How Many of You Train Properly for the Event of Home Invasion?

training properly is a bit interesting. everyone should have a plan. i have received training in clearing rooms so in my home i have a superior advantage in self defense. but more importantly my family has a plan. a plan is the most important but i find security cameras a little much. i have been told by different police officers if there is a home invader then you need to put them down for good so they can not come back and sue you for injuring them. but if you also do not practice self defense scenarios then you will most likely fail in defending yourself even if you have a firearm

1. How to prevent a home invasion?

If you have a large dog, or one that sounds large, that's enough to scare away most criminals. Just do not keep any valuables out where people can see them through the windows. Sounds like those other people just wanted to murder. In that case, there is not a lot you can do but have a very good dog (that can fight; maybe 2), and a weapon for self defense.

2. What is the ideal weapon to use in defending against a home invasion and why?

For the person who asked the question you are looking at this the wrong way. For most part in the USA if you are the victim of a home invasion it is very likely that there will be a group of people and they will all be armed with firearms. Whatever weapon you pick would have to able to outgun between 2-5 people entering your house with the intent to kill the first person that they see armed (aka according to this question you) There is a really good quora thread on that here: What is the best strategy for defending myself and my family if I am unarmed and an armed intruder breaks into my home? Where posters (including myself) suggest escape plansAs a footnote for the people thinking about which gun they want so they can go "rambo" or "dirty harry" on these thugs youtube has a great clip from a Diane Sawyer episode --that explores the question of how well non-trained people will perform with their gun under stress--clip below If you have kids here is another Diane Sawyer video you should consider:.

3. What absurd weapon of choice would you want during a home invasion?

I will take my Wrist Rocket and a bathrobe pocket full a 1 solid steel ball bearings any day, against ANY dipshit who breaks in my home. Including an armed one.Look--- I have already immobilized one prowler with this weapon . A couple years ago when I found him sneaking around my backyard at 1 am. A shot to the neck and one to the sternum put him on his back, writhing, crying and cursing till Austin's finest showed up to take him to jail. Both cops were smiling and trying to keep from laughing their butts off. I made them coffee. LOLI've also vanquished an opponent armed with a . 22 pistol (a drunk illegal alien) with the Wrist Rocket. (Which is basically as lethal and efficient for self defense as a bow and arrow or the .22.)Very, underrated weapon. With the right ammo, a quality Rocket, and a skilled user. I can knock put 8 of 10 shots in a 12 diameter circle from 50 paces with it. And at that distance, those are potentially lethal rounds, amigo.Cheers

4. What do you do in case of home invasion?

Each room has a weapon in an accessible position..... If I cant get to one of my firearms there are other "decorations" fully functional hanging on the walls..... My plan: 1. Attack with lethal force. 2. Call the authorities... 3.Wait the three hours before they arrive...

5. Why didn't the homeowners in the Oklahoma home invasion call the police instead of confronting the teens? Edit: Quora took out the question details, which changed the question.

I am really just wondering if he did not have a weapon would the robbery have played out differentlyProbably. Home invasions and assaults can end in a matter of seconds, it takes police an average of 10 minutes to respond to a call.Three grown (do not give me that "oh! They were just children. Bullshit. A 17 year old is just as dangerous as a 25 year old) home invaders armed with deadly weapons against a single man.Three guys armed with knives and brass knuckles vs one guy going fistocuffs. That ai not going down well for the single guy. The only fair fight is the one you lose. Thankfully for society, the young man had made it a fair fight for his home invaders and they all lost. And the young man, with the exception of permanent hearing damage because of the idiots in Congress, came out unscathed.The police would have taken way too long to get there.

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