Haiyang-2c, a Unique Multi-functional Satellite with "walking Position", Was Successfully Put into t

On September 21, the long march 4B carrier rocket was launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and successfully put haiyang-2c satellite into the predetermined orbit.

Haiyang-2c satellite is the second satellite of China's marine dynamic environment monitoring network and the first large remote sensing satellite in inclined orbit. After entering orbit, it will network with ocean II B satellite, which will greatly improve China's ocean observation range, observation efficiency and observation accuracy.

The National Space Administration is responsible for the organization, implementation and management of the ocean II C satellite project, the Ministry of natural resources is the leading user department, and the national satellite Marine Application Center under the Ministry of natural resources is responsible for the construction and operation of ground systems and application systems; The fifth and eighth academies of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation are respectively responsible for the development of satellite systems and launch vehicle systems; China satellite launch TT & C system department is responsible for the organization and implementation of the launch site and TT & C system. This mission is the 347th launch of the long march series of launch vehicles.

The reporter learned from the Fifth Academy of engineering that after the launch of ocean 2 D Satellite and the completion of three-star networking, China will have the observation ability to cover the main sea areas of the world at an hourly level, and can realize the observation of sub mesoscale marine phenomena, providing important support for marine disaster prevention and reduction, meteorology, transportation and scientific applications.

"Walking" unique multifunctional satellite

Ocean II C satellite has the characteristics of agility, quick eyes and quick hands, and can achieve a higher frequency of ocean wind field observation.

Compared with the solar synchronous orbit where the traditional remote sensing satellite operates, the "position" of haiyang-2c satellite is very unique. Under the careful design of the development team of the Fifth Institute, C star will operate in an inclined orbit to further improve China's ocean observation capability.

At the same time, the satellite has a variety of functions. The designers of the Fifth Academy summarized its functions as "catching wind, exploring the sea, judging boats and collecting records". From measuring the global ocean surface wind vector and global sea surface height, to automatic identification of global ships, and then to receiving, storing and forwarding the global marine buoy measurement information, this series of capabilities benefit from the development goal of satellite multi-functional integration followed by the development team.

Payloads such as microwave scatterometer, ship identification system and data collection system are exquisitely arranged on the satellite, and many indicators have reached the international advanced level. The ship identification system can calculate the position, course and speed of ships on the global sea surface, and greatly improve the ability of maritime traffic and maritime safety; The data collection system can effectively obtain the signal data of offshore buoys, uniformly transmit the buoy point measurement information to the ground for processing, and greatly improve the accuracy of the marine prediction system through the accurate measurement of point-to-surface combination.

In addition, haiyang-2c satellite has also realized the process optimization of the launch site of large remote sensing satellites by means of whole satellite belt solar wing transportation, greatly shortened the work cycle of the launch site, and has a good promotion and demonstration effect on the process optimization of subsequent large remote sensing satellites and commercial satellites.

Monitoring around the clock

As a large marine country, China's marine GDP accounts for an increasing proportion of GDP, and marine dynamic environment early warning will produce many sustainable and predictable benefits.

For example, the monitoring of typhoon track and intensity (central wind force) will effectively ensure the safety of HNA; Accurate fishing can be realized by monitoring the change of ocean temperature and determining the location of fishing ground by vortex. In addition, relevant applications can also provide support for offshore aquaculture such as pearl and sea cucumber.

All day long and all day long, one belt, one road, will continue to carry out marine dynamic environment monitoring after the entry of the two C satellite into orbit, and provide effective services for the "one belt and one road" countries along the line. At the same time, its remote sensing data can also be applied to marine geophysics, marine dynamics, marine climate and environmental monitoring, sea ice monitoring and so on.

When satellite C and satellite B realize dual satellite networking, the observation period will be reduced from 3 days to 1 day.

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