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1. Alma of furniture

Alma is an example of site-specific promenade theatre (or more precisely a "polydrama") created by Israeli writer Joshua Sobol based on the life of Alma Mahler-Werfel. It opened in 1996, under the direction of Austrian Paulus Manker, at a former Jugendstil sanatorium building designed by architect Josef Hoffmann located in Purkersdorf near Vienna; and subsequently toured to locations in Venice, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Petronell, Berlin, Semmering, Jerusalem, and Prague.

Protagonist Alma Mahler-Werfel was intimately connected to an astonishing list of the famous creative spirits of the 20th century. Not only was she married sequentially to composer Gustav Mahler, architect Walter Gropius, and poet Franz Werfel (The Song of Bernadette), but she had also fervent and sometimes notorious love affairs with the painters Oskar Kokoschka, Gustav Klimt, and several others. The performance is not presented as a conventional theatre piece, but instead takes place throughout an entire building in simultaneous scenes highlighting the events and defining relationships of Alma's tumultuous life, with each playing area fully equipped with appropriate furniture and props.

Members of the audience can therefore choose to follow certain events, outcomes, and even individual characters from scene to scene, thus experiencing a uniquely personal version of Alma's life story. When Gustav Mahler dies halfway through the piece, his funeral can be followed interactively with his music; and at the interval, the entire audience comes together at a buffet dinner featuring Austrian cuisine during which they can compare notes about what they have each experienced, and develop a fuller perspective of the biographical events. The production was also adapted as a three-part film.


2. John G. Ralston of g&c furniture carrigtwohill

John G.

Ralston was an American architect who worked out of Waterloo, Iowa. A number of his works are listed on the U.S.

National Register of Historic Places for their architecture. Works include (with attribution): Waterloo Public Library (West Branch) (1906), 528 W. 4th St.

, Waterloo, Iowa (Ralston,J. G.), NRHP-listed Waterloo Public Library-East Side Branch (1906), 626 Mulberry St.

, Waterloo, (Ralston,John G.), NRHP-listed Adams-Higgins House (1911 remodelling), 1215 N. Grand Ave.

Spencer, Iowa (Ralston,J. G.), NRHP-listed Black Hawk Hotel (1914 redesign), 115-119 Main St.

Cedar Falls, Iowa (Ralston, John G.), NRHP-listed Black Hawk County Soldiers Memorial Hall (1916), 194 W. Fifth St.

, Waterloo, (Ralston,John G.), NRHP-listed Cattle Congress Hippodrome (now McElroy Auditorium) Chickasaw County Courthouse, Prospect St. at Locust Ave.

New Hampton, Iowa (Ralston & Ralston), NRHP-listed Chickasaw County Home in New Hampton, Iowa Emerson School, 314 Randolph St. Waterloo, IA (Ralston, John G.), NRHP-listed Fayette County Courthouse, Pine St.

West Union, Iowa (Ralston,J.G.), NRHP-listed Fire Station No.

2, 716 Commercial St., Waterloo, (Ralston,John G.), NRHP-listed Clement B.

Gingrich House, 300 Walnut St. La Porte City, Iowa (Ralston, J.G.

), NRHP-listed Hand County Courthouse and Jail, 415 W. First Ave. Miller, South Dakota (Ralston, John G.

), NRHP-listed Kingsley Elementary School, in Waterloo Sumner High School, 300 West 4th Sumner, Iowa (Murphy and Ralston), NRHP-listed Henry Weis House, 800 W. Fourth St., Waterloo, (Murphy & Ralston), NRHP-listed Western Old People's Home Whittier School, 1500 Third St.

W., Waterloo, (Ralston, John G.), NRHP-listed One or more works in the Waterloo East Commercial Historic District



Great Midlands Fun Run of furniture

The Great Midlands Fun Run is an annual charity fundraising event held in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, West Midlands, England. The event began in 2003, as the successor to the Royal Sutton Fun Run with a total of 2,800 entrants raising just over 40,000. This was doubled in 2004 to 82,700 and a further 81,800 was added in 2005 before rising 108,300 in the 2006 event.

In 2015, 203 charities and voluntary organisations nominated by the participants received a record-breaking 347,000 from the event. Over 2,540,000 has been distributed to charities and voluntary organisations since 2003. It is sponsored by numerous local companies including Erdington based Cookes Furniture, Central Independent Newspapers Ltd who publish the Sutton Coldfield Observer, Tamworth Herald, Lichfield Mercury, and Walsall Advertiser, Chambers Group (Ford automotive dealership in Sutton Coldfield and a Mazda/Hyundai dealership in Tamworth) and Sutton based Square Circle - web and social media partner.

The specially minted medal, presented to all who complete the course, is sponsored by Cookes Furniture. In 2020, Webasto Roof Systems will be a main sponsor of the event for the second year running. Webasto's Minworth based manufacturing plant has over 400 employees.

The Minworth plant supplies sunroof systems to Jaguar Land Rover and their products can be seen in the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport as well as the Discovery, Discovery Sport and Evoque models. The route is 8 miles long and completely tarmacked. It begins in Sutton Coldfield town centre before entering Sutton Park at Boldmere Gate and running for 4 miles before leaving the park at Four Oaks Gate.

Participants then return to Sutton Coldfield town centre to finish on The Parade. The 2020 event will take place on 31st May and starta at 11:00am.



Life of furniture

Joachim Frederick of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Pln was born in Magdeburg on 9 May 1668. He was a scion of an insignificant branch of the Pln family, a collateral line of Schleswig-Holstein-Nordborg, with its seat at Nordborg Castle on the island of Alsen, itself formed from a division of the inheritance of Pln's first duke, Joachim Ernest in 1671. He was the eldest son of Augustus, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Pln-Norburg (1635-1699) and his wife, Elisabeth Charlotte of Anhalt-Harzgerode (1647-1723).

When the incumbent Duke of Pln, John Adolphus, died in 1704, a few days after his son, Adolphus Augustus, was killed in a riding accident, the male Pln line could be continued only through Leopold Augustus, grandson of John Adolphus and son of Adolphus Augustus. Leopold Augustus died as a child of four in 1706, and the underlying entitlement to the inheritance of Pln passed as a result to Joachim Frederick. Joachim Frederick himself had no male heir when he died in Pln on 25 January 1722, deeply in debt.

Pln Castle, the ancestral residence of the dukes of Pln, lay empty for seven years and some of its furniture was sold off; the Danish royal house administered the duchy during this period. Seven years after the death of Duke Joachim Frederick, Frederick Charles, the son of the morganatic marriage of the late duke's brother, Christian Charles, was named the fourth Duke of Pln. He would prove to be the last.


5. Properties of the complex of g&c furniture carrigtwohill

The animal industrial complex breeds animals in the billions in order to make products and services for human consumption. All these animals are considered legal property of the animal industrial complex.

The animal industrial complex is said to have transformed the already confused relationship between human and non-human animals, significantly increasing the consumption and threatening human survival. The pervasive nature of the animal industrial complex is such that it evades attention. Philosophers, such as Peter Singer, Richard D.

Ryder, and Melanie Joy, argue that speciesism plays a role in the practice of animal industrial complex, including the practice of factory farming, the use of animals for entertainment such as in bullfighting and rodeos, the use of fur and skin of animals, and experimentation on animals. Even the term speciesism first appeared during a protest against animal experimentation in 1970. In particular, the form of speciesism that underpins using animals for food and killing them for meat is known as carnism.

Joy compares carnism to patriarchy, arguing that both are dominant normative ideologies that go unrecognized because of their ubiquity: We don't see meat eating as we do vegetarianism  as a choice, based on a set of assumptions about animals, our world, and ourselves. Rather, we see it as a given, the "natural" thing to do, the way things have always been and the way things will always be. We eat animals without thinking about what we are doing and why, because the belief system that underlies this behavior is invisible.

This invisible belief system is what I call carnism.


6. Sources of furniture

"Brnshj Kirke - Danmarks kirker".


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Zuyev of furniture

Zuyev, sometimes spelled as Zuev (Russian: ), or Zuyeva (feminine; ), is a Russian last name derived from the word (zooy, meaning ). It may refer to: Aleksandr Zuyev (footballer, born 26 June 1996), Russian football player Aleksandr Zuyev (footballer, born 2 June 1996), Russian football player Aleksandr Zuyev (pilot) (1961-2001), a captain of the former Soviet Air Force, who piloted his Mikoyan MiG-29 to Turkey in 1989 Aleksei Zuev (b. 1981), a Russian football (soccer) goalkeeper Alexei Zuev (pianist), born 28 April 1982 in Leningrad (St.

Petersburg), a Russian pianist Alexei Zuyev (1922-1952), a Soviet army officer and Hero of the Soviet Union Anastasia Zuyeva (b. 1990), 2008 European champion in the 50 and 100 backstroke from Russia. Anastasia Zuyeva (1896-1986), a Russian/Soviet actress and People's Artist of the USSR Gavriil Zuyev (1907-1974), a Soviet aircraft pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union Kuzma Zuyev (1914-1978), a Soviet soldier and Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Zuyev (1918-1981), a Soviet aircraft pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Zuyev (badminton), Russian badminton player Nikolai Zuyev, Russian mixed martial arts fighter active in the Fighting Network Rings Nikolai Vasilyevich Zuyev (born 1975), Russian footballer Sergei Zuev, the owner of the Three Whales (Tri kita) furniture retail center in Moscow arrested in 2006 during the investigation of the Three Whales Corruption Scandal.

Vasily Zuyev (1754-1794), a Russian naturalist, explorer, and academician Viktar Zuyev (b. 1983), a Belarusian heavyweight boxer Vladimir Zuev (physicist) (1925-2003), a Soviet physicist Vladimir Zuev (b. 1985), a Ukrainian ice dancer Yury Zuev (1932-2006), a Russian sinologist and turkologist

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