I Have Ps3 Media Server but When I Try and Play Some Movies/shows From It,it Says Folder Empty When

make sure your on the right tab. ex: if you want to stream a video, you must be on the video tab. same goes for photos and music

1. Why does the Android media server consume 90% CPU after moving files, until reboot?

Because it basicly has to rebuild your hard drive every time. The high cpu usage is kind of a false positive. The high rate is due to IO wait from having to use the speed of the hard drive but you can not have your phone doing anything else while it changes things on your drive. Thus your cpu is hogged to a single process.Also since this is a Linux machine Linux actually builds hardrives in sectors which results in great speed and the ability to move files easily. But requires a high overhead on start due to all the indexing its doing. SD cards are often the main culprit in causing this slow down too.Why does the Android media server consume 90% CPU after moving files, until reboot?

2. Media Streamer / Media Server solution for watching ripped dvd's on my TV

I would try using AVIDemux instead of Handbrake.What you do is use DVDDecryptor to decrypt the disk. DVDDecryptor has a setting in it that allows you to merge all the . VOB files into a single . VOB. Then you can use handbrake or AVIDemux to rip the movie to h.264 mp4 or to mpeg4 avi . Then you can use TVersity media streamer to stream from the source machine as long as the client machine, connected to your computer can read and play the stream on your TV

3. IIS media server tuning (compression cache limit?)

I increased the compression cache size to 10 GB and changed the cache variables to increase retention. A month later, the cache contains only 20 MB of text files (HTML, JS, CSS). I would guess that IIS compressor was programmed to ignore media files.

4. How can I transfer a movie to my ps3 without using a usb or a media server?

you can use most mobile phones as a usb flash drive. If you do this, do not install any software onto your pc, just go to Computer (My Computer in xp), and it should show up as a removal hard drive. Just copy directly onto it, and then from there to your ps3. PSP's also work, ipods, etc work too. Another option is to burn the movie onto a disk, then copy it to the ps3. I have done this in the past and it works fine.

5. Best Media Server for the PS3?

I got fed up with XP crashing and losing data on my Maxtor OneTouch drive. Thus I got my old computer out of the loft (1ghz 350ish mb ram 20gb HD) installed Ubuntu OS, plugged my OneTouch (500gb) in and formatted it EXT3 file system. This allowed me to use it as a file-server. Installed Fuppes media server (also available in windows flavour if needed I think) This allows me to stream music, videos and photos to my PS3. The only problem I have is that the PS3 does not like all of the video formats I have and I currently can not get Fuppes to transcode on the fly. So now when I go to the PS3, in each of the Photos, music and videos catagories I have an icon called fuppes that shows up and allows me to browse my media on the file server.

6. Installing Plex media server unofficial appstore?

I got it to work here are my steps for anyone else looking for an answer.downloaded plex for ubuntu on the plex website.installed via software managerdownloaded unsupported appstore on github. It was a zipfile. I ran command I extracted the zip file there in the plugin folder. Then you have to change the name of the unsupportedappstore.master-bundle to unsupportedappstore.bundlerun command:That will rename the appstore plugin. change back the permission of plug in folder lastly restart plex

7. Can I use Ubuntu as a wireless media server which performs all decoding/processing server-side?

If you want the "media server" to perform all processing and only the "screen and speakers" to be used on the remote side, and to do this over wifi, you need to use HDMI-over-WiFi

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