How Does Facebook Plan on Recouping Their $19 Billion Investment in WhatsApp, now That WhatsApp Has

From their blog: "That's why we're happy to announce that WhatsApp will no longer charge subscription fees. For many years, we've asked some people to pay a fee for using WhatsApp after their first year. As we've grown, we've found that this approach hasn't worked well. Many WhatsApp users don't have a debit or credit card number and they worried they'd lose access to their friends and family after their first year. So over the next several weeks, we'll remove fees from the different versions of our app and WhatsApp will no longer charge you for our service. Naturally, people might wonder how we plan to keep WhatsApp running without subscription fees and if today's announcement means we're introducing third-party ads. The answer is no. Starting this year, we will test tools that allow you to use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses and organizations that you want to hear from. That could mean communicating with your bank about whether a recent transaction was fraudulent, or with an airline about a delayed flight. We all get these messages elsewhere today through text messages and phone calls so we want to test new tools to make this easier to do on WhatsApp, while still giving you an experience without third-party ads and spam.

"Which means they don't plan on recouping $18billion.The purchase was an overreaction to Snapchat. It's too squishy to say what would have happened if they didn't purchase whatsapp- but seeing as how people use whatsapp differently than how they use facebook, it's hard to understand how whatsapp could have undermined facebook if left to its own. At it's heart whatsapp is an SMS replacement. it has better cross platform image/video/text messaging than the stock phone app services. There is nothing to suggest it's users want anything other than this. And FB does not have a pathway to get whatsapp users or whatsapp content into the facebook walled community

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Would it actually have mattered in World War 2 if Germany had advanced 15 more miles and captured Moscow or had the leadership of the Soviet Union long fled the capital by then?

II agree with Eugene Kuznetzovs and Bruno Gremezs fine responses. I would add this: If the Germans had captured Moscow in November 1941, they would not have been able to hold it. The December 1941 Soviet counteroffensive would have happened. The Soviet climate and German logistical conditions leading to its success would have remained the same. Hitlers no retreat orders would have remained the same. His later transfer of German reinforcements from France to the Soviet Union would have happened. So, the Soviet counteroffensive would have driven the Germans from Moscow and the Moscow area by January 1942.I would add this about the Fall of Moscows impact on Britain, America, and the occupied countries: If the Fall of Moscow had turned into another Fall of Kiev, where the Soviets not only lost the city involved but also hundreds of thousands of troops, tanks, artillery, etc., the impact on the Soviet Union, its allies, and the occupied countries would have been greater. With another dose of huge losses, the Soviet Union might not have had the means to prevent Germany from defeating and conquering the Soviet Union west of the Urals in 1942. Indeed, the Soviet regime might well have sued for peace, thus destroying its alliance with Britain and its de facto alliance with America. Therefore, the fall of Moscow in another huge Kiev-type encirclement might have led to German victory.

Finally, the fall of Moscow in another huge Kiev-type encirclement might have led Japan to reconsider and delay her plans to move against Britain,the Netherlands, and the US and in spring 1942, to move against Siberia and Mongolia. This move would have forced the Soviet Union, if it still fought, into a two-front war. A successful Soviet offensive against Germany in 1941 or early 1942 would be less likely and harder to achieve. Axis victory chances would have risen.

Therefore, the fall of Moscow in a Kiev-type encirclement would have opened the one situation, where the Axis could have defeated and destroyed the Soviet Union.Howard Leder


How was Michael Jordan able go from being a good college player to becoming a great NBA player?

The simple answer is that Michael Jordan was already a great player with all the tools (incredible athleticism, speed, large hands) necessary to be the NBA player he would become. What he didnu2019t have was the structure that Dean Smith provided during his years at Chapel Hill.MJu2019s senior year of high school he was said to have averaged 26.

8 points per game, 11.

6 rebounds and 10.

1 assists. Upon entering UNC he learned how to take his Godly talent and use it in the context of a team game. As itu2019s famously joked u201cWho was the last person to hold Michael Jordan to under 20 points in a game?" which of course is Dean Smith. This is not because he wasnu2019t capable of coming in and scoring like Pete Maravich or Trae Young, but this was simply against the coaches philosophy not to mention UNC was rich with talent (James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Brad Daugherty, Kenny Smith) in his time at the school.

Those three years poised Mike to come out more complete and with a higher basketball IQ but when he got to the league the game opened up for him. For his first handful of years (minus his injury season) he had an incredible green light due to playing with not much talent and not having the most strategic coaches. While he was widely considered the greatest player in the league by most of his contemporaries including Larry Bird who famously called him u201cGod disguised as Michael Jordanu201d, the media still chided him as a me first/ball hog type player who couldnu2019t win the big one.

When Phil & Tex took the reigns however Jordan was poised and prepared to adapt the triangle system with ease after having those three years which emphasized ball movement. It took this and then the beat downs he took from the Detroit Pistons to push him to that next level. He vowed to get in the gym and get stronger and drag Scottie Pippen along with him challenging him to be the best he could be. This is when he truly became a great NBA player and not just an extraordinary talent. 6 championships would follow


How did Ronda Rousey lose her edge?

The problem with Ronda Rouseys edge is that it was sharp as glass, and just as brittle.Regardless of Rhondas formidable combat skills - mentally, she is not a champion. She is a bully.Compare her reaction to her first loss to the way Conor McGregor behaved after his first loss in the UFC (yes I know he was submitted by Joe Duffy earlier in his career at a smaller show.

)When Conor lost to Nate Diaz, he was humbled and thoughtful. It was immediately apparent that Conor realized he had underestimated a tough and worthy opponent, and by that, had not fought to his own full potential.It was also immediately clear that Conor couldnt wait to get back into the ring for another crack at Nate. Conors loss didnt destroy him, it inspired him to self-reflect and improve. It lit a fire under his ass and made him a better fighter.Regardless of how anyone might feel about Conors personality, or even his skill, you cant deny that he has the mentality of a true champion.

When Rhonda lost to Holly Holm, it destroyed her own fragile self image. It exposed her underlying insecurities and made it clear that what defined Rhondas sense of self was the sense of superiority she got from dominating her opponents, and not from any personal quest to persevere, accomplish, and reach her own full potential.As soon as it became apparent that she wasnt the best in the world, she crumbled, and she was scared to go back in the ring. Even when she fought Amanda Nunes, a fighter whom the old Rhonda would have had a solid chance of beating, her heart wasnt in it anymore.I dont dislike Rhonda Rousey. As a combat sports fan I truly appreciate the trail she helped blaze for womens MMA. But Rhondas edge has always been rooted in shaky ground.

And I don't entirely judge her for that. Most of us have more in common with Rhonda than we do with Conor. It takes a special effort to stay strong in the face of defeat, and we stand in awe of those who do.Rhonda may still make a comeback, but it wont happen until she changes how she approaches fighting (and life).

TL/DR: Rhondas edge was fragile because she is a bully, not a champ. Champions are sharpened by adversity and loss. Bullies are blunted by it


What are the contradictions in Saudi Arabia?

The largest supplier of 9/11 bombers, Terror and Extremist ideology exporter in the world is also the biggest western Ally. A morally repugnant but wealthy state. And wealth can buy good PR and equally corrupt Allies in the west. (US Republicans and war criminals like Tony Blair.

I see lots of soft answers from people whose social media is any way actively monitored. And they possibly cannot afford to say whats really true about Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabia i grew up in. every male friend i had in 80s and 90s was molested by usually an older kid or a religious teacher.

Women were harassed if they walked alone or even when they were with families. Stalking women on the high street when they were being driven by drivers was also common even in posh areas of Riyadh. It still is (my last trip was in 2018).I lived in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah from 19802010. Got out and would never want to go back except on business trips. The saudi society is sick, when the religious cult harps about moral superiority but treats domestic helpers as trash.Saudia is extremely Racist, where salaries of even high skilled workers are defined by nationality and skin color (never saw an African-American Nurse or Doctor in 30years, saw many highly paid white ones). kKK will feel right at home here.

and mentally Saudia is in the dark ages (Allows the Saud family, thats also the first name of the country to wage war in Yemen but do zip about Israels excesses in Palestinian territories). And dont even get me started about the extremist venome they exported to other muslim countries. Places like Indonesia and Pakistan where for centuries religious harmony was the norm are now blood thirsty bigots.

Thats whats contradictory about Saudia. Not the softball trash about modernizing and keeping values. What values? Organized Racism? Child abuse? Slavery of 3rd world labor? Or the fact that the royal family has gobbled up so much of the Oil wealth that the rest of the economy is in tatters?

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