How Does a Cell Show Division of Labour?

How does a cell show division of labour?

If u say the production of proteins the dna is first is written down by rna polymerase on m rna which happens in nucleus then it moves into the endoplasmic reticulum where it is read by ribosome and makes the protein which are then folded by the hsp proteinHere in this example u see many different protein are in gives in a same work but without knowing what happened earlierIt is same as a assembly line it dosent matter what happened to product earlier and what will happen to it next u just need to do ur workAnd this work in a cell us guided by various chemical signals which are triggered in presence of various molecules or in presence of stress etc

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How long does whey protein help in performing sports?

It will depend upon on how long does you take it.That the protein will continuously increase your performance

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What vegetarian or vegan protein do you eat every day? Is it easy to cook/make and digest?

Vegetarians need to eat eggs and dairy. Eggs are the best source of whole protein, followed by whey protein. Meats a very close third. All plant sources of protein absolutely pale in comparison.Vegans should probably eat a lot of tofu and make some plant protein shakes. Beans and lentils are good too. The hard part with vegan diets is the vegan protein sources are usually attached to carbohydrates. So you end up eating a lot of carbs to get your protein. Tofu is the exception and mostly fat and protein so that helps. Nuts are a decent for protein, low carb, healthy fats.Yes broccoli has protein, very little, not very usable and you need to literally eat 9-11 cups to equal the protein a 3 oz piece of steak. Same with mushrooms. Many of the vegan suggestions for protein sources are just wishful thinking. Avoid the fake meats. Overly processed, not that healthy. Stick to whole foodsWhat vegetarian or vegan protein do you eat every day? Is it easy to cook/make and digest?

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i need the fastest way to lose weight?

Ok. Girl I will give you the Miss Venezuela diet. Girls are too thin but gorgeous. Still, I did it once in order to fit into my black dress and it worked! Just 3 days of pineapple and white squash juice. Nothing more, no food, just a vitamin supplement. You will lose like 6-8 pounds in 3 days but ONLY to be done for 3 days. More than that and you could get sick! Another one, if you have like 2 weeks, eat a light and full protein breakfast (no carbs), a high protein snack, vegetables and more protein for much, a fruit for snack , salad for dinner ( a light one, no cheese or crumbs or fancy fatty dressings) and no food anytime after 6:00 pm. And tons of water. Specially, drinking lots of water (forget diet soda) and protein works marvels. You will lose it all. And if you add up a bit of exercise everyday it would tone up your body. The whole theory behind the protein for breakfast is that it helps your metabolism and facilitates that you do not crave for carbs in the afternoon. If you break it, break it with a protein bar. Good luck! and be healthy, eh? do not play too much with radical diets. They help you lose weight fast but you gain it fast , too

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HELP !!!! my puppy got stung by a bee and is throwing up now how do i treat her vomiting ?

Only a Vet can answer for sure. When my dog gets stung, I give him Benedryl. He gets over the sting immediately. I also call the Vet to confirm the dosage. It's the same medication people use. About the throwing up tho, it could be a reaction to the sting or to the treatment. I would call or visit a vet. I live near the beach. We are over-run with jelleyfish and bees. Both stings are made up of protein. I never heard of using baking soda and water, but I never go to the beach without meat tenderizer. A paste of meat tenderizer and water will break up the protein. Hence, no more sting. Hope this helps too for the next sting. Never grab the stinger with your fingers or tweezers, it just pushes more poison into the animal (or person). Scrape it sideways with a fingernail, credit card, any thing that's flat. Good Luck from a dog lover.

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