Is It Possible to Format One of My Hard Drives?

Is it possible to format one of my hard drives?

Is It Possible to Format One of My Hard Drives? 1

It is actually two different physical drives? If so Yes

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Hard Drives and Flash Drives with the ps3!?

If you have your movies on your PC, you could try streaming them to the PS3. I use TVersity which can stream to my DRV, XBOX360 and Media Lounge. I understand that a PS3 has the same technology.

Is It Possible to Format One of My Hard Drives? 2

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Cable to link two internal hard drives?

You do not connect hard drives together, they connect individually to your motherboard. If your motherboard has a free connector slot available, plug your other hard drive up to that. Also, if this is a new hard drive you are installing, you may have to go through the motions to initially install and partition this drive before you can use it. In Windows XP, go to Control Panel > Performance and Maintenence > Administrative Tools > Computer Maintenence > Disk Management > then locate your new drive in the bottom-right of the screen and right-click on it to format the drive (usually NTFS file system). Wait until the format is complete and then reboot your system. Also, do you know if these are SATA or EIDE drives? And did you do as the other users below stated and check the jumper settings on the drives themselves to make sure your main drive is set to MASTER and your second drive is set to SLAVE? Or, simply set both drives to Cable Select. Though, if Belarc is recognizing the drive from within Windows, then I would guess that is not the problem.

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What are the differences between 2.5" and 3.5” hard disks?

As other answerers have indicated, 2.5" and 3.5" refer to the width of the drive platters. Most hard drives fall into these two sizes, and most have similar height and length within the same width category.However, when looking to purchase drives that are of high capacity for their physical size (i. e. : 1 TB for 2. 5" drives), you need to watch out for non-standard drive sizes.For example, the WD3200BPVT is a Western Digital 320 GB internal 2.5" drive. Its height is 9.5 mm, which is about normal for laptop drives. However, the WD10TPVT - a 1 TB internal 2.5" drive - has a height of 12.5 mm, and will not fit in many laptop hard drive bays.If you are shopping for a high-capacity drive to go into a laptop today, you will probably have a hard time finding anything far above 750 GB that will actually fit - let alone any high-speed ones. At this time, the highest-capacity Western Digital drive which runs at 7200 RPM and will fit in most laptops is the 750 GB WD7500BPKT.**Note: I am not a Western Digital employee or advertiser, nor do I intend to portray Western Digital as the best hard drive manufacturer, or the maker of the biggest or fastest drives. I merely have a personal preference for their products, so it is to them that I generally look when shopping for hard drives and checking out current specifications. *TL;DR: Always be sure to check with the hard drive manufacturer, and the manufacturer of whatever device the drive is intended for, to be sure that the new drive's physical dimensions will fit in the space available within your device. Even between drives of the same width (2.5", 3.5", or otherwise), other dimensions may vary.

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What are some of the best hard drives for iMac?

I would go Hitachi or Western Digital (WD)

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Can a computer have 3 hard drives?

yes my brother's has 4

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Is there RMA for slow hard drives?

If it's under warranty, get it replaced.Go to Seagate site, check your warranty status by entering your hard disk model number and serial number. Both are written on hard disk label. You can also see the procedure to get it replaced.Is there RMA for slow hard drives?

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help installing hard drives on desktop?

If it's on an IDE cable by itself set it to master or cable select. If you have to include an optical drive with the HDD make sure the optical drive and HDD are not both set to the same setting. Make one master and one slave.

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Question about Solid State hard drives (SSD)?

Do NOT put your operating system on a solid state drive! SSD's have a limited number of writes. A large number, maybe over 100,000 - I do not know what it is for what you are looking for, but it is a potential problem. Once you reach that number, your computer will start acting strangely, and possibly crashing. Now, if you just want to make a computer for playing games, one game at a time, and you do not care if it breaks down sometime, because you will not have anything valuable on it, then you can give it a try. I do not know if a Mac will boot from a ssd or not, but you can try it and see. Personally, I think that a 10,000 rpm drive like a Raptor is likely to be quite fast, and more reliable.

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