Left Foot Pain at the Bottom of My Foot?

I agree with Lanie, it does sound like Plantar Fascitis. I also had the problem several years ago. It is very painful. The foot doctor had me put a bottle of water in the freezer and then roll the bottle with my foot for about 5 minutes , I also had to wear a boot that kept my foot rigid at night, but the only thing that really helped was my staying off of my foot, please go see a foot doctor they will know what is best for you. take care, V.

Left Foot Pain at the Bottom of My Foot? 1

1. Has anyone had major foot pain which was successfully treated?

Try soaking your feet in cold water to relieve pain

2. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because of foot pain, still hurts?

Well, obviously, your doctor was wrong. You should go back and tell him/her whats been up. Tell him/her that you think something is seriously wrong and the pain is rapidly getting worse. They should give you another chance for the x-rays. IF they say nothing is wrong go to a different place....hosptial, urgent care center, etc

Left Foot Pain at the Bottom of My Foot? 2

3. Foot pain while walking?

Sounds like the muscle under your foot has shortened itself up which makes it pull on the end with least resistance, your toes. You may have jumped on your foot or stepped on something right in the middle of your foot and came up with a slight injury to that muscle and it's response was to shorten it's tendon up, something tendons will do when they feel trauma. Most of the time they need some help in getting fully released after that has happened.

4. do you know what this foot pain is?

The metatarsals are the bones connecting the toes to the rest of the foot structure, so is it more accurate to say that you are suffering from arch or heel pain? If that's the case, arch pain or heel pain can be caused by plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammatory condition causing heel pain and in some people, heel spurs. It can also result in arch pain. Plantar Fasciitis is often caused by abnormal pronation of the foot and improper arch support. Contributing factors are weight gain, intense physical activity, jobs that require a lot of walking or standing on hard surfaces, or shoes with poor arch support. A heel spur is a bony growth on the heel bone (calcaneus). Heel spurs can cause sharp foot pain at the bottom or front of the heel bone. Heel spurs and heel pain can be caused by plantar fasciitis. Continuous pulling of the fascia at the heel bone eventually leads to the development of this painful bony growth on the heel. More information at links below:

5. What's causing my mom's sudden foot pain?

Well if its bruises its definatley not a bite or anything like that. So im thinking maybe a really bad sprain she stepped on something someone stepped on her. Tell her to ice it and stay off it for a while if it doesnt get better get an x-ray.

6. Really bad foot pain - Due to weight gain?

Honestly you should go see the doctors. If it's hurting then something is wrong. Doctors will give you the most accurate answer so do not risk it

7. Foot Pain?

Extra weight (from pregnancy or anything else) can put stress on the feet that has permanent effects. You might benefit from getting some orthotic shoes or shoe inserts to wear until it gets better -- leaving it alone is probably not the best thing to do, because your feet could get permanently damaged or develop bone spurs, etc. The best kind of doctor for this is a podiatrist or orthotics specialist.

8. How badly do pointe shoes hurt?

Pointe can hurt yes. However it hurts differently for each person based on their pain tolerence. Some dancers en pointe feel a lot of pain, others only pressure but no pain, everyone's different. Some people get a lot of foot pain, others only toe pain. I had horrible toe pain when I first started pointe yet it was only on my left big toe. After about a month of classes that went away completely and i've been almost pain free since. I tolerated pointe much better than I though I would. I have bad feet so i am surprised pointe shoes are so comfortable for me. Like I said, everyone is different however. Some people even get blisters, sores, bunions, bruised toenails, and bruises. Having the right amound of padding and the correct type of it helps minimize pain en pointe too. You sometimes may have to try out different brands and types until you find what is right for you. Also, pointe shoes are NOT made of wood even though they are often mistaking of being made out of it. The box is not a block of wood - it is in fact made of many layers of fabric and/or paper put together like paper mache with a lot of glue. That's why pointe shoes wear down when used often by dancers. If you do not let your shoes air out after each class, it wears down the life in them. If pointe shoes were actually made of wood, we would have a really hard time even getting them on, let alone breaking them in or wearing them down without pain!

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