Do Positive Coordinate Locations Give More Ore in Minecraft?

Pre-1.6, a rounding bug resulted in the South-West quadrant yielding more ore. The bug is fixed as of 1.6:

1. Generalization of a theorem of Øystein Ore in group theory

This is not a proper answer, but is a bit too long for a comment. You should look at the following paper:Groups and Lattices by P.P. PalfyFirst, he states a stronger version of Ore's result:Theorem: Let $G$ be any group. The subgroup lattice $mathcalL(G)$ is distributive if and only if the group $G$ is locally cyclic. (i.e. every finitely generated subgroup of $G$ is cyclic.)Second he states a theorem (proved by various people at various times, sometimes erroneously):Theorem If $D$ is a finite distributive lattice, then $D$ is isomorphic (as a lattice) to the lattice of normal subgroups of some finite group $G$.Finally the result that may be of most interest to you:Corollary 5.3 For every finite distributive lattice $D$, there exists a finite group $G$ such that, for $H=(g,g) mid gin G$, then the lattice of subgroup inclusions $mathcalL(Hsubset (Gtimes G))$ is isomorphic to $D$.Perhaps you know all this already...

2. Where can I download Ore Ska Band songs mp3 for free?

if there are videos of this stuff on youtube.

3. Skyrim - where can i find ebony ore?

I cant remember the name of the Orc stronghold, but that is where to go. There is a mine inside the stronghold with many ebony deposits

4. How Dangerous are Nuclear Waste when compared with Ore Radioactive Materials?

Nuclear waste consists of many different radioactive isotopes, with widely varying half-lives, producing different types of radiation. Some products are also highly toxic (including plutonium). Naturally occuring uranium emits a relatively low level of radiation, as you can tell from its very long half-life. Some waste products are very much more radioactive, and have much shorter half-lives, although still long enough to need a long-term disposal solution. There is evidence in a number of places of ancient naturally occurring nuclear reactors. There are also questions over whether radiation is as harmful to people as has been thought, up to certain limits.

5. What is the chief ore of aluminum?


6. An ore car of mass 44000 kg starts from rest and rolls downhill on tracks from a mine.?

Ore Car

7. How is that minerals are found in veins of ore?

WAY oversimplified! Suppose tha the earth did indeed start out at some point after the big bang as an amorphous homogeneous blob. The fact that it was spinning and cooling introduce a host of physical factors that would introduce inhomogeneity. For example, the crust is in the solid state. Differential temperatures, rates of cooling, pressures would drastically alter the rates and positions of crystallization and deposition of various minerals, according to mass, density, crystal structure, local chemistry. Further, secondary effects such as erosion and sedimentation could differentially deposit minerals according to physical characteristics, even if the starting mineral material were homogeneous.

8. The desert of ore, what would the flora and fauna of it be like?

As the other answers have pointed out, you are not going to have a lot of Earth-normal flora and fauna that will survive out on the ore sands. Heavy metal toxicity is pretty gnarly, and when it does not kill you quickly, it tends to sterilize you, so you are not going to be having a lot of offspring that might be slightly-more-adapted.That said, there are such things on Earth as plants that hyperaccumulate heavy metals, enough so that there's discipline called "phytomining" that involves using metal-accumulating plants to leech stuff out of the soil that's later processed. (Here's more information on phytomining in the context of gold phytomining, and here's a Wikipedia list of hyperaccumulating plants: list of hyperaccumulators. Quickly scanning that list, I see mostly water plants and some temperate grasses with the notable exception of creosote bush, which is very hardy desert plant.) Hyperaccumulators tend to do really well in the presence of heavy metals because of their stellar ability to sequester the stuff in their leaves and resist its toxic effects. Throw in a bit of ambient magic, and this would be the way to go for the "metal plant" effect you want--though less "steel cactus" and more "copper creosote bush".The neat thing about this is that your desert-dwellers could exploit these hyperaccumulators to make their own metal trade easier. Creosote, for example, happens to hyperaccumulate only copper, so planting a bunch near a mixed ore sand obviates the need to refine it to get the copper out. Just let the creosote do it and collect later. I could see them gradually developing a science of phytomining by observing what plants grow well next to which ore sands, and what kind of metal can be reclaimed from those plants when they are processed. (This is something you may also want to bring in the magic for, since processing metals out of plants in the real world involves some very strong, very nasty chemical processes. )As for the animals, well--there's magic in the setting, so the sky's the limit on what you want to do with that. Keep in mind, though, that if an animal--through ambient magic--adapts to live out in this extreme environment where it picks up all kinds of trace metals in its food, it's probably also going to adapt to make that metal do something for it. Deposition in bone is the most likely initial start, since that's where heavy metals already bioaccumulate in vertebrate animals, but it will spread out from there. People who are exposed to a lot of silver in their diet, for example, eventually change color as it gets into their skin! (And there's another potential economic opportunity--if the metals that get into the local fauna deposit in their skin, fur, scales, or shells and result in attractive coloration that's long-lasting after the animal dies, you've got some really pretty exotic animal parts you can sell to supplement all the ore you are shipping out.)You would not, however, get much in the way of non-magical, non-plant-life in this environment that was any bigger than bacteria. That does not mean, though, that you can not go pore over some lists of desert fauna and base some magical animals on them. Personally, I would think tortoises would do pretty well if they could magically resist heavy metal poisoning and incorporate all that metal they are picking up into their shells

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