LCD Industry Touch LCD Screen Slow Response How to Do, What Treatment

With the development of science and technology, LCD touch-screen can be seen everywhere, especially in industrial production. Then, LCD industrial touch LCD screen occasionally has some faults, such as touch insensitivity, so what causes this phenomenon? Xiaobian came to solve our doubts.

If the touch screen on the industrial touch surface reacts slowly, it may be that the touch screen system is old, the internal clock frequency is too low, or there are water droplets on the touch screen surface and it cannot be moved. In order to restore the touch screen to rapid response, the system driver must be replaced or upgraded, or the touch screen surface must be wiped with a rag. In general, this is common for multi touch screens, but care should be taken to maintain them. In the detailed operation and use, the following problems must also be paid attention to:

1. TP is a glass product. Please handle it with care to avoid damage and rupture.

2. The contact surface of TP is a conductive film. If the protective film is torn off, it is forbidden to contact the product surface with sharp objects such as nails, pencils and so on, so as to avoid soiling and scratching the product.

3. Do not stick oil, water and other liquids on the surface of the product.

4. When there are stains on the touch surface, please gently touch the alcohol with a degreasing cotton ball or dust-free cloth, and gently wipe the product surface. Do not infiltrate the alcohol into the product.

5. Avoid the use and preservation of organic solvents or corrosive gases (acid gases, etc.).

6. When installing the machine, please use non corrosive glue to fix the product.

7. When installing the machine, please wear fingertips or gloves to ensure the cleanliness of the product.

8. When TP is found to be ineffective, please check whether there is faulty welding, whether the pin contact is good, whether the machine is installed correctly and whether the operation touch position is accurate. If there is no such problem, please stick the protective film back to the product surface to ensure that the product is returned to the manufacturer for analysis and treatment.

9. After unpacking inspection, keep the original package sealed and stored to prevent the product from being affected by high temperature and high humidity, resulting in watermark on the glass surface of the product.

The above content is the problem of slow response of LCD industrial touch LCD screen. Doing these protective measures well and protecting the touch screen as much as possible can delay its service life and avoid slow response.


LCD Industry Touch LCD Screen Slow Response How to Do, What Treatment 1

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