It Is My Mom's B-day, and I Want to Treat Her to a "home Spa" Please Give Me Ideas!?

It is my mom's b-day, and i want to treat her to a "home spa" please give me ideas!?

It Is My Mom's B-day, and I Want to Treat Her to a home Spa Please Give Me Ideas!? 1

Some sort of facial and of course a massage along with the manicure and pedicure. I like the idea of the little "gift bag" too

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How normal/understandable for a 25 year old to want to get out of her home/state?

She's 25, she has free will. She needs to choose what she wants and live with that choice.

It Is My Mom's B-day, and I Want to Treat Her to a home Spa Please Give Me Ideas!? 2

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My wife is driving me to drink. What should I do?

send her home and then ask the bartender to call a taxi for you

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Teacher gift for death in family?!?!?!?

Sending a card to her home would be enough

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Is it creepy to ask her if I could ask to walk her home at night!!! 9 pm?

I personally would not walk home with someone at 9 pm unless I knew them prtty well..but I think ur idea is good so maybe u can tell her during one of her breaks??

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My Daughter has a Daycare Keeps her at home busy.ON her off Days I can not get her to come visit what to do?

if she is busy and you really want to be with her then you can join be with her when she is busy bcoz she has daycare and you can also join her in that

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Is it okay to favor my sons (ages 9, 12 and 15) but never my 14 year old girl? I never felt love for the worthless runaway girl. CPS investigated after she lived on the inner city streets. My sons donu2019t want her home because sheu2019s a vile problem.

I think many of the people didn't stop to think or read or never had to deal with a problem like this.It happened to me.My sister got into bad company, she caused a lot of problems, she was stealing, she was doing drugs, she was manipulative, she was failing school. She didn't get along with any of her siblings except her oldest brother who was constantly playing mediator trying to get her to get along with others and to behave herself until she ran away and it became evident about all the stuff she was hiding like the drugs and alcohol. It is her behaviour that caused her whole family to despite her. For years she was busy lying, stealing and being manipulative (we didn't know until after she left). She was given everything she wanted and even more privileges than her siblings (her oldest brother for example needed permission to visit a friend for an hour, she was given permission to take a train to another state!). Her siblings and her oldest brother and her father don't want her back (nor is she interested in coming back but she is a university graduate) the way she is/was. Drugs really do change you for the worse and make you a different person, despite what anyone else might tell you. What really burns is the number of times she would cry to get what she wanted, "Don't you trust me?!". God damn how stupid we were for falling for that. Hook line and sinker. She played us like fiddle. All the lies to make off with her friends to get wasted on drugs.So is it wrong to like one of your kids more than the others? It isn't liked but it is unavoidable. How can you love the one that behaves and the one who acts up the same? Yes, it is true, that the lack of love might have driven them to act that way but it is also true even someone who is loved can just grow up rotten. Nobody can tell you what you feel is wrong but I would also not give it a voice to say you like one over the others lest you inspire jealousy amongst the children. I would also not call them names like "worthless" as you may be inherently biased (just as many of the answerers fear) and may have driven her to the point rather than feeling that way because of what she did. Also like others have mentioned, the sons may be reflecting your bad blood with her, but, it could also be genuine not wanting her back because of the way she acts as home. I cannot say without knowing the person. You say you never loved her which is why many of the people are assuming it is you who is the root of the problem (that she grew up like this because you mistreated her and didn't give her the affection a child is inherently entitled to). I cannot say and agree with that view but entertain the idea of maybe that isn't the case. Is it okay to favor my sons (ages 9, 12 and 15) but never my 14 year old girl? I never felt love for the worthless runaway girl. CPS investigated after she lived on the inner city streets. My sons don't want her home because she's a vile problem.

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