How About Taking a Picture? "Camera King" Is Worthy of Its Name

In the fierce market competition of domestic mobile phones, Yijia mobile phone occupies a place in the market by continuously leading the development of high refresh rate screen. As early as 2019, Yijia took the lead in launching the Yijia 7 Pro with 90hz high brush screen. Since then, the flagship aircraft launched by Yijia every year are equipped with the latest high brush screen. With this advantage, more and more consumers pay attention to Yijia mobile phone. So, in addition to the excellent screen, what are the highlights of Yijia mobile phone? How about taking pictures with a mobile phone?

It is understood that Yijia mobile phone not only has a bright performance in the screen, but also has outstanding strength in the image. The high-end flagship machine Yijia 9 Pro launched this year is known as the "camera emperor", which has convinced the majority of users in many aspects, such as color, resolution, ultra wide-angle image quality and night view. So, how does one plus 9 Pro achieve this powerful image performance?

In order to polish the mobile phone image configuration satisfactory to consumers, one plus 9 Pro adopts the rear four camera combination of "hard core", including 48 million pixel main camera (imx789, f / 1.8 aperture, 1 / 1.43 inch outsole), 50 million pixel ultra wide angle (IMX 766, f / 2.2 aperture, 1 / 1.56 inch outsole), 8 million pixel telephoto lens and 2 million pixel black-and-white style lens.

In order to reduce the distortion during wide-angle shooting, the ultra wide-angle lens of one plus 9 Pro also adds a free-form surface lens to reduce the distortion rate under the wide-angle lens from 20% to 1%, and there is almost no distortion in shooting large scenes. From the sample, the buildings it photographed not only look tall, but there are no problems such as stretching and deformation on both sides of the picture and the side of the building. The overall imaging quality is clear and the color is natural. This alone is enough to make the majority of users give praise on the issue of "how about taking a picture".

What's more surprising is that Yijia 9 pro and legendary camera brand Hasu jointly created Yijia Hasu mobile phone imaging system. This image system also makes the image performance of one plus 9 Pro perfect, which can better meet the diversified needs of users in shooting. For users who pursue a minimalist photography experience, the hassu natural color optimization function of this one plus mobile phone can not only make the original picture straight out, but also have a large visual sense. This function realizes fine and smooth color transition and takes high-quality photos with film texture through multi angle tuning of hue, saturation and lightness of hundreds of objective and subjective scenes.

For users pursuing professional photography experience, the hassu professional mode of one plus 9 Pro is also enough to cover the needs of conventional photography. This mode allows users to manually adjust the shutter, ISO, white balance, aperture, exposure time and other parameters, or manually focus the peak. More professional photography techniques can be displayed here. Moreover, in this mode, raw format photos with 12 bit color depth can be taken, capturing up to 68.7 billion colors, 64 times the common 10 bit color depth. The post-processing is more convenient, and the color transition of photos is more delicate and smooth.

How about taking a picture? After understanding the image configuration and image system of one plus 9 pro, the answer to this question will jump on the paper. There is no doubt that one plus 9 Pro is a real "camera emperor". If you also like shooting and are interested in one plus 9 pro, you might as well go to Huantai mall to learn more product details!


How About Taking a Picture? Camera King Is Worthy of Its Name 1

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