Is There Anyway to Get Home Loans with Interest Rate >4% ?

You can expect *real* loans to start at the Prime Rate and be within 1 to 3 points up from that. Almost anything you see advertised online is a scam; Nigeria 419 advance fee scam to be specific. In 18 months watching posts on Y!A, I have seen exactly one online outfit that gets good marks from BBB. I advocate not doing business with someone you can not meet face to face.

Is There Anyway to Get Home Loans with Interest Rate >4% ? 1

1. How can an NRI invest in Indian real estate?

NRIs can invest in India. With double digit growth in real estate and huge demand for housing due to india's burgeoning working class, India has been pegged as the top 20 real estate investment destinations in the world. Any NRI (Non resident indian) can invest in residential or commercial properties in India but not on agricultural land. Many banks such as HDFC, ICICI are sanctioning home loans to NRIs.

2. For buying home loans, which bank is better, the Central Bank of India, SBI, or Canara Bank?

SBI has very good online banking system, when you take loan , It will automatically display loan account and Savings account. Further even you have Rs 100 to top up in loan you can do at any time or even many times and within a second you can see the principal amount less.loan-amortization-excel-sheet.xlsx Play with loan amount tenure with rate of interest how much loss you will be bear on interest , but take loan & try to top up early.

Is There Anyway to Get Home Loans with Interest Rate >4% ? 2

3. What is the best way to get a start-up loan if you need it to purchase the equipment to start the business?

Good day to you, We are a registered financial company which grant loans to all individuals.We also deal on the sales of gold. We give out loans ranging from Home loans, Auto Loans, Mortgage loans, Business Loans, International Loans, Personal Loans,etc. Mr. Frank Smith.

4. Irresponsible Home Loans: Do You Think This Was In Large Part...?

No, I think it was greed on the part of the banks plain and simple. It's like when I grew up when having a credit card was kind of a big deal. Now it's more of a mark of shame if you ask me. Ha ha they suckered you into 20% interest on that POS that you did not really need.

5. Would it look better when I apply for home loans and other lines of credit if I incorporate my business and pay myself through a payroll service instead of applying as a sole proprietor/freelancer?

Mortgage banker is best source of an answer.Logically, I would say yes to have employment, with a W-2, and payroll evidience of steady income. That's not possible self-employed, so credit is harder to get and/or more expensive. Mortgage approval process is more sophisticated these days, and may see through what you are doing anyway.I've had my own business, and I made sure I lined up credit and refinancing of mortgage before self employment. Not always possible.The old saying: banks will lend you money provided you can prove you don't need it. Bankers will give you an umbrella provided not raining. The time to make hay is when the sun is shining :)

6. What bank offers lower interest rates on home loans in India?

I am from Assam. I want home loan against lower interest rates. Suggest me

7. Are 30 year home loans avaliable in India like they are in US?

Try Indiabulls Housing Finance, they have flexible home loan schemes

8. What would you do if a forgin country wanted to take control of the U.S. sea-ports,roadways,banks & home loans?

lol Have not they already, more or less? I guess I would move to Canada where it's more American.

9. Is our economy suffering because people were too stupid to read their home loans?

Yea pretty much the faulty loans being handed out and the predator lenders, besides the fact that people try to live way beyond their means when they do not deserve to because they have not worked hard to earn money that people who really deserve it should get

10. What should I know about home loans in India before I take one?

Before you apply for a Home Loan in India, you should be aware of certain facts such as:Rate of Interest- The rate of interest of a Home Loan is generally lower than other loans. Make sure, that you choose the right lender, so that, the rate of interest is comparatively lower than other banks and NBFCs.Eligibility Criteria- Different lenders have different eligibility criteria. But, try to choose a lender that have the basic criteria only.If you are salaried professional, you should be an Indian resident of age between 23 and 62 years and have a work experience of 3 years or more.If you are self-employed individual, your age should be between 25 to 70 years with minimum 5 years of continuity in current business. Credit Score- Before you apply for a Home Loan, you should maintain a good credit score of above 750.Documents Required- The necessary documents that you need to submit are KYC documents, address proof, identity proof, photograph, Form 16 or latest salary slips, and bank account statements of the previous 6 months. The document for proof of business of minimum 5 years is also required for businessmen/ self-employed individuals. Loan Application Procedure- The lender should allow you to apply for a Home Loan through online application procedure and also access the account online for the entire tenor.Additional Benefits- You may avail many additional benefits such as higher loan amount, top up loan, Home Loan balance transfer facility, Flexi loan facility, nil part-prepayment and foreclosure facility, etc.Home Loan EMI Calculator- You should calculate and get the exact EMI amount beforehand, so that you never become a defaulter. Quick Reads:A Few Guidelines for Applying for a Housing LoanA to Z Things That You Should Know About Home Loan

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