go Away.?

My Skin on my face has dry flaky patches under my lips. I am not sure how to make it go away.?

My Skin on My Face Has Dry Flaky Patches Under My Lips. I Am Not Sure How to Make It Go Away.? 1

hmm, there are many causes of that. one that i know is cold temperature, like cold weather or air-con. have you tried applying petroleum jelly? just try it.. it's safe, do not worry

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to what cold temperature can a dog be outside in?

anything below zero is too cold, to actually play outside. your dogs will let you know if their too cold

My Skin on My Face Has Dry Flaky Patches Under My Lips. I Am Not Sure How to Make It Go Away.? 2

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how do you keep a fish tank in a cold temperature without it changing dramatically?

You want to keep your fish tank cold?? Anyhow, assuming you do not have an aquarium chiller, you can keep the water temperature from changing rapidly by insulating the tank. Put the bottom on a sheet or two of foam wall insulation, and cover the rest with blankets or tape more foam insulation to the sides and top of the tank. You may want to leave one side uncovered so you can see the fish.

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What kind of material best absorbs cold temperature?

Insulates Against Heat Loss

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How does cold temperature cause the flu or a fever?

Cold temperatures DON'T cause influenza - influenza viruses cause influenza. Cold temperatures DON'T cause fevers, which are a symptom of infection and not an illness

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why does glass break when you transfer hot glass to cold water?

Because the glass molecules expand when heated and rapidly contract when a change to cold temperature occurs

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Tell me your idea or correct mine. How can you measure the cold temperature when you do not have thermometer?

Plato argued that the international is decrease than perfect with the aid of fact if it have been perfect it may be indistinguishable from God. i am undecided that argument works, yet as quickly as we take it heavily it exhibits why evil could be obtainable in "introduction." Then the question turns into no count number if or no longer this universe has the least obtainable evil. Now, if we reformulate Epicurus inquiries to be approximately suffering fairly than evil, then it works. the story approximately your youth visits to the wellbeing care expert in basic terms works if we assume lack of expertise is in a roundabout way mandatory. Why no longer only create us understanding each and everything we ought to understand? It can not be to attempt us, with the aid of fact there could be no reason of an omniscient no being to attempt something. no longer something approximately "good judgment" assures us of something. we've not even familiar that the universe is confident through any logical regulations. it may in basic terms seem that thank you to us. As for the so referred to as "observe of God," even thinking there is one in each and every of those element demands each variety of different presumptions that no-one has defended accurately. If the declare is that we only can not understand God, then everybody claiming to additionally be confident of that is going previous human skill

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Should a teabag or looseleaf tea brew at room to cold temperature water?

Yes, tea will brew at cold temperatures. Growing up, we would make sun tea by leaving it in a sunny window for about 8 hrs. These days, I put it in the fridge to brew simply because you have a longer window before the more bitter flavors start getting extracted.Tea bags will brew faster, as they tend to have smaller pieces and possibly dust in them, which means increased surface area.

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Is there anything i can give a 4 week old baby for cough cold and temperature?

A 4 week old baby with a fever should be brought right to the doctors. No medicines over the counter are approved for infants this age! Seriously, call the baby's doctor and see what to do. Fevers in newborns (up to 2 months old) are an indication of a very serious condition - they do not really have their own immune system yet and have to rely on what antibodies they got from mom in-utero!!.

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Can cold temperature in my house affect my pregnant chihuahua?

First of all puppies need an ambient room temp of 95 degrees to survive in the first few weeks or they will hypothermiate. This high of a temp is VERY undesirable for mom so you must supplement the heat by use of heating pad or lamp. It must be in such away the pups can get away from the heat if it becomes too warm for them. My guess is your other pups never survived due to becoming chilled. below 95 they will chill and above 95 they will overheat. 1 pup was probably able to stay close enuf to mom to stay warm.

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