How Do You Use a Bulb-pipettes Instead of Graduated Cylinders Or Volumetric Flasks?

How do you use a bulb-pipettes instead of graduated cylinders or volumetric flasks?

You just use a pipet bulb to draw the liquid into the pipet to fill it above the line. With your finger on the top, you let the liquid out slowly until the miniscus is right at the line. Then pipet then contains exactly the volume indicated. Then, let the liquid flow out of the pipet. You should touch the tip of the pipet to the side of the beaker or flask that you are dispensing into. You should not blow out the last bit of liquid in the tip.

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3.59 g of water was introduced into an evacuated 1.50 L flask at 30oC. What mass of water will evaporate? (?

a. 0.0455 g (assuming the temperature remains at 30 deg C) Water will vaporize to establish a pressure inside the flask of 31.82 mm Hg. The moles of water that will fill the evacuated flask- n = PV/RT = (31.82/760) x 1.50 / (0.08206 x 303 K) n x water molar mass = 0.0455 g

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How do i clean the inside of this flask?

Salt and soda water and if you get any ice cubes inside add them to. Mix 1/2 cup salt 3/4 full of water seal it and shake it hard. Let it sit over night and rinse it out with bleach water.

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A few pieces of broken porcelain are added during distillation in a flask. Why?

yes, you can add 'broken porcelain' to a flask to prevent bumping during reflux or distillation.But modern boiling chips are generally manufactured for that purpose from one of several other materials (carbon, glass, alumina, etc), and will more reliably have a large number of nucleation points than broken porcelain, even assuming that you'd have such a thing in a modern lab.A few pieces of broken porcelain are added during distillation in a flask. Why?.

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Why do I randomly get more Estus Flasks?

From IGN:If someone strengthens a bonfire, this will be transmitted to people "nearby" (in network terms) who are using the same bonfire, giving them an extra Estus Flask

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if you're in the passengers seat in a car drinking out of a flask, is that illegal/can a cop stop you?

You will find a law called "Open Container" comes into play even if you are not driving

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If You Drink From a Flask In Public, Do You Get Charged With "Drinking In Public"?

yes...same with a schliz and a brown bag

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Flask mongodb assertion 13 not authorized for query on flask_session.sessions

As per your error log, it seems like that you have authorization issue, as pymongo blog documentation here Can you log in with the user you would like to use mongo-connector with and show the output of db.runCommand(connectionStatus: 1, showPrivileges: 1). Be sure not to post your actual username or password if that's sensitive information. For your further ref here , here and here

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What happens to the flask that a potion is contained in after the potion is used?

Honestly its a GM decision on the level of grit in the campaign. Most people wo not track this sort of thing and it wo not be a big issue, but some tables do like to have a very detailed tracking of items in which case, yes save every single one you could always use them for any number of purposes

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What's a good liquor to put into a flask?

something clear like vodka or whiskey

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where can I find cheap Erlenmeyer flasks, test tubes etc?

Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask

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What drink goes in a flask?

The reason a flask is usually small is because some form of whiskey goes in them such as a Bourboun, Scotch, or tequila. Whatever you put in there has to be very stout otherwise it is useless if your not even going to calm your nereves with it

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how much is a smirnoff vodka flask (Australia)?

Smirnoff Vodka Flask

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Is it wrong for a 12 year old to use a flask?

Hip flasks are pretty strongly associated with alcohol, specifically whiskey. If you are worried about what your parents and teachers will think, it would probably be safer to drink out of something else. You could get an insulated thermos with a screw-on lid, maybe? Something that seals and you can stick in your backpack without it spilling everywhere, but does not look super suspicious? Plus I bet something like that would keep your tea and coffee hot for longer - I do not think hip flasks are very well insulated. Good luck!.

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