Is Thor an Actual God?

I have a friend who loves stories of the ancient Norse people, and their gods.She would tell these stories to her own children, but didnt realise how much of it all stuck.An atheist, she never took her kids to church, so when someone asked her daughter if she believed in God, she answers that she believed in Thor!So, to my friends daughter, yes, Thor IS an actual god.

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Did Napoleon have proper legal authority to sell Louisiana to the U.S.?

Yes. Emperors have rights that elected officials typically lack. (Look how hard it has been for Obama to close Guantanamo, but I digress.)More interesting (in my opinion) is that the purchase was quite controversial in the United States. There were members of Congress who felt it was unconstitutional, and there were a lot of questions about how people living in the acquired territory would be granted US citizenship, or even whether they should


Jon was ready to leave the Night's Watch when he was named in the Stewards but before he took his vows, had he done so. Do you think Robb would live?

I think Jon Snow became the best of himself because of the hardships faced in his life in the nightswatch.He would have been a timid powerless fellow if he did not meet the wildlings, fought the whitewalkers and been betrayed by the members of his own brotherhood.Johns destiny was different from Robbs. Had he been with him, the Lannisters might have sent their regards to him as well considering how the level of belief Catelyn has shown on him initially.


Why is Sonia Gandhi keen on nominating Rahul Gandhi as future PM of the country when he does not have any knowledge or capability? Even if Congress joins Third Front, none of the coalition members will agree to make Rahul the PM nominee.

She had reluctantly agreed to PVNRao in 1991 and India became successful.. so successful that PVN could potentially be the Party president. She used Sitaram Kesri to dislodge Rao and gain control.

She knows that Ra Ga is not as smart as she would want him to be and is ensuring that there is no competition to him in the near future. As long as this slave mentality is encouraged in Congress, neither the party nor the public stand to gain anything from it


How do Africans and other blacks see African Americans?

African Americans are the most powerful and influential blacks to ever live. Jazz R&B their tv shows are very popular around the world very much so in Africa. African Americans have created a culture where parts of this world you didnt know it can touch and add its influence. African Americans have such a distinct way of talking and many non African Americans speak it. African American literature and history is very rich and popular. Their the richest blacks on earth


Which primary group of people was the Great Wall of China built to defend China against?

The Ming Great Wall was built against Mongols. As Faye Wang says, it was heir to a whole series of distinct Great Walls built over the centuries.

People overlook its most interesting feature, it has defences on both sides, unlike a city wall. The Ming Wall could serve as a fortified road through dangerous country.

It was also never breached. A Chinese general let in the Manchu, founders of the Quin Dynasty, after the last Ming emperor committed suicide when Beijing was about to be captured by an army of Chinese bandits.


Why couldn't Qui-Gon Jinn defeat Darth Maul? Was it because of his old age or was it because Darth Maul was a better duelist?

During his brief encounter in the desert of Tatooine with him, he jumps onto the ship to escape. The next scene on the ramp is foreshadowing: Qui-Gon is visibly sweating and looking bewildered. This is the director telling us he is going to die. This, combined with his separation from Obi-Wan, led to his demise. If not for the force fields separating all 3 of them, they would have taken Maul, or perhaps just broken even in that encounter


What good did Genghis Khan do?

He did way more good than most people think he did. For instance:He established freedom of religion.He banned tortureInstead of killing captured enemies, he incorporated them into his army.

He did not annihilate conquered cities.

He promoted those within his ranks by individual merit.He established universal law.He outlawed slavery.He ordered the creation of a universal writing system so his laws could be laid out.He established free trade along the silk road.

He created an international postal system.He re-distributed the wealth he gained by conquering


According to class 6, what were the reasons for the decline of the Harappan Civilization?

There are 3 widely circulated theory regarding the decline of indus valley civilization :FloodsEcological changes : salinisation and spreading of the desert led to eventual desertion of citiesInvasion of AryansOf all the above mentioned theories the second one regarding the ecological changes is the most preferred one. Due to the lack of credible evidences and lack of literary content we are not sure what led to the destruction of Indus Valley Civilization.Note. The second theory is widely accepted but still contested by some .


How do I expose Google analytics to public site?

You'll have to use the Google Analytics API to query your account and retrieve the desired data from Google's servers. Then you can display the number retrieved on your own website. That's howdoes it. :)Not a programmer? Sorry, but you'll need to find one to accomplish this. Look for someone who can program and make server calls in PHP, ASP, or AJAX, depending on what platform your website's server is running on.


Who are four names in sociology?

This is a relatively ambiguous question. I know many other sociologists so I could say, David, Lynn, Ku-Sup, and Dan. Part of being a critical thinker is learning how to express yourself clearly. But I will give this a try.But, I suspect you are wanting the name of the persons who are often though of as the four founders of sociology they are: Comte, Marx, Durkheim,and Weber.

If you are thinking of American sociologists you might consider Mead, Cooley, Addams, and Merton.I hope this is helpful


How bad is police brutality in the United States?

police brutality and other forms of official oppression is not to exist in the US, but does and any is bad. The governing enact rights and liberty repressing laws requiring and allowing oppressive law enforcement that should not exist, but does. The governing is allowed to deny rights to free citizens subjugated into the prohibited person underclass denied the right to arms, among other liberties.

Official brutality and fear of is just one tactic of oppression that functions in the US. How much longer by how many citizens will tolerate official oppression is unknown


Did Russia really fire mortars at Ukraine?

US intelligence has repeatedly lied. Remember Iraq's "Weapons of Mass Destruction". Or the shocking story of Kuwaiti babies tossed out of incubators by the invading Iraqis, repeated by Bush Senior and later showed to be a total falsehood?

Nor is it new. When the Soviet Union shot down Francis Gary Powers in his U2 spy plane, the USA solemnly declared it to be a weather plane that had strayed accidently.

Massive lies over the Gulf of Tonkin incident helped escalate the Vietnam War.

Many more I might list.


Can LED bulbs be repaired?

How will we repair an LED bulb?Generally, we wont.They are designed to be cheap to make, so costly provisions for opening them up and fixing faults have been designed out.If you know what you are doing, and you can open it up without breaking it, you could have a go at fixing it for interests sake. The parts alone are likely to cost you more than a new lamp, and if you count in your time, it really isnt a viable thing to do


Why must parents communicate with their children?

Because kids are stupid. They arent born with your years of knowledge at making mistakes. They havent made them, yet. Nor are they psychic. They lack that ability. Also, they have a fundamental lack of knowledge in regard to body language and social situations.As a parent, these are things you need to teach your children. And that fastest way to do that is by having a healthy and open dialogue between you and your child(ren)


How do people who are very depressed manage to communicate with others?

Very depressed people who want to get better and rejoin active society, get therapy.If you go in to therapy and talk about your problems, a good therapist will train you how to reduce your negative thoughts. These negative thoughts lead to sad, low and empty feelings. So, by changing the thoughts, your feelings will begin to lift. Once your feelings lift, youll be less inclined to stay in bed and avoid people. Communicating with others will become easier.


Is Russia considered a western country?

No!Russia is a country of Cyrillic alphabet, something that does not exist in the East. The predominant alphabets in the West are the Saxon Anglo and the Latin, totally different from Cyrillic. The Russian Culture is very different from the Western. The Russians' biotype does not at all remind Westerners. Is much closer to the Asian than to a western. And the geographical position of the country in the East exclude any Western denomination.


Why is Indra accused of causing the decline of the Harappan civilization?

Indra is mentioned in the Rigveda as, 'Purandara' , which means ' one who breaks the fort' . But during Rigvedic period, there were no such fortified shelters existed. So he is considered as breaker of the fortified urbanisation of Harappan. The place mentioned to be destroyed by Indra , mentioned in Rigveda samhita is ,'Huriyuppiya' which is considered identical with Harappa by some historians. So he is accused of causing the decline of Harappan civilization. No archaeological or clear literary sources documents this possibility.


What is the difference between 60 watt regular light bulbs and 60 watt incandescent bulbs?

As others have said, incandescent bulbs are what we (used to?) call regular bulbs.But bear in mind that incandescent bulbs are horribly inefficient - at least as a source of light! They produce a lot of heat, and only a very small amount of light.Your regular 60 W bulb converts only a little over 2% of the energy it consumes into light. The rest is converted to heat. Which is why they are increasingly being replaced by LED (and previously CFL) bulbs


Do you believe that we have been visited by aliens and that life on this planet was put here by extraterrestrials?

Theres a video explaining why darwin might be wrong. Its states that we have found skulls of Neanderthals but, no skulls found showing the evolultion of the human speach diaphragm. This means the Neanderthal skull may just be from an extinct primate. So the skulls found with the speach diaphragm pretty much just apeared hear on earth already evolved.Im not using logic just facts. If we were brought hear by anybody it was ourselves


Is buying Micromax TV (32" FHD for 18K) a good choice?

Low cost TVs like Micromax are available with most of the features available in Sony, Samsung brands at a lower price. Since TV technology is changing fast, TVs with newer features are introduced in the market very frequently. Since electronic items like TVs can be faulty at any time and it costs high for replacement when out of warranty as the one problem you have mentioned. So it is advisable to buy cheaper TV now and when you want to upgrade after using it for 2 years you won't lose much


When Arya Stark was given 3 names to kill by Jayne H'gar, did she choose wisely? If not, who should she have chosen?

Arya did not choose wisely.Who should she have chosen? The first names on her list:Joffrey, Cersei, Walder Frey.Jaqen Hghar tells Arya that their deaths are a certainty, but the timing is not (thats because she wants the faceless man to kill Tywin Lannister NOW), and he wont do that. Tywin is leaving Harrenhal to go make war on her brother Robb).

But what a difference in the show if Joffrey, Cersei, and Walder Frey had have died mysterious deaths so early in the series?Season 2 episode 10: Valar Morghulis"


Has anyone ever had a lucid dream?

I was in an alley Then I realized I was dreaming and I thought that it was amazing that I was in a dream, so I decided to consciously run fast down the alley and jump and because I was lucid I decided to have my jump be a long distance jump maybe 100 ft. I felt the wind on my face and it was cool. I continued to jump over and over until I woke up.

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