If I Have a 400w Power Supply in My Computer...?

Well, there is not enough information for us to determine that. Just because the PSU is rated to 400W, does not mean that your computer will actually use the full 400W. You need to first determine how much power your computer is actually drawing. There are tools that you can plug a device into and it will tell you how much power it uses during operation. Once you find out an average power draw, then you can determine how much power you will need. Do not forget to test your monitor and speakers to find out how much power they use during operation as well. I can say that for 14 hours, you will need a pretty large setup. Most commercial UPS battery backup systems only work for 1/2 hour, and that is with a decent sized battery. You would be looking to spend at least $1000 on a setup like this, possibly a bit less if you find used batteries.

1. Want to get another harddrive, or 2, do i need to upgrade my 400W power supply?

No, for ram you does no longer could desire to fret with regard to the means supply. i understand the ATI X1300XT demands a minimum of a 350 Watt means supply and this is reported to have this is very own guy or woman 12 volt means rail for stability. A equipment can run on a decrease means unit like yours yet for a manner long? Plus if means bypass is volatile it ought to finally bring about harm to different considerable aspects which contain your motherboard, photographs card etc. you are able to desire to attempt to atleast get a 450 or 500 watt means supply to be on the secure area and to have somewhat room for destiny advancements

2. will FSP Saga II 400W Power Supply fit in dell inspirion 560s?

You have slimline pc which is a real piece of crap to upgrade.Your case is too small to fit any standard power supply.ATX Power supplies are common and standard.And your case has microATX form factor which means any standard atx power supply wont fit in.You can also forget about getting a graphics card,its not possible to squeeze in any decent card in your case.

3. If i have a Graphics card that requires 400w power supply?

It would most likely work, except if you start to do something that requires alot of processing power. Idling, graphics cards use very little power, but as soon as you start playing a game, it starts sucking juice. So, if you want to risk it, go ahead

4. I bought a ATI HD5570 graphics card calls for 400w power supply and mine is 400w do I need to upgrade?

It may work without upgrading your power supply, but I highly recommend upgrading your power supply before using it. It may not damage your computer, but it can blow your PSU, damage the video card, and a myriad of other inconvenient things

5. new video card it is the nvidia 9600 gt recommends a 400w power supply but i only have a 300w will it work???

No it will not work. Yes you can use the 200watt to power the vcard but it will be a pain. You will have to look up the two pins to short to turn it on. Unless it's a old A.T. supply

6. What is a "generic PS2 400W" Power Supply?

It depends on the actual PSU. If you give me a link to one, I can tell you ;) There are many "generic PS2 400W" power supplies out there!

7. What Video Card For 400w power supply?

i recently got to know that i can run the evga nvedia gts250 in an ordinary 400W power supply. I am sure you have plenty of options in selecting one. "Recommended: 3D graphics processor with Vertex and Pixel Shader capability with 128 MB VRAM Such as an ATI Radeon X1600 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT class card or better" This thing you can buy for less than $100 for sure

8. Will the OCZ StealthXStream 400w Power supply fit on my Dell Inspiron 531 case?

Yes, it will fit! Though I do not have the Dell Inspiron 531, I installed an Enermax Liberty 620W on my Dell XPS 410 (Dimension 9200). You will have a small 2/3 inch gap because the dell power supplies are abnormally large, but it will install and work fine! Enjoy.

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