Knowledge About Journal Article: Journal of the American Society of Nephrology of Journal Article

Journal of the American Society of Nephrology of journal article

The Journal of the American Society of Nephrology is a peer-reviewed medical journal covering nephrology. It was established in 1966 and is published by the American Society of Nephrology. The editor-in-chief is Josephine P. Briggs. According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2019 impact factor of 9.

274, ranking it first in the field of nephrology.


Materials Science and Engineering C of journal article

Materials Science and Engineering C is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. It is the review section of Materials Science and Engineering and is published monthly by Elsevier. It was established in 1993, when the journal Materials Science Reports was split into Materials Science and Engineering C and Materials Science and Engineering R.

Knowledge About Journal Article: Journal of the American Society of Nephrology of Journal Article 1


C 449 of journal article

3C 449 is a low-redshift (z 0.017) Fanaroff and Riley class I radio galaxy. It is thought to contain a highly warped circumnuclear disk surrounding the central active galactic nucleus (AGN). The name signifies that it was the 449th object (ordered by right ascension) of the Third Cambridge Catalog of Radio Sources (3C), published in 1959.


Iridomyrmex galbanus of journal article

Iridomyrmex galbanus is a species of ant in the genus Iridomyrmex. Described by Shattuck in 1993, the ant is mainly confined to the Eyre peninsula in South Australia, but other populations of the species have been identified in several other states in Australia.

A journal article shows that the species favours particular types of soil.


Stock Journal of journal article

The Stock Journal is a weekly newspaper published in Adelaide, South Australia, and published continuously since 1967. A predecessor publication, the Adelaide Stock and Station Journal, dates back to August 1904. It was later sold to Rural Press, previously owned by Fairfax Media, but now an Australian media company trading as Australian Community Media.


Written Language and Literacy of journal article

Written Language and Literacy is a peer-reviewed biannual academic journal of linguistics published by John Benjamins Publishing Company. The editor-in-chief is Beatrice Primus (University of Cologne). It is abstracted and indexed by European Reference Index for the Humanities, Linguistic Bibliography/Bibliographie Linguistique, MLA Bibliography, and Scopus. The journal was established in 1998.

Knowledge About Journal Article: Journal of the American Society of Nephrology of Journal Article 2


Cadernos Pagu of journal article

Cadernos Pagu is a Brazilian academic journal on gender studies and sexuality. It was established in 1993 at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas. Pagu was the nickname of Patrcia Galvo, an iconic Brazilian feminist. The journal is published in Portuguese and the editor-in-chief is Leila Mezan Algranti (Universidade Estadual de Campinas)


Player records of journal article

Most goalsPlayers in bold are still active with New Mexico United; includes goals in all competitive matches

Includes regular season, playoffs, and domestic cup

As of 1 August 2020.Most appearancesPlayers in bold are still active with New Mexico United; includes all competitive appearances, including substitutions

Includes regular season, playoffs, and domestic cup

As of 8 August 2020.


Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience of journal article

The Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience is a monthly peer-reviewed academic journal covering cognitive neuroscience. It aims for a cross-discipline approach, covering research in neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, neurobiology, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy. The journal is published by the MIT Press and the Cognitive Neuroscience Institute and the editor-in-chief is Mark D'Esposito (University of California, Berkeley).


Journal of the Acoustical Society of America of journal article

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering all aspects of acoustics. It is published by the Acoustical Society of America and the editor-in-chief is James F. Lynch (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution). According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2018 impact factor of 1.819.


New Ideas in Psychology of journal article

New Ideas in Psychology is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering theoretical psychology. It was established in 1983 and is published by the Elsevier imprint Pergamon Press. The editor-in-chief is Bennett L. Schwartz (Florida International University). According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2017 impact factor of 1.367.


Sminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire of journal article

The Sminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire (Lotharingian Seminar of Combinatorics) is a peer-reviewed academic journal specialising in combinatorial mathematics, named after Lotharingia.

It has existed since 1980 as a regular joint seminar in Combinatorics for the Universities of Bayreuth, Erlangen and Strasbourg. In 1994, it was decided to create a journal under the same name. The regular meetings continue to this day.


Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden of journal article

The Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden is a long-established major peer-reviewed journal of botany, established in 1914 by the Missouri Botanical Garden, under the directorship of botanist and phycologist, George Thomas Moore, and still published quarterly as of 2017update by the Missouri Botanical Garden Press. The journal is often abbreviated Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard


Publications of journal article

Since 1975 THKO published the journal Yolda/Heval (Turkish/Kurdish for "Comrade"). It was only distributed to members. After the foundation of TDKP- the journal Devrimin Sesi (Voice of Revolution) was published legally. The journal Parti Bayra (Flag of the Party) was another legally published monthly that appeared between 1978 and the military intervention in 1980.



Business, management & organization theory of journal article

Academy of Management Review

Academy of Management Journal

Beta. Scandinavian Journal of Business Research

Business and Professional Communication Quarterly

Business Process Management Journal

International Marketing Review

International Small Business Journal

Journal of Media Business Studies

Management Science

Measuring Business Excellence

Organization Development Journal

Organization Science

Administrative Science Quarterly

Journal of Management

Strategic Management Journal


Biology of Reproduction of journal article

Biology of Reproduction is a peer-reviewed scientific journal and the official journal of the Society for the Study of Reproduction. It is published with the assistance of HighWire Press. According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2018 impact factor of 2.

960, ranking it 9th out of 29 journals in the category "Reproductive Biology".


European Journal of Political Economy of journal article

The European Journal of Political Economy is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering research on economic phenomena, including collective decision making, political behavior, and the role of institutions. The editors-in-chief are Toke Aidt (University of Cambridge), Vincenzo Galasso (Bocconi University), Thomas Stratmann (George Mason University), and Jan-Egbert Sturm (ETH Zurich).


Journal of Historical Sociology of journal article

This peer-reviewed journal is edited by an international panel of historians, anthropologists, geographers and sociologists, the Journal of Historical Sociology is both interdisciplinary in approach and innovative in content. The Journal of Historical Sociology was founded in 1988 and presents review essays and commentary in its "Issues and Agendas" section, and aims to provoke discussion and debate


Journal News of journal article

The Journal News may refer to the following United States newspapers:

Journal-News, a daily newspaper in Butler County, Ohio

Hamilton JournalNews, a former daily newspaper in Hamilton, Ohio, that merged into Journal-News of Butler County

The Journal News, a daily newspaper in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York State

The Journal-News (Hillsboro, Illinois)


British Journal of Psychology of journal article

The British Journal of Psychology is a quarterly peer-reviewed psychology journal. It was established in 1904 and is published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the British Psychological Society. The editor-in-chief is Stefan R. Schweinberger (University of Jena). According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2018 impact factor of 3.

308, ranking it 20th out of 137 journals in the category "Psychology, Multidisciplinary".


Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society of journal article

The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society is a refereed theological journal published by the Evangelical Theological Society. It was first published in 1958 as the Bulletin of the Evangelical Theological Society, and was given its present name in 1969.

The journal's circulation now regularly reaches 4000 copies and is distributed worldwide.


Journal of Iberian Geology of journal article

Journal of Iberian Geology (formerly Cuadernos de Geologa Ibrica) is a triannual peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The journal covers the field of geology and related earth sciences, primarily on issues that are relevant to the geology of the Iberian Peninsula


Homoeosaurus of journal article

Homoeosaurus is an extinct genus of sphenodont reptile. It was found in limestone in Bavaria, Germany, as well as in France and the United Kingdom. It was related to the modern tuatara, though it was a considerably more gracile. There were several species varying greatly in size and morphology.


Organizations and business of journal article

Praxis (organization), an apprenticeship program meant to be an alternative to a traditional college education

Praxis (store), a Dutch chain of hardware stores

Altran Praxis, a British software company

Praxis Business School, Kolkata, a management institute in India

Praxis Care, a social-care charity based in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Praxis Ethiopia, an international organisation addressing poverty in Ethiopia


Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal of journal article

Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal is a newspaper in Ashcroft, British Columbia published weekly. The paper is the oldest weekly newspaper in British Columbia founded in 1895. Dr. Frank Stewart Reynolds and, A.H.S. Sroufe, founded the paper The British Columbia Mining Journal. By 1899 the Mining Journal was renamed The Ashcroft Journal


International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease of journal article

The International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a peer-reviewed medical journal focusing on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It was established in 2006; from 2009 it has been available only online. It is published by Dove Medical Press.

It is indexed in the Science Citation Index, and the full text of articles are available at PubMed Central.


Acta Mathematica Sinica of journal article

Acta Mathematica Sinica (English series) is a peer-reviewed mathematics journal published quarterly by Springer.

Founded in 1985, the journal publishes articles on all areas of mathematics, and allows submissions from researchers of all nationalities. The journal is indexed by Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt MATH.

Its 2009 MCQ was 0.42, and its 2015 impact factor was 0.386.


Perspecta of journal article

Perspecta: The Yale Architectural Journal is a peer-reviewed academic journal published since 1952 by the Yale School of Architecture and distributed by the MIT Press. Graduate students are competitively chosen to edit each issue. It is the oldest architectural journal of its kind in the United States. Contributors include some of the most important figures in contemporary architecture worldwide


Journal of Child Sexual Abuse of journal article

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that provides an interface for researchers, academicians, attorneys, clinicians, and practitioners. The journal advocates for increased networking in the sexual abuse field, greater dissemination of information and research, a greater acknowledgment of child sexual abuse, and development of effective assessment, intervention, and prevention programs.

The Editor-in-Chief is Robert Geffner.


Contemporary Jewry of journal article

Contemporary Jewry is a peer reviewed academic journal published by the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry.

The journal mostly publishes articles on the subject of the sociology of Jewry, however, articles on Jews and Judaism based on other social sciences as well as history are published as well.


A of journal article

Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae

Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae

Acta Zoologica Bulgarica

Acta Zoologica Mexicana

Acta Zoologica: Morphology and Evolution

African Invertebrates

African Journal of Herpetology

African Zoology


American Journal of Primatology

Amurian Zoological Journal

Animal Biology, formerly Netherlands Journal of Zoology

Animal Cognition


Australian Journal of Zoology

Australian Mammalogy


Journal of Cultural Economy of journal article

The Journal of Cultural Economy is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal covering cultural and economic sociology. It was established in 2008 and is published by Routledge. The editors-in-chief are Liz McFall (Open University) and Taylor Nelms (University of California, Irvine). According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2017 impact factor of 0.944.


Family of journal article

Wilkinson married, on 14 July 1857, Caroline Charlotte Des Vux, daughter of lieutenant-colonel Benfield Des Vux, fourth son of Sir Charles Des Vux, 1st Baronet; she died on 6 September 1877. They had three sons and five daughters, including Reverend G. G. Wilkinson, and eldest daughter Constance Charlotte Mary Wilkinson, who married in 1902 Reverend Arthur Edward Davies, Chaplain to her father.



Museum of journal article

Its first museum collection consisted mostly of archaeological and ethnographic items from native groups in Canada. Its first curator was David Boyle. During 1896, needing more room for the museum, the collection was transferred to the Toronto Normal School (or Ontario Provincial Museum); Boyle cared for it until his death during 1911. Its collection was later transferred to the Royal Ontario Museum.



Clyde Workers' Committee of journal article

The Clyde Workers Committee was formed to campaign against the Munitions Act. It was originally called the Labour Withholding Committee. The leader of the CWC was Willie Gallacher, who was jailed under the Defence of the Realm Act 1914 together with John Muir for an article in the CWC journal The Worker criticising the First World War.


Harold Toliver of journal article

Harold Toliver is an American literary critic, theorist and writer. Currently, he is professor emeritus at the University of California, Irvine. His research interests are in the areas of Renaissance and seventeenth-century literature, English and Comparative Literature, Literary Theory & Criticism. He received Guggenheim awards (1964, 1976) and the Distinguished Research Award (1982). Toliver is married and has two children


Journal of the North Atlantic of journal article

The Journal of the North Atlantic is an annual, peer-reviewed, online-only, academic journal covering the archaeology and environmental history of the peoples of the North Atlantic. It was established in 2008 and is published by Eagle Hill Publications. The editor-in-chief is Keith Goldfarb.

The journal is abstracted and indexed in Scopus.

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