I Need to Lose Wight Before My Boyfriend Comes Home! HELP ME?!?

Do the yogurt and fruit thing for dinner. Have a big breakfast. Reason is your metabolism goes down at night so you can sleep so what you eat in the evening stays better than what you eat in the morning. Also tuna is not vegetarian.

I Need to Lose Wight Before My Boyfriend Comes Home! HELP ME?!? 1

1. DRY AIR IN MY HOME...help!!!!!!!!?

dry air in florida?? without using a humidifer? maybe you should check with a dermatologist

2. Parvo best way at home HELP!?

They need a vet and need to be under 247 vet care or they will DIE. Its not that hard to understand Never,ever force anything down a parvo puppies throat. They will only throw it up or it will just come out the back end. The virus causes the lining of the intensives to slough off so they can not adsorb anything. Forcing things down their throats will only make it worse " I can afford to feed my dogs but I cant afford a vet bill for two dogs " The surrender them or have them humanly put down you waste of skin. There are NO home remedies, your so called research utter BS and you just do not care enough about the dogs to surrender them or have the treated so you rather allow them to suffer a slow horrible death Any one who claims parvo dogs survive just off pedilyte is a lair Since you do not care enough about the puppies to have them treated then surrender them so they can be humanly put down

I Need to Lose Wight Before My Boyfriend Comes Home! HELP ME?!? 2

3. Baby Wont Sleep Unless Home...HELP?

congratulations for your new child. I actually have a two week historical son, it is robust is not it? Something I did for my son was once lifted up the matress on his bassinett and placed a blanket beneath it to hold him extra upright. I did not do that given that he was not sound asleep in it, I did it given that he's having a predicament with a few publish nasal drip and I was once hoping to avert a few of it from happening his throat, however it sort of feels to be running quality so far as him sound asleep greater too. He too likes to be held while he's sound asleep however propping up his matress and giving him an incline turns out to fulfill him. Something else you would wish to provide a check out if you have not already. Before mattress time provide him a first-class hot tub utilizing the Johnson and Johnson bedtime tub merchandise. When I did this with my son, he was once out like a mild for like three a million/two hours. Good good fortune to you! p. s. one other proposal. ... at my child bathe I bought this endure that whilst you flip it on it makes "womb sounds" that possibly a well funding to place for your child's bassinett and perhaps it is going to make him believe extra comfortable like while he was once for your stomach. Also, studying different persons's responses... the swaddling is a well concept as good!.

4. What are some easy things I cand do at home to help out the environment?

get rid of ....car, microwave, t.v., lights, aerosol's, plastics and everything that is not biodegradable

5. How do I make my indoor cats outdoor cats at a new home? HELP!?

gradually introduce them to the outdoors. hold them in your arms while outside so they can see how wonderful it is outside. then, after about 10 minutes of holding, you go back inside and feed them a special treat they like, so they know that the outside is a fun place to be, but they always come home to get all of the love and attention you provide for them. after a few times of this, use a cat harness (available at petsmart) and let your cat feel the ground under its paws. once again, after like 10 minutes, bring her back inside and show her why she does not want to run away (by showing her that you provide love and attention). then, after you are confident with that, let her off the harness, BUT STAY VERY CLOSE! this will show her that she has freedom, but also that you have a wonderful home for her. cats are very loyal, so if you do this gradually, she will always come back. cats are loyal. i heard a story from Hurricane KAtrina that said this man had to leave his 3 cats behind. the floodwater came up pretty high, and the poor man was worried about his cats. once he returned, he found 2 of his cats rescued by an animal shelter. he found his 3rd one under his bed at home, waiting for his return. if the worst thing happens, and they scatter, do not panic. they are probably hiding in the bushes near your house. mines did that one time. lol. also, check to see if cats in your area have been disappearing. my neighborhood has suffered from a series of bobcat/coyote attacks on our local cat population, so our cats come in before dark. i would pay attention to these numbers before letting them live outside. wish you the best of luck!

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