Help on Building Wind Turbine at Home?

Sounds good but I've heard that there are tests being made as we speak of wind turbines being hazardous to humans because of the sounds and vibrations they make over time making people sick...as silly as it sounds I read about this...about a popular Turbine Company...but like I said they sent people to a site to do some testing I never heard the results...but I thought it would be something to check out just in case. Just looking out for a fellow human.

1. Best home remedy for heartburn?

YES!! Simply eat a piece of raw celery. Super cheap, no side effects, works like a dream! Celery is very alkaline and eliminates heartburn. Ever notice it is served with hot chicken wings? It neutralizes the spice. I have told dozens of people about it and they all agree after trying it. There are a few articles on the Web if you look around

2. Home remedies for vegetable pests?

If I can not get rid of bugs using the dish soap/water then I go to things like Sevin. Otherwise there is a catalog called Gardens Alive....they have natural garden things, for example a pepper spray etc. ......I have used some of their products and they have worked. You can find Gardens Alive online too. Remember just because it's "natural" does not mean it can not be nasty stuff to...be sure to read labels carefully !!!

3. home remedies for damaged hair?

My friend is a hair stylist and you can buy deep hair conditioner and put a plastic bag on your hair and leave it for 5-10 min it help my hair when I was blonde and went brown!

4. Likely to get home loan?

If you seeking to get your dream home then obviously you have consult with the real estate agent and they were going to help you regarding this, because they know what are the things they need to do to get home loan and from whom they have consult

5. how to kill chiggers in the home?

it sounds like you may have to get pest control in as you have tried to get rid of them yourself and it hasnt worked

6. Home business Pallets?

I have a sea container on the back part of my lot that I Rent from a company for 100.00 a month it is 40' long (like a semi van) only not with wheels. There are places you can rent these and leave them at their yard so you can access them. This option is much cheaper than a traditional storage place and these containers are virtually bullet proof. If you do not know what they are, they are the containers that are used on the giant ships that importers and exporters use. Check into it you will be surprised at the savings. Good luck.

7. Etiquette for visiting a Serbian home?

If the invitation is on 8:00 going there at 8:00 is a good time Nice flowers or box with chocolates would be a nice gift. If you are invited for dinner you can bring a bottle of wine. Why should you remove your shoes? You are a visitor not a member of the household. Only in case it is raining/snowing or there is mud on your shoes it would be polite to do so even without asking.

8. Home Built Home Theater Personal Computer Won't Work ?

Your power supply was on the last leg it finally died. Check if it AT or ATX, size dimension and pick up a new one with increased wattage. Good luck, If you have problem email me i will give you my tel # and walk you though it. God Speed.

9. Home foundry: Importance of seal?

Is it getting hot enough? Al melting point is 1220 f

10. Piercing my ear at home?

good.claire makes use of a piercing gun, so after they pierce, it is going in quick and you do not bleed as opposed to, whilst you do it your self..you do it gradual and the outter tissue has a tendency to bleed

11. are home made tampons okay?

Why are you using home made tampons? If you can not afford them I will buy them for you but you really should not be stuffing toilet paper up there :(

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