Is the 19th Amendment Dependent on Feminism Continuing to Be Valid As Law?

I've seen that sentiment as well and it's not correct. The amendments of the constitution are not dependent on the continuation of any special interest. Feminism could go away tomorrow and women would still be guaranteed an equal right to vote under the 19th amendment. While feminism is a powerful special interest, feminists like to over emphasis the power it has it's need and what it's accomplished. Feminism is but a small part of the overall trend towards gender and racial equality in the U.S. over time. This change of attitude is not dependent on feminism and neither is the rule of law.

1. what does the 19th amendment guarantee?

i think it gave women the right 2 vote (all women or African American ) not sure if women already voted at time

2. What was the first state to put the 19th Amendment into place? What year was it?

When the 19th amendment became law every women who was a citizen of the U.S. could vote. All the states started at once. The day before Roosevelt signed the 21st amendment it was illegal to consume alcohol. The day he signed it in 1933 everyone of legal age could drink alcohol.

3. How did he 19th amendment come to pass?

The 19th amendment entitled women the right to vote in 1920

4. Was the Great Depression caused by the ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920?

I would sooner believe it was caused by massive national debt (brought on by our entry into WW I) and by the wide spread introduction of organized labor unions. The labor unions suddenly raised the cost of doing business dramatically, by paying the unskilled, untrained laborers a wage that was more comparable to that of a college educated professional. That raise in wage also suddenly made available to them a line of credit they would never before been allowed. And in allowing that, they too wracked up a massive personal debt. Contracts for housing mortgages went from one year to five years almost over night. Suddenly, a great many people could afford a radio and a car -- all on credit. As monthly living expenses grow, it eats up money that is normally spent on the more frivolous things in life. With no expendable money available, people start cutting back on their purchases. Companies tend to employ people based on the sales of their products. The greater the demand for the product, the more people they hire to produce that product. If people are no longer buying, then employment must also go down. Unemployment goes up and then people begin to default on their loans. Banks depend upon the money generated in interest on those loans. You put money into a savings account and the bank uses it to loan it to those buying homes, cars etc... They pay you a nominal amount for the use of your money. When people default, the banks foreclose and then try and sell (the foreclosed home). If no one has money to buy, the bank eats that "investment." After too many of those, the bank too finds itself in financial trouble and the people with savings accounts at that bank, realizing the situation, panic and try and close out their savings accounts. With no money coming in, and more money going out, banks fail. You are seeing it happen now. President Bill Clinton pressured the lending institutions to make high risk loans to people they knew could not afford to repay. To make things easier, Clinton signed off on a bill that allowed banks to charge up to 30% interest on loans. It cleared the way for sub-prime mortgage lending and 0% interest credit cards as well as the Variable Interest Rate Mortgage Loan. When interest rates were low, so too were the mortgage payments, as interest went up, the mortgage payments did too. Then he signed off on NAFTa and WTO which allowed jobs to go overseas which then started the rise in unemployment. Lastly, (and probably most importantly), the economy tends to run in cycles that last about 15-20 years. All of which is exacerbated by credit and debt, both national and personal.

5. What does the 19th Amendment say?

it means that no state can deny someone to vote because of there sex

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