Market Comparison and Prospect of LED Lighting and CFL Energy Saving Lamp Lighting

Energy saving is one of the focuses of human society. No matter which technology can reduce power consumption, it is to save electricity charges and reduce carbon dioxide emissions or environmental pollution. Although the costs of these energy-saving technologies vary greatly, the process of building products by some energy-saving technologies belongs to high energy consuming industries, which is not economical enough after careful actuarial calculation, but

Green energy economy is expected to keep the demand for energy-saving lighting feverish for three years

Does anyone care about green building? The price of solar panel system is not low, the cost of equipment with high conversion efficiency is also very high, and thermal insulation building materials and heat exchange systems are not very common. The green building related products we can often see in 2010 should be led lighting and CFL energy-saving lamp lighting, which are the most accessible energy-saving products at present. They are subject to the elimination of incandescent bulbs, As well as the incentives for enterprises to adopt more energy-saving lamps and enjoy preferential tax policies, it has a very good development prospect.

LED lighting and CFL energy-saving lamp lighting are good at their own fields

The technology of CFL energy-saving lighting products has been quite mature, and the price is also accepted by ordinary people. In addition to the laws and regulations and plans of various countries to eliminate incandescent bulbs, power companies in the U.S. market supply CFL energy-saving bulbs to consumers free or ultra-low price. Various factors have greatly increased the shipment of CFL energy-saving lamps. Take the Chinese mainland market, which produces CFL energy saving lamps up to 80%, for example, in 2008, 62 million CFL energy-saving lamps were produced, and by 2009, 120 million had been made, including energy-saving lamps and energy-saving lamps.

So, what about LED lighting? LED lighting was only in its infancy before 2008. In 2009, the number of LED lighting related products developed increased significantly. In addition to public area lighting and commercial space lighting, LED lighting products have been launched into the market for home main lighting.

CFL energy-saving lamps have a long service life. LED lighting products claim to have a longer service life, but the price is also more expensive. At present, the LED lighting products in the market are mainly MR16 series lamps, freezer lighting, lamp strips, track lamps, cabinet lamps, landscape lamps and arch lamps (which belong to indirect lighting and can also be used as direct lighting), small night lamps, etc. CFL energy-saving lamps are the most common in home buildings, including replaceable bulbs (such as E27), ceiling lamps, embedded lamps, ceiling lamps and so on. At the same time, CFL energy-saving bulbs also have the famous T5 tube form, which are widely used in indirect lighting of convenience stores, offices and indoor buildings.

Although the energy-saving lamp has low price and high luminous efficiency, it contains mercury (mercury). If the bulb is broken, mercury vapor will leak out, which is harmful to the environment and human health. It cannot be directly thrown into the garbage can, otherwise the groundwater will be polluted after waste treatment.

LED lighting will take the lead in taking off as commercial space lighting

From the phenomena we have observed in the market, the demand for LED lighting has been increasing. Especially after the birth of product technology R & D achievements in recent years, the overall product cost has decreased to a certain extent, and the luminous efficiency has also improved, which makes LED lighting gradually have the strength to appear in the main lighting field, and there are more and more replaceable bulbs Lamps use LEDs as light sources.

The commercial grade LED lighting system with high lumen output will increase significantly in 2010. This is because domestic LED lighting is still much more expensive for most consumers. Driven by long-term use efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection demands and preferential tax relief, the proportion of LED used in commercial space lighting will increase significantly, especially parking lot lighting, office lighting Factory lighting, warehouse lighting and other areas. LED lighting can not only replace high-pressure sodium lamp, halogen lamp and incandescent bulb, but also replace CFL energy-saving lamp and fluorescent lamp in some fields.

Ledinside estimates that 2010-2011 will be the second year of rapid growth and popularization of LED commercial lighting, and the take-off of LED application in household lighting will wait until 2011 and 2012, especially 2012 is a key year.

In 2010, the penetration rate of LED light source in the lighting market is expected to reach 3.7%, with a compound annual growth rate of 32% from 2009 to 2013. (Figure 1)

Figure 1:   LED Light Source Market

Source: LEDinside

Hidden worries of LED lighting development

However, in addition to its own technology, specifications, heat dissipation, price and other factors, the hidden worries of LED lighting development still face the challenges of CFL energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps mentioned above. In particular, the luminous efficiency of T5 tubes in the office lighting system is at the level of 100 LM / W, and the price is much lower than that of LED strips. Considering the problems of glare, photometric uniformity and so on, Before the development of LED technology, we believe that the popularization of LED lighting in office lighting will take a long time. In addition, CFL energy-saving lamps also have ultra-small and Ultra Mini products. They also have 3-watt specifications and not poor luminous efficiency. They are very suitable for the fields that need small-size bulbs, and are also a threat to LED bulbs of the same size.

It is expected that with the encouragement and stimulation of government decrees, the penetration rate of LED lighting in building lighting and commercial space lighting has increased significantly.

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