How Do I Turn on the Screen of the Nikon D100 Digital Camera Please?

How do I turn on the screen of the Nikon D100 Digital camera please?

Your camera is an dslr and does not have that feature.And It's not available on most slrs.You can only view it afterwards by pressing the arrow button? I do not have that model, mine is a d80. but I think they are similar. The new d300 that is coming out has this liveview feature by which you can view the lcd screen while taking the picture. Sorry.

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Canon D30 takes weird colored pictures?

so you are looking at the tiny jpeg it takes and puts on the rear screen. try a plain white shot (outdoors cloudy of a bed sheet fairly close), study the pic. If way off colour (and assuming you have not messed with white ablance controls in the menu) then likely the LCD screen is shot. LCDs have a life of around five years yours is past its sell by. I assume you have checked all settings and over rides, all set normal, compatible clean lenses with no filters on, normal iso 100 to 200, and so on. My guess is the camera is a goner. An object lesson for those with $5000 cameras which have LCD screens (though their screen may be better specified of course, they hope)

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What's the best digital camera brand?

canon I have always preferred their designs and quality, though Nikon is a close second. only canon, though, has the LCD screen that can move around, which comes in handy when taking pictures above a crowd's head (as in a concert or riot), taking sneeky pictures around corners, and over fences at the zoo. The screen pops out and moves so you do not have to be looking square at the screen to see it. When you are in the sun, it's harder to see other's screens, because you can not tilt them

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Why does my Acer laptop sometimes have jumpy white lines going across the screen?

the LCD screen is damaged. to get rid of this problem you will need a new screen replaced. possible causes are laptop being dropped. something banged hard against it etc its fixable but might cost u if acer wont cover it. alot of pc repair guys frohome run businesses would do this cheaper than Acer. give Acer a sob story, and tell them how much u love their product etc and they should fix it free of charge. same prob with my acer aspire one netbook

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What Causes Flashing Backlights With an LCD?

It does not matter whether your LCD TV uses a CCFL or an LED backlight -- if the screen starts flashing, flickering or dimming, it usually means one of three things: the bulb is dying, the inverter is broken or the bulb was incorrectly installed. Fortunately, a TV repair service can easily fix all these problems. Unlike plasma televisions, in which the plasma molecules can illuminate themselves, the liquid crystals in LCD TVs are transmissive. This means they require a third party to light up the image on the screen. LCDs use two main types of backlighting technology. The first and older of the two is CCFL, short for "cold-cathode fluorescent lamp." The more modern of the two is LED, which stands for "light-emitting diodes." LCD TVs have a lifespan of between 60,000 and 100,000 viewing hours. On the high end, this means you could keep your LCD TV on 24/7 for more than 11 years. However, neither LED nor CCFL bulbs have such a long lifespan. The website "Electronics Weekly" says the average LED backlight lasts about 50,000 viewing hours, while a CCFL backlight usually lasts between 20,000 and 40,000 viewing hours. If the image on your screen flickers or flashes, it may be a sign that the backlight is dying and needs to be replaced. According to one CCFL bulb online retailer, dying backlights are responsible for roughly 95 percent of flickering and flashing backlights. However, in the other five percent of cases, a problematic inverter may be to blame. The inverter supplies the backlight with its power. When the inverter begins to fail, it disrupts this flow of electricity, resulting in a flashing or flickering bulb. Just as the backlight itself can be replaced to elongate the lifespan of an LCD TV, so can the inverter. Installing a new backlight -- whether using CCFL or LED bulbs -- is not a task for a novice. It involves detaching the LCD screen from the rest of the television, removing the old light and soldering the new one into place. Improperly installing either the backlight or the inverter will result in a bulb that is not receiving the full flow of electricity. Just as a regular light bulb in a lamp will flicker when it's not screwed in all the way, so will a CCFL or LED backlight when it is incorrectly installed. For this reason, you should have a professional install these critical elements for you.

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