List of Collectors Market Indices

List of collectors market indices

Collector's automobile marketHAGERTY collector car indices are a set of indices created by Hagerty Insurance Agency insurance company specializing in classic car insurance. HAGI indices are a group of indices developed by London-based organization Historic Automobile Group. Their research is focused on rare historic motorcars and collectors' automobiles, calculated since December 2008 based on a proprietary market capitalization formula called survivor weighting.Collector's fine visual artArtprice100, curated by Artprice.Collector's coin marketPCGS coins indices are a group of indices developed by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), a coin grading, authentication, attribution, and encapsulation service.Collector's stamps marketLinn's U.S. Stamp Market Index is the composite index of U.S. stamp market created by Linn's Stamp News newspaper, last index publication dated July 2014.Collector's other marketsLiv-ex Fine Wine 100 is one of five Liv-ex Fine Wine Indices published by London International Vintners Exchange. It represents the price movement of 100 of the most sought-after fine wines for which there is a strong secondary market and is calculated monthly. The RW101 Rare Whisky Indices is a group of indices designed by Rare Whisky 101 based on their database that has been evolved for more than ten years and contains open market values for the sale of over 147,000 bottles of Single Malt Scotch (no blends, single grain, Bourbon etc. are recorded).

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Colombo Stock Exchange Sector indices

The Colombo Stock Exchange Sector indices are a set of sector based price indices in the Colombo Stock Exchange. The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) is the main stock exchange in Sri Lanka. In addition to the CSE Sector indices the Colombo Stock Exchange has two main price indices: the All Share Price Index (ASPI), and the S&P Sri Lanka 20 (S&P SL20). The Colombo Stock Exchange also facilitates Government and Corporate bond markets, and provides guidance with derivative markets and products. The Colombo Stock Exchange Sector indices consist of the following 20 industry group sector price indices and codes: Energy - (SPCSEEIP) Materials - (SPCSEMIP) Capital Goods - (SPCSECGP) Commercial and Professional Services - (SPCSECPP) Transportation - (SPCSETP) Automobiles and Components - (SPCSEAMP) Consumer Durables and Apparel - (SPCSECAP) Consumer Services - (SPCSECSP) Retailing - (SPCSERP) Food and Staples Retailing - (SPCSEFRP) Food, Beverage, and Tobacco - (SPCSEFBP) Household and Personal Products - (SPCSEHPP) Health Care Equipment and Services - (SPCSEHSP) Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Life Sciences - (SPCSEPLP) Banks - (SPCSEBP) Diversified Financials - (SPCSEDFP) Insurance - (SPCSEINP) Telecommunication Services --- (SPCSETIP) Utilities - (SPCSEUIP) Real Estate - (SPCSEREP)

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Diversity indices

Often researchers have used the values given by one or more diversity indices to quantify species diversity. Such indices include species richness, the Shannon index, the Simpson index, and the complement of the Simpson index (also known as the Gini-Simpson index). When interpreted in ecological terms, each one of these indices corresponds to a different thing, and their values are therefore not directly comparable. Species richness quantifies the actual rather than effective number of species. The Shannon index equals log(qD), and in practice quantifies the uncertainty in the species identity of an individual that is taken at random from the dataset. The Simpson index equals 1/qD and quantifies the probability that two individuals taken at random from the dataset (with replacement of the first individual before taking the second) represent the same species. The Gini-Simpson index equals 1 - 1/qD and quantifies the probability that the two randomly taken individuals represent different species.

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Country & Region Indices

Refinitiv Country & Region Indices include 51 countries and 29 regions worldwide. The indices are free-float market-capitalization weighted. Even though each index is available in price return and total return variants, dividend series are not provided by Refinitiv. The earliest of Refinitiv Country Indices start as late as April 1999. The full list of Country & Region Indices include: Sector IndicesRefinitiv Sector Indices are defined using Thomson Reuters Business Classification (TRBC) system. Available globally, by region or by country, Sector Indices are available at each of 10 Economic Sectors, 25 Business Sectors, 52 Industry Groups and 125 Industries. Top level global sector indices are as follows: Refinitiv Global Energy Index Refinitiv Global Basic Materials Index Refinitiv Global Industrials Index Refinitiv Global Cyclicals Index Refinitiv Global Non-Cyclicals Index Refinitiv Global Financials Index Refinitiv Global Healthcare Index Refinitiv Global Technology Index Refinitiv Global Telecommunications Index Refinitiv Global Utilities IndexIn total, Refinitiv provides 1000 sector indices (Global, country or region). Commodity IndicesThe Refinitiv family of commodity indices represents specific subsets of commodities. Our commodity indices are among our most popular and most tracked indices, including the "Refinitiv/CoreCommodity CRB Index" and the "Refinitiv Equal Weight commodity Index". "Alpha-creating Indices"Despite the fact that the term is an oxymoron, among Refinitiv' products are something the company markets as "alpha-creating indices" and "optimal indices". "Refinitiv Lipper Optimal Indices" include five, asset allocation-oriented "indices" that allegedly assess the trade-off between risk and return in diversified portfolios. The five "Target Risk Optimal Indices" are: Aggressive Growth Growth Moderate Conservative Very ConservativeThese "indices" are "optimized" and according to the marketing department at Refinitiv "build on modern portfolio theory to depict the best investment outcome for various levels of risk". "Optimal Target Risk Indices" are used singly or in conjunction with other indices as benchmarks for individual investor portfolios, performance benchmarks for target risk, or as the basis for wealth management. Custom Indices & Index calculation servicesRefinitiv also creates custom indices and provides calculation services for clients.

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