Looking Back at the History of Mobile Camera Hair Exhibition, These Manufacturers Have Been at the F

When sharp put the camera in a mobile phone j-sh04, mobile phone photography opened the door. Up to now, photography has become one of the most important functions of the mobile phone. When all mobile phones are released, photography will occupy a long time as a key content in the press conference. This is beyond the reach of other mobile phone functions.

In terms of the camera function of the mobile phone, the use of the camera is undoubtedly the top priority. Although we all know that the specification of the camera is not equal to the photographing ability, no one can deny that the quality of the camera is very important. A top camera may not have the top photographing performance, but its photographing lower limit will never be very low; For a mobile phone with a poor camera specification, even if the optimization is excellent, there is an upper limit, which Apple has perfectly interpreted for us in previous years.

Now the mobile phone has complete photographing functions, and the photographing effect is quite good. It is even more convenient for public users than professional cameras. This is inseparable from the development of cameras and corresponding algorithms, especially the development of mobile phone cameras. For example, the popular mobile phone high-power zoom function this year must rely on a special camera.

Throughout the development of mobile phone photography in recent years, many camera phones have emerged, and the use of their cameras has surprised us. Today, we will start from the 3G era and talk about the development history of mobile camera.

Apple iPhone 4S - pixel only cooling

Apple's iPhone 4S is equipped with an 8 megapixel rear camera, which has cooled the pixel only view in mobile phone photography. This 8-megapixel camera has been optimized to the limit by apple. Apple has been ranked first in mobile phone photography by relying on this camera with poor specifications.

Nokia 808 pureview - 41 megapixels

Nokia was once ridiculed as "the best camera in the mobile phone and the best function in the camera". The Nokia 808 pureview, which is equipped with a 41 million pixel Carl Zeiss lens, is the absolute king of mobile phone pixels in that era, even compared with some professional cameras. Even now, 41 million pixels can be ranked.

HTC one - turn on large pixels

In the era of HTC one, consumers can identify the photographing performance of a mobile phone only by the number of pixels of the mobile phone. Perhaps now we know that the number of pixels is not equal to the ability to take pictures. We seem to care more about the pixel area than the number of pixels. After all, this is the key factor to increase the amount of light.

The ultrapixel camera used by HTC one has 2 μ M large pixel area, this specification is obviously still the top in. However, this seemingly beautiful specification was doubted by users under the low pixel number of 4 million pixels. Coupled with the subsequent optimization problems in HTC, the experience of the 4 million pixel ultrapixel camera was poor and finally completely abandoned by users. It is obviously not advisable to sacrifice the number of pixels for a large pixel area, but HTC has at least tried.

Oppo N1 - rotating camera

Oppo is probably one of the first mobile phone brands to find that users have a strong demand for self photographing. However, the specification of the front camera of the mobile phone is far less than that of the rear camera, and the effect of self photographing is naturally unsatisfactory. The emergence of oppo N1 is to provide an idea of universal front and rear camera of mobile phone. Oppo N1's rotary camera design enables the rear camera to flip through the precise mechanical structure, raising the definition of self shooting to 13 million pixels.

The camera used by oppo N1 was actually one of the mainstream lenses at that time in terms of specification, but it provided an idea for self photographing. The dual screen model that appeared last year follows this design concept.

Oppo find 7 - 50 megapixel ultra clear photography

Oppo find 7 is a mobile phone with cross era significance. It not only opens the fast charging era of mobile phones through vooc flash charging, but also has excellent performance in taking photos. Oppo find 7 provides a 50 million pixel ultra clear mode photographing function, which uses software algorithms to synthesize, so as to create a clear photo beyond the limit of the number of camera pixels.

Moto Z - modular accessories

The design of mobile phone will be limited by volume, so the specification of camera will be greatly limited. However, if the camera function is realized through accessory products, there is no concern in this regard. Through this idea, moto Z series adopts modular design to improve the photographing ability through modules.

The hassu photography module supported by moto Z is really top-level in photography ability. The zoom performance like a camera is unmatched by other mobile phones. However, this design idea leads to the sacrifice of the mobile phone's own "mobile phone" shape. After a bulky module is added to the back, it is not the portability of a mobile phone. In addition, the same is true for models such as Samsung zoom and ASUS eagle eye. A large camera on the back makes these mobile phones more like a camera.

Oppo R17 pro - variable aperture

The camera used in the mobile phone is limited in volume, resulting in the complete fixation of the aperture and focal segment, which also leads to the lack of some functions. The smart aperture camera used by oppo R17 Pro has changed the stubborn disease of fixed aperture of mobile phone. It is in a camera and can be adjusted in F / 1.5 and F / 2.4 aperture to flexibly deal with light and dark shooting scenes.

Oppo R17 Pro has excellent photographing performance and variable aperture. It makes the mobile phone more flexible to use. No matter what kind of photographing scene, the machine can obtain good photographing effect.

Oppo Reno 10x zoom version - mobile phone high-power zoom finally realized

The appearance of oppo Reno 10x zoom version marks that the last short board of mobile phone photography has been supplemented. Reno 10x zoom version provides rear three shots, equipped with the latest 10x hybrid optical zoom technology created by oppo, adopts the three shot structure of "ultra wide angle ultra clear main shot telephoto", realizes "full focus section" coverage in a "connecting rod" way, covers the equivalent 16mm-160mm focal section, and realizes 10x hybrid optical zoom. At the same time, the support of dual OIS optical anti shake will also greatly improve the stability of photography. The upgrading of image technology will naturally improve the experience.

There are many mobile phones with camera features, so we won't list them one by one here. From the above mobile phones, the development of mobile phone photography has been continuously promoted by the innovation of hardware. When the camera itself does not have enough innovation, the software algorithm and corresponding photography function can obviously open the experience gap. Hardware and software complement each other.

The investment of domestic mobile phone brands in photographing technology is quite obvious. Among the authoritative photographing evaluation organization DxOMark, many domestic mobile phones have been listed among them. Chinese brands have also led the current trend of mobile photography. Oppo is one of the best. Its technical investment in mobile phone photography has achieved both soft and hard work. Whether it is the rotary camera in previous years or the variable aperture and 10x zoom camera in recent years. The fundamental reason is that the new technologies created by oppo relying on R & D are difficult to imitate. Oppo, which adheres to independent research and development and does not completely rely on the supplier's scheme, naturally can always create excellent photographic performance.

After the 10x hybrid optical zoom function is realized, we are also concerned about oppo's next breakthrough photography function. What we are most concerned about at this stage is undoubtedly the off-screen camera scheme that oppo will show at the 2019 MWC conference. This scheme hides the camera under the screen and completely hides it in normal use. When it needs to use the front self timer or face recognition function, it can take pictures directly through the screen. The mobile phone using this technology maintains the top-level comprehensive screen visual effect with general lifting structure, has better integrity, and is more in line with the fast experience of practical use.

In this relatively open and transparent Internet era, we have certain opinions on mobile phone photography and know which photography parameters and specifications need to be paid attention to. With the rapid development of the mobile phone industry, the back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and the same is true for mobile phone photography. The continuous innovation of mobile phone photography is the driving force for users to update their mobile phones iteratively.

Our pursuit of mobile camera function is endless, and we always welcome the new functions developed by manufacturers. In the upcoming 5g era, we also have a vision for photography. With the blessing of 5g, we look forward to what new tricks photography can play.

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