I Want to Start Playing Video Games...?

video games is a bout having fun dont worry about failing its never to late to play go out to the nearest games store and buy your self a wii or whatever u think you will have most fun i suggest a wii

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What do look for in a Video Games?

Storyline and multiplayer.Graphics help but they do not make the game.Good music helps,too.It's playerbase helps too.I do not want to play a game with a bunch of spoiled 10-year-olds *cough* Modern Warfare 2 *cough*

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How is Violence in video games good

Well it is to make the game fun and exciting because if there was a game with no violence it wouldnt be really fun. But that does not mean you use violence off of. Video Games. though!=Yoshirules=

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top 5 video games ?

sims sims sims sims and did i mention sims

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Gender Studies: Who plays more video games, Men or Women?

Definatly men, but some girls like video games too

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Selling Video Games on Amazon?

You can sell games to amazon. Search for the game you want to sell, then there's a price in how much you can get from amazon. Click the sell button, fill out some forms, a shipping slip, then ship your games to amazon. Once amazon receives your games and agree with your condition, you get a gift card. You can use the gift card code to apply to your purchase

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At what age should i buy my child a video game?

While many people are pushing video games for young children, I would not until they are seven or eight and even then very limited usage. Every kid is different, and some can play such games at four. But I really think running around, and reading books would teach him a lot more then a leapster at this age. A friend of my got a Smart Cycle for her young four year old, and he it was frustrating him to tears so they've put it away. I am not sure if a hand held would be the same but most of the difficulty was connecting your movements to the game's movements. If I turn right the car on the screen will turn right and get stuck? He also did not understand that the game had objectives, which was not the biggest deal on a smart cycle because he could just go in circles, but I could see that being an issue when objectives are key completing the game.

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Is it mean to ban video games from your house if you have a kid?

You need to understand the video games are the new "playing outside" for this generation. While she is younger, limiting video game access is fine, but as she gets older all her friends will be gaming on the newest console and she will be out of the loop. I think you are hatred of video games stems from a bad experience, and you should work on making what video games you allow in the how fun for you both. There are lots of learning games for young children, and maybe you can both play together. EDIT: Oh seriously. I do not believe video games are better than playing outside, but talk to any child under 12 these days and see what they say. Stop giving thumbs down before reading the comment fully.

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Do girls play video games?

Fk yeah we do! Have you been living under a rock or something?

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cool video games for ds?

super mario brothers is awesome and spectrobes looks great. im getting it for my birthday and it looks so great. and also i have been told the animal crossing wild world is good. i hope this helps xxxxxxxxx.

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How do you quit/give up playing video games?

Limit your gaming time. Find other hobbies that you are good at like playing football or playing guitar etc. You do not have to completely stop playing video games

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Video Games waste of time and money?

WOOOOOWWW! You and me sound A LOT ALIKE! I play basketball and am very active but I always find time to play them. Like when I come home from school after a long day I have nothing to do except turn to video games, trust me, buy the ps3.

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