I Need Help on Deciding with Laptop to Buy.?

Macbook-cheap, good battery, good performance

or one of the cheap acer core i3s there's heaps available but how much do you have to spend and do you prefer windows or apple. what will you use it for?

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How To Recognize a Good Paperback LED Reading Light ?

Its really hard to say, may be an expert of this aspect can help you solve this problem. But I can recommend you this one what I am using for you to refer.



Can fish live with just led light?

Yes, it should be possible. But not very nice for them.

Remember that when their is no light energy, the plants cannot photosynthesis and therefore no oxygen. If the bowl remains with no oxygen for too long then the fish will die.


I'm getting my first car and don't know to go with the Audi A4 or Q5? I'm a 5"5" male 16 year old?

How the hell does a 16 year old come up with the money to buy an Audi?

I think you should be very very grateful for whatever car you parents give you and realise that you are in quite a privileged place.


Is there such a thing as LED lights for your cars interior that are powered with like AA batteries or AAA?

The local drug store in my area, and the Dollar store sell a pop-on light for closets. It runs on three AA batteries, and sticks into place by adhesive strips: turns on and off by pressing the dome piece which lights up


Should I buy a mac book pro or a laptop?

It all depends on what you will be using your computer for. For surfing the web, and simple things you could stick with a laptop.

For high speed, incredible programs, and a virus free computer journey, go with the macbook pro.


Do you have any good marketing ideas for a automobile?

Do some social media marketing. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for that one. there are some online services for that social media marketing, but since you are just hired to do that manually. just promote it on social media sites


what kind of fuse should i use?

what is the P ( watt) of these light bars ?

u could do hooking w parallel circuits

u can do IP/U 4X ... Watt / 12 Volts .....Ampere

18 gauge to 12 gauge .. doesnt matter bc I dont think these lights consume as much power.


Why isn't my Toshiba laptop charging!?

could be many things, could be a faulty battery, could be a loose dc jack ... try it without the battery inserted and see if it holds a charge, if it does then it's your battery that's the problem


What is torch in objective c?

I would assume the torch is the light... If you can find the mutating reference to "deviceHasTorch", you could either read the code yourself or post it here and find out. (Look at where the variable is altered)


Lion Fish in a home aquarium?

There are smaller lions that can do with 50 gallon tanks but the Volitan gets over a foot and needs a minimum of 120 gallon tank. You can view a selection of lion fish here https://www.liveaquaria.com/product/aquarium-fish-supplies.cfm?c1536


How do you change the bps on the Invert Mini paintball marker?

This Site Might Help You.


How do you change the bps on the Invert Mini paintball marker?

I know the factory sets the ramping mode to 15bps but I want to know how to change the 15bps to something higher.


Where To Wholesale or buy

I just bought the LED strip for the holiday ,they offer good service and the quality is also OK, you can look it and have a try ,below is the one I bought http://www.ledlightsworld.com/smd-5050-flexible-led-strip-lights-with-300-leds-p-92.html


Can FHP control color of light bar?

At first,the led light bar must have two light color at least in the light bar for changing. The normal light bar is just with one white color. So that' nothing changed no matter what you add on it.


Help with a costume guys?

Blue LED shoelaces.

THEY'RE AWESOME! They're $7 on Amazon!

You could also get glow sticks, a mini flashlight, a led keychain (tape down the button so the light stays on), or led finger light (also tape down the button).


Is there a keychain that makes sounds when you clap or something to help you find your keys?

yea!! i used to have one, but DO NOT reccomend the clapping ones! any single soft noise i made, the thing would start beeping, it got REALLY annoying! instead, try something like this


hope this helpeD!


What's your top 3 video games from the N64?

Goldeneye is the number one n64 game no matter what so I am not going to use it as one. Also the Mario games are always mentioned, other games need some attention too.

1.Super Smash Bros.

2.Army Men games



Blue LED or neon light rod for home?

LED neon tubes are flexible and can be used for various purposes such as advertising signs, building outlines, urban lighting and entertainment. Recently I have found a reliable shop of LED neon lights where you can find high quality neon tubes


What type of lighting for a candy themed party?

Hi, You can get some candy string lights here http://www.amazon.com/mn/search/?redirecttrue&keywordscandy%20string%20lights&tagrecommended0b-20&indexgarden&linkCodeur2&camp1789&creative9325&rd1 Hope this helps


How do you fix a fujifilm instax mini 7s?

Make sure the lens is completely pulled out and there is nothing stuck in the rollers (look inside the camera, where the picture is supposed to come out). If nothing works, well, we know why it went to the thrift store!


How to create a fading in-and-out LED light?

This type of LED bulb was existed in market 5 years ago in hardware store. Its brightness is automatically set with 3 modes --- on and off ( flicking) ; dim and bright ( fading) and fix brightness. It has built in 7 colors, cost $10 piece.


Whats a good store to buy a laptop?

You could try purchasing online at a place like


Lightening fast shipping and Excellent return policies!

Please don't purchase any computer equipment from Walmart.... go to Best Buy before there, but I wouldn't go there either...


Mini Maglite LED flashlight won't turn off!?

Why disconnect led? only place a computer of electric powered tape over led. no choose in taking off case and disconnecting led. electric powered tape will do the trick. P.S. electric powered tape is supplied in lots of colours.


poll: what would you do if you had an old dismantled phone?

ha i was going to say throw it against the wall and see if it lights on fire. but i dont think thats what you were looking for. smart peoplle could probably make a fuel efficient car outta that stuff.


Proper power and audio connections to radio receiver module?

If you've ever needed to know who asks you anonymous questions on ask.fm, you can find out by using this ask.fm anonymous finder. http://is.gd/GyGcqf

It reveals the username of the anonymous on ask.fm!!!


i just bought a mini ah-64 helicopter new in box why doesn't it work?

Hunt around for a small on/off switch on the control and on the copter. Everyone of these things I have seen has a power switch, often the size of a paper match head and hiding on the bottom or back


CCW Holders... Do you carry a reload?

Yes. I always carry 2 extra mags for my primary, and 2 for my pocket rocket New York reload. I generally carry a small pocket knife, too. If I'm carrying my 642, I carry two or three Bianchi speed strips. Hope this helps.


Are mini led lights energy savers?

The answer depends on what type of led lights you are using, and what you are using them for.

If the luminous efficacy, or lumens per watt, is better than your current light emitting apparatus, then yes, you would save energy.


What type of fish can I keep in this?? Picture provided?

Ones you don't really like, because they are VERY likely to die.

Sorry, it's not an aquarium, it's a stupid gimmick that looks a bit like one. Basically, any fish you put in there is doomed.



3. What kind of market structure is TATA facing, specifically in this 1 lakh car segment? If you think there i

thay have made enough profit so they r bringin d i lac car it is more like reva or like the zen estilo . So they will make profit after all it will not be i lac after it comes


hp mini 311 prconfigured ok or asus ul30a or (READ DETAILS)?

Number two is better, the atom processor is useless for anything more than surfing and mild tasking but you can do better than that. Ultraportables reviewed from Cnet;



How many watts do

It depends on the type. An incandescent consumes a few watts, while an LED consumes a fraction of a watt. Also, if the light is blinking, it does not consume any watts during the interval it toggles to the off state


Is it safe to use LED

I have some lights that I decorate bookshelves with and leave up year round. They look great for subtle light at night.

Have you thought about the tube lights that are available now. They might provide a smoother lighting look.


What are some good LED flashlights that have a decent output?

I think your friend may of just had one bad experience. I've only ever bought Maglite flashlights and I've never had a problem with them. Even if a problem did ever arise, they have a lifetime replacement warranty.


If i had a mini generator from magnet and coil perpetual motion can i make an led light turn on?

Yes, you can drive an led with a magnet and coil. No, it doesn't have anything to do with perpetual motion. The first law of thermodynamics requires that the energy exhausted in the led has to come from somewhere.


What is a good gift for a first time mom?

if you go to babies r us you can find many things. Receiving blankets, comforters, onesies, sleepers. there are countless things and everyone of them will be greatly appreciated. For newborns you can never have enough of any of those things


You are given 600 dollars to buy a laptop, what would you buy?

Try to get something which has upgradeable graphics card and processor. My Dell XPS M1530 can play Crysis on Medium, but i wanna upgrade my graphics card and apparently the GPU is soldered to the motherboard... :/ I still love it though


How do you make a power generator from a mini paddle water wheel approximately 8 inches across?

I bought some higher voltage dc permanent magnet motors from a hobby electrronics shop and they were able to light a LED with fast hand spin and drill spin. I think they were 18vdc motors. Size of a c-cell battery


Help with car interior neon's?


Purchasing LED for your car is the best way to ensure good lighting.The MINI with 4 amp Fuse is for easy connectivity.It helps to connect easily without having to cut or splice your vehicle's existing lighting



Is there some way to put lights on a t-shirt?

Most christmas tree lights are generally 120 volt ac....The lights are wired in-series that makes it near impossible to change the voltage.....There are cos. that mfgr. 12 volt lights for this purpose that are battery powered.

.....Try Googling decorative shirt lights.


Seniors, Confess, what mischief did you get into at Halloween?

God love vanmeters grocery store... They let us use their parking lot for egg and tp fight. It was great I would go home so filthy but smiling. I didn't vandal much. But we did like prank phone calls


Have you ever gotten long service out of an LED flashlight?

i have a mini maglite. it is bright, durable, pocket-sized, and lightweight (good for camping!) and takes AA's. it has lasted me for at least seven years and i use it at least twice a month. http://www.maglite.com/


change to a Mac mini or upgrade pc?

Please ignore the answer above this one.

PCs are invariably better than Macs, I would just go for the new motherboard. If your PC is really less than a year old, it will definitely outperform every Mac on the market.


I need to fill some jars (they're bookends) and want some suggestions?

you could fill them with glass pebbles, sea shells, pot pourri, pebbles in earth tones, Jelly beans that you will eat and refill the jar . Or you could paint the jars or even apply a stencil to them to embellish


Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 27th Birthday? 10 points?

Put on a red thong red push up bra red fisnets and heels and dance for him. Since he is a photographer have him take a pic of you.play black velvet by alana miles while you dance!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck.


Why do people believe in a "Soul"?

It's something called faith.

No, it isn't a smaller you inside yourself. I BELIVE that it is a spirit. an invisible essence of yourself. That is your soul.Now get off of Yahoo! and stop being an atheist.


What to put in a Halloween Treat bag?

I am making some for my day care kids! Stickers, halloween pencils and halloween erasers are always fun - and cheap at the dollar store :) I am one of those moms too, i think the goodie bags are a nice gesture!


Will 100Amps Be enough for a 54Amp Appliance?

A lot of 100 amp services are 6 disconnect (split-bus) panels. They don't provide any prevention from drawing more than the max rating.

But split bus or main beaker either way I wouldn't do it. LED/CFL lights won't help.


I couldnt go all the way!!?

Have you guys never had sex? and if you werent enjoying it, maybe hes just not good at sex, lol. and if he is then maybe you just dont have a good connection with him and dont want to have sex.

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