How to Build the "bright Project" Video Monitoring Center? Haishengxiang and Laser Screen Seamless B

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the Central Committee has proposed to "deepen the construction of safety and improve the three-dimensional social security prevention and control system", incorporate the construction of public security video monitoring system into the 13th five year plan and the national security capacity-building plan, and deploy the construction of "bright project".

"Xueliang project" is a "mass public security prevention and control project" with county, township and village comprehensive management centers as the command platform, comprehensive management informatization as the support, grid management as the basis and public security video surveillance networking application as the focus. In short, Xueliang project is to establish a public security video surveillance networking project covering the whole society.

After recent pilot construction and experience summary, at present, the construction of "bright project" across the country has entered the stage of comprehensive promotion and construction, and began to enter a new climax.

In terms of engineering, the construction of the "bright project" is mainly divided into three parts: the coverage of front-end camera equipment and the construction of monitoring network, the construction of back-end image and video data storage support platform, and the construction of large screen integrated monitoring management center at the video application end.

From the perspective of current technological development, the construction of front-end camera and monitoring network will be mainly completed by relevant monitoring products such as high-definition camera and face recognition camera, and the storage support of image and video data will be completed by the current popular cloud storage technology. There is no dispute over the technical route for the construction of the first two related projects, but only the difference of product brands, so this paper will not be repeated Too much elaboration.

At present, there are still many technical options for the construction of large screen integrated monitoring and management center, which is the remaining video image application end. Is it led display large screen technology, DLP splicing large screen technology, or laser seamless large screen technology?

In fact, in terms of technical advantages, the three different technical routes have their own unique advantages, but if we consider the practical application scenario of "Xueliang project", we will find that "Xueliang project" The use of the large screen integrated monitoring center has the following characteristics: 1. Continuous use for a long time or even 7 * 24 hours. 2. Indoor close viewing, so the large screen use experience needs to be safer and more humanized. 3. The large screen display content is complex and needs to support fine screen display.

From this point of view, we will find that the large LED display screen has poor effect in the process of displaying fine pictures due to its low overall pixel points. At the same time, the technical principle of LED large screen display adopts self luminous point light source technology, which not only has great brightness, but also the harm of large screen blue light is very serious. In the process of viewing LED large screen pictures, the human eye is directly exposed to the human eye due to the light , it is very easy to cause fatigue and even irreversible damage to human eyes; for DLP splicing large screen, due to its technical reasons, there is an unavoidable physical seam on the screen display, because the pictures seen by this person are broken and inconsistent. At the same time, DLP splicing large screen can not withstand long-term high-strength use. Generally speaking, after long-term use, each display unit of DLP splicing large screen is different Inconsistent color attenuation often occurs between. In the later stage of use, not only the observability of the picture will be greatly reduced, but also the maintenance cost will continue to rise in the later stage.

For the seamless laser large screen, its technical principle is to produce the picture through the rear projection display of the laser engineering projector. The color gamut coverage and color saturation of the laser large screen with the laser projector as the light source exceed the dci-p3 level display standard of the digital cinema, which can display more rich and full colors and restore a richer and realistic real world; at the same time, it is exciting The Everbright screen adopts a single large screen display device with glass giant screen and wide screen technology. The screen is complete and seamless as a whole, flat as a mirror, higher display precision, better picture viewing effect, and wider viewing field. In addition, the color attenuation of the laser light source is very slow in the life cycle, so as to ensure the good picture display of the laser large screen in the life cycle.

Therefore, through the above simple "demand technology" comparative analysis, we can roughly draw a preliminary conclusion that in the construction of Xueliang project large screen integrated monitoring center, seamless laser large screen is a relatively more applicable technical scheme among the three technical routes.

In terms of specific selection of seamless laser large screen products, as an important domestic large screen visual display brand, haishengxiang and has accumulated technical advantages in seamless laser large screen related products for many years. At present, the company has many invention patents in the field of large screen display and has surpassed others in government, public security, national defense, energy, urban emergency transportation and other professional fields since 2004 250 enterprises and institutions have provided professional solutions with seamless large screen visual display as the core, providing customers with 4 million minutes of 7 x 24-hour technical support in more than 100 urban emergency centers across the country every year.

More than that, in addition to the continuous improvement and improvement of product performance, haishengxiang and gradually pay attention to the research on the application scenario Innovation of intelligent laser large screen. Since 2017, haishengxiang and have innovatively proposed real application scenarios such as large screen digital visualization and large screen monitoring for the relevant customer groups of large screen monitoring center, so as to further facilitate the daily use of customers.

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