Do You Think the Water Temperature for Your Hot Tea Is Important?

Do You Think the Water Temperature for Your Hot Tea Is Important? 1

You asked: I answer on behalf of my tea-obsessed Mom.Yes, for black tea, the water must be brought to a roiling boil before pouring over the leaves. There are chemical reasons for this that I wo not pretend to understand, but boiling water brings out the flavor. I could post references to support my claim. But when it comes down to it, for me, the only support I need is "Mama said"

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What are some tips to get the water temperature right for baking bread?

Use the wrist test. Just put a few drops of water on the inside of your wrist. If it feels comfortably warm, it's probably in a range between 95 and 120 Fahrenheit. That's warm enough to activate the yeast without killing it. Yeast dies at 140F, which will feel quite hot on your skin. If the water feels too hot for you, it's too hot for your yeast. If you want to be more precise, use a digital, instant read thermometer. Ideal temperatures can vary, depending on how much you knead the dough and what kind of bread you're making. Kneading warms the dough, which will help speed up fermentation. If you're making a no-knead dough, it's going to stay at the same temperature or cool down a bit, so you might want the water a bit warmer, closer to the 120F mark. What are some tips to get the water temperature right for baking bread?

Do You Think the Water Temperature for Your Hot Tea Is Important? 2

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What happens if we heat up water to a temperature of 100u00b0C in a closed system with half of the tank filled with 1 atm vapor pressure? Will the water boil?

Visible boiling requires not only a water temperature of 100C (at 1 atm) but also requires an exceedance of at least 2C, meaning that the heating element is at least at 102C. So if you have water at 100C only, some of it might evaporate but it wo not be visibly "boiling".Separately from that, the question is what will happen to the water, and the answer depends on if you are adding heat. If you are adding heat constantly, and you have a closed system at 1atm initial pressure, the heat addition will evaporate the water, the air will contain more and more steam, all of which will lead to a system pressure increase, and the temperature will increase as well. How long it will keep on boiling will depend only on the mechanical strength of your vessel, how much water you have, and the available heating power in your heater. But if you are not constantly adding any heat, the water will not boil nor will it evaporate. What happens if we heat up water to a temperature of 100u00b0C in a closed system with half of the tank filled with 1 atm vapor pressure? Will the water boil?What happens if we heat up water temperature to 100u00b0C in a closed system with half of the tank filled with 1 atm vapor pressure? Will the water boils?

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What water temperature and pour speed are best for pour-over method?

Perfect Pour over coffee? Most people mistakenly think that the key to coffee flavor is grinding your own beans. I am not sure how this thought populated people's heads but many other folks tend to re-enforce this notion, which somehow keeps perpetuating this false notion. Coffee flavor comes from the oils in the coffee beans, and like all oil, coffee bean oil also goes rancid, and at rate much faster than many people realize. If coffee beans are not stored in a vacuum, air will turn coffee rancid after about five days, and actually you can begin to both taste and smell the difference three days after it is roasted. This is true (Listen up.) whether or not the coffee is ground or not. Coffee is at it's peak flavor and at its most complex between 18 to 24 hours after it is roasted, and much of the CO2 has been given off. After three days, it starts to flatten out, and at five days, it has lost a good deal of unique flovors. You can do an experiment if you like, by simply smelling the roasted beans after 18 hours, and comparing it to the smell of the beans at five days. Try also scooping up a handful of the same beans and smelling the same newly roasted coffee to the (same variety) of beans that were roasted ten days earlier but stored in the open air. You will be amazed at how rancid the coffee smells. There is little mystery here. Your 5-10 day old roast may be freshly ground, but the grounds that result from that effort, are long past their prime. Storing your coffee in the jar in your Fridge or in your freezer wo not really preserve your coffee's freshness. You need to keep it in a vacuum (no air please). You can order a container that comes with a hand pump, and pump out the oxygen. Simply place he lid on the container, but the rubber stop on (similar to the one used on wine bottles, and using the hand pump, pump out the air. This will extend the life of your freshly roasted coffee well past the five day maximum, and keep it close to the freshness that it had at day one. For years, I failed to understand that water temperature was also important. Having the water too hot or not hot enough will spoil your result. No reason to guess any longer. There are number of pour over kettles that either come with a gauge or can be outfitted with one. I used to boil the water and then estimate how long to wait before pouring. That is not a recipe for success. It's important, and that way, you can learn for yourself how temperature affects flavor. Use a quality paper filter if you do not have a gold filter. Note that the gold filter has to fit the shape of the metal or ceramic holder it goes into perfectly. Otherwise the flow rate is most often going to be incorrect. One of the most famous brands of filters no longer makes a gold insert that fits their famous long standing ceramic cone holder. Corporate blunder. Too bad. You might find one third party. I think I can taste the fact that bleached paper has somewhat less of a paper taste, but I do wet the paper before hand pouring hot water through it. I also do the same if I am using a natural non-bleached paper or bamboo paper. There does seem to be less paper taste if I do. If you want to taste all of the complex additional flavors that come with fresh beans, you might also find that wetting the paper before putting the grounds in, and actually pouring some water through first does help. Why not experiment?How long to let the coffee bloom before slowly pouring the rest your water through the grounds. Why not experiment with each variety of bean. The fineness of the grind is a factor to how long you should increase or decrease the bloom time. Generally speaking the courser your grind, the more time you will need to let it bloom. This is really the domain of experiementation. I do not increase the grind to get the shortest bloom time. I know some coffee shops do that. But I suggest experimentation. One to two minutes of bloom depending on your grind. But experiment, please. The bottom line is the freshness of your bean. Good coffee roasters cost a lot of money. Air roasters start at about $200 these days, and good drum roaster that roasts 1/2 pound to 2 pounds can cost as much as $1500. That's a lot of money folks Does it make a huge difference in the flavor. Yes it does. It makes a huge difference to have fresh beans. In fact, it makes THE MOST difference provided you can store what you do not use that first day in a proper container. You can get your brew method completely right, but if your coffee is not fresh, it may be smooth tasting but it will always be missing the unique and complex flavor it could otherwise have. In short, smooth but flat as a pancake no matter what your technique, water temperature, or equipment.

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