History of the Show

History Of The Show

History of the Show 1

The John and Frank Show replaced the John and John Show, which replaced the Ted Stryker show on KFMA. In early to mid-2005, Tic-Tac returned to the show from being fired. He had previously been fired, allegedly when Gregg became a member of the show, due to money issues. When Gregg agreed to start voicing station promos for KFMA's sister station KLPX, Tic-Tac then returned to the show. Speculation began in 2005 when rumors started going around that the Frank Show would be going to Phoenix, on former alternative rock station 101.5 KZON, as a Howard Stern replacement. However, Frank announced on the show in early 2006 that the general manager of KZON wanted too much control over the show for Frank to move to Phoenix. He stated that the lack of content control by station management was a reason for staying in Tucson. The station later flipped formats to become Phoenix's Free FM affiliate. On June 10, 2010 the announcement was made that "The Frank Show" will be moving to the KFMA sister station, 96.1 KLPX in July 2010. The show now streams online at KLPX's website .

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Show histories

Elizabeth was Reserve Best in Show at the Midland Lhasa Apso Association conformation show in April 2009. She was breed leader in the Dog World (newspaper) / Arden Grange Top dog competitions in 2009 and Best in Show at the British Utility Breeds Association championship show in 2010. Elizabeth won the qualifying heat of the Champion Stakes at West of England Ladies Kennel Society show in April 2011 under judge Albert Wight. This in turn qualified the dog for the 2011 Eukanuba Champion Stakes near Kenilworth along with 25 dogs from other shows around the country. The 25 were broken up into five randomly assigned groups of five to be judged against the breed standards for each breed, with the winner from each of those group going forward to the final. She qualified for the final along with the Bichon Frise Ch. Pamplona Bring Me Sunshine, the Bearded Collie Ch. Senglas Indiana Jones, West Highland White Terrier Ch. Lamsmore Fitzwritin and the Pointer Sh Ch. Kiswahili Martin at Kanix. Elizabeth was once more victorious and after her owner confirmed the dog had a pet passport, qualified for the Eukanuba World Challenge in Orlando, Florida in December 2011. Elizabeth first qualified along with eleven other dogs for the final, and finished overall in third place. In 2011 she was the breed leader in the Dog World (newspaper) / Arden Grange Top Dog competition. She won the utility group at Manchester show in January 2012 and she also won Best of Breed at the South East Lhasa Apso Society show that year. She has been awarded 24 CCs CruftsAt Crufts in 2011, she won Best of Breed and went on to place reserve in the Utility Group to the Standard Poodle Ch. Vicmars Rave on JW. Elizabeth entered Crufts in 2012. She won the Lhasa Apso Best of Breed title and moved on to take the Utility Group, qualifying her for the Best in Show round. Elizabeth lined up in the final against a Newfoundland, a Pomeranian, an Irish Water Spaniel, an Old English Sheepdog and a Norwich Terrier. She defeated the other six dogs in the final to take the title of Best in Show. The media response linked Elizabeth's victory with the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, with Paul Calahan of The Independent describing it as "Fittingly in a Diamond Jubilee year".

History of the Show 2

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Show format

Seasons 1-6 (2008-2012)For the first six seasons, the show was a half-hour. In this format, McGillivray meets with the homeowners to see the space in its current form. McGillivray shows two options to the homeowners for a possible redevelopment, utilizing design software. Each potential option has an estimated return on investment by way of monthly rent received. McGillivray shares the homeowners' mortgage payment and subtracts the estimated market rents to provide a "lower" mortgage payment. One option is generally grander in scope, usually affording the homeowner the opportunity to make more in rent than the other option, but at a higher renovation cost. Once the homeowners decide on which option they prefer, the Income Property team goes to work to demolish and rebuild. The homeowners are usually involved in the renovation but then are kept out of the space during the final stages of completion to provide some element of surprise. Once the renovation is complete, McGillivray obtains an opinion of value from a real estate appraiser or real estate agent, both for the amount of rent that can be charged, as well as to the overall increase in value to the property. During the reveal of the newly redeveloped space, McGillivray shows the staged rental suite and provides the new value of the home and estimated rental income to the homeowners. The closing of the show has McGillivray verbally discussing the features of the suite, much like a newspaper ad would do. Then the show provides an inter-title of the result after filming showing the amount of rent the homeowners actually got once the unit hit the market. In some episodes, the homeowners did not rent out for various reasons. In Canada, seasons 4 and 5 both aired during the same year, with season 4 airing in the spring of 2011, and season 5 airing in the fall. Seasons 4 and 6 saw two new episodes airing back-to-back each week, with the exception of the last three episodes of season 6, which aired once-per-week, successively. Seasons 7-9 (2013-2014)Starting with season 7, and through to season 9, the show expanded from its original half-hour format to a one-hour format, with one new episode airing each week. During the first half-hour, McGillivray follows potential new homeowners as they view three homes up for sale with income property potential. The second half-hour follows the same format as the original, with McGillivray showing the new homeowners two renovation options, the conversion of the space based on their choice, getting an opinion of value, and the reveal of the finished renovation/suggested rent/increased home value. A new opening sequence was created for the new hour-long format, which included the graphic "Buy it. Build it. Bank it." Seasons 7 and 8 both aired during 2013 in Canada, with season 7 airing during the winter/spring, and season 8 airing in the fall. Season 10 (2015)Starting with Season 10, the show reverted to its original half-hour format, with two new episodes airing back-to-back each week, in Canada. It follows the same format as the first six seasons, except that after McGillivray shows the homeowners the options, he starts the renovation before the homeowners decide which option they will go with. Once he gets to a certain point, he then asks the homeowners which option they have decided on so that he can proceed." removed form the original "Buy it. Build it. Bank it." graphic. The tenth season also saw the episode count increase from the usual 13 to 24. Four of these episodes (aired April 9 and April 16) see McGillivray tackling vacation rental properties. Season 11 (2016)Season 11 changes its focus to the rental market of vacation properties, with the tagline "On Vacation" added on to the Income Property title. Episodes retain their half-hour format from season 10, and feature Scott McGillivray guiding holiday homeowners through the process of building a vacation suite and banking the rental cheques.

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