Did Obama and Clinton Both Say Benghazi Was About a Video?

This is what Secretary Clinton told the Congressional Benghazi investigation:Responding to a remark from Clinton in which she condemned his insinuations about State's response to the attack, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said he was not "insinuating anything.""We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film .

. Why didnu2019t you just speak plain to the American people?u201d he asked, in reference to the anti-Muslim video that enraged the Middle East and resulted in numerous attacks against Western diplomatic installations during the same week of the Benghazi attack.

Clinton's answer: "I did. If you look at my statement as opposed to what I was saying to the Egyptian prime minister, I did state clearly, and I said it again in more detail the next morning, as did the president. I'm sorry that it doesn't fit your narrative, congressman.

I can only tell you what the facts were. And the facts, as the Democratic members have pointed out in their most recent collection of them, support this process that was going on, where the intelligence community was pulling together information."The 13 top moments from Clinton's Benghazi testimonyI know nothing about this topic.

All I said I got from Google

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What causes great empires throughout history to fall? Can they be learned from, or is a fall always inevitable?

I dont know if every death is the same.

I think the British Empire, and the new collection of states called Germany beat each other, almost to entire destruction in the World Wars. But the British Empire, and this might be a clue, no longer had people believing, and forced to say they believe, God gave us the King, and the Church has a pipeline to true knowledge, which says to obey the King, coming from God.I know that the Romans started with people defending their own homes.

The mythology of Remus and Romulus-I hope the names are right-is one of healthy fear. There are other, maybe bigger animals who will kill us for every scrap of food. The end?

Look at Varius Flavus, the Roman official in Asterix. He was poisoning fellow Romans to get rich, and with his sickly complexion he smiled about how his life would be one long orgy. His guards took the example from him.

In other words, in a land of wolves, there were too many cocaine addicted politicians, and the people were not fighting for their own homes and families. So why fight when they were only doing it to become citizens, not worth much to a dead man. And the incorrect values.

Rome will not fall. I just want the next promotion,.


Why was the Tsar Nicholas II unpopular in Russia?

What were the effects of his perception?

Nicholas II received his nickname Nicholas the Bloody not because of Bloody Sunday (1905) - Wikipedia but on the first day of his enthronement. Popular celebration (badly organized) resulted in a huge crush tolled thousands lives (Khodynka Tragedy - Wikipedia).

In an absolutist monarchy (Russian Empire) the ruler must be either a quick reformatory or a bloody tyrant to be considered as u201cstrongu201d. He was none of these. He postponed long-waited liberal reforms and wasnu2019t bloody enough to hang each and every opposition.

So he was considered as a weak ruler.The result of this u201cweaku201d policy was huge corruption of all governmental bodies, WWI with millions of casualties, and Revolution (in fact three: 1905, February 1917, and October 1917; dates according to Julian Calendar).Finally, he and his family (wife, five daughters and the only son) plus several his close servants were assassinated in 1918 by Bolsheviks and their bodies were hidden.

As to OP. Nickolas II is NOT unpopular in modern Russia. Their remains were found, identified according to the best possible forensic practice, and buried in Peter-and-Paul Cathedral, St.

Peterborough next to groves of previous Russian Czars. Russian Orthodox Church ranked him to Saint Martyr. Some zealots carry his portrait as an icon


During your time in military service, did you ever meet another service member who struck you as odd and perhaps even disturbing, even/especially by military cultural standards?

Ryan Rodriguez, thank you for the question.Yes.My first Platoon Sergeant was a bit different.

I immediately sensed he was trying to take advantage of me. A father who was a Korean War PFC, Naval Academy instructor, an Uncle who was enlisted in Darbys Rangers, Uncles who were Naval Officers one a submariner and the other a Doctor , my time at sea with the Navy with port calls in 8 foreign ports, Captain of two varsity teams, 4 years of scholarship ROTC at Duke University AKA work your ass off or lose your money, and months of Officers Basic Course and Airborne school, didn't mean I was a stupid 2nd Lieutenant.Most 2nd Lieutenants arent stupid either.

Anyway, my Platoon Sergeant put liquor into his coffee AKA Irish coffee. Never drunk at all. But, he was better than me, the First Sergeant and everyone else.

And he didnt teach me to be an officer and lead the platoon.I tried to influence without going on the record and accusing. I FAILED.

The Battalion Sergeant Major called me into his office appointment , and he said, Sir, we have a problem.I held up my hand and said, I understand. Ill take care of it.

He said, Yes Sir, I know you will.Then I relieved my Platoon Sergeant and the Army relieved him. Stupid.

But I failed. He didnt get the hints. How odd .


If Erich Von Manstein was given freedom to act as he saw fit, would it have been possible for Germany to have won the war?

No, Germany lack the basic resources and did not anticipate the long term requirements to win WW 2. They lack a long range bomber fleet, they held back on the next generation air force, they did not have a solid agricultural infrastructure to support their armies and people, and they never consider Americas industrial capacity.

Germany also had bad field intelligence on how the United States was preparing itself for a war in Europe with its pre - WW 2 maneuvers which address and answer Americas arm forces shortcomings. From a medical perspective they lack significant amounts of blood plasma to keep their wounded alive; many Germans died from their wounds because of the lack of blood plasma. From a strategy - tactics perspective they ignored their initial success during the Battle of Britain when they switch their strategy from attacking airfields and radar installations and instead attacked the cities.

They lack the proper number of U Boats and did not advance their second generation U Boat till 194445. Erich von Manstein was a great extremely competent general yet he did not have complete command and control over the military and never was in the position to exercise his complete competencies as a strategist and tactician. To win wars you must be a master of all the principals and resources of war


How good was Erich von Manstein as a general?

What were his most decisive victories?

His most decisive was Sichelschnitt, his plan to invade France in 1940, which caused the combined French and British forces to be effectively defeated in 3 days and the entire campaign to be over in 14 days.He is also famed for his masterful handling of a panzer corps in which he gained 150 miles in two days at the opening of Barbarossa.

He is also famed for his conquering of the Crimea in 1942 against fierce-some numerical odds. He is also know for his saving of Army Group South after 6th Army was encircled at Stalingrad. If he hadnt, the Russians had little to stop them breaking the entire front open.

He also withdrew forces from the Caucuses and their presence helped stabilize the front. There is much more, but finally his brilliant use of a handful of panzer divisions to stop the Russian spring offensive, their complete destruction, and the ensuing recapture of Kharkov at the 3rd battle of Kharkov.In the 20th century he is undoubtedly the most able and effective field commander.

He commanded everything from divisions all the way up to an entire army group. The Army High Command wanted him to command the entire eastern front, but Hitler would not countenance it


Can I use a higher watt LED equivalent bulb in a 60W fixture?

Yes, likely u2026 maybe!

The wattage limit is all about thermal behavior, but that differs for LEDs.LEDs generate a higher heat load in the internal stem, incandescents tend to have the thermal hot spot around the glass.Any fixture like an inverted funnel, such as a desk lamp, has the bulbu2019s stem on top but may also have a plastic housing; such fixtures may commonly have small holes so as to help let heat, u201ctrappedu201d in the cone, escape upwards.

Generally, an LED presents a much smaller thermal load to the assembly. The comparison is between the fixture dispersing the thermal load with the incandescent bulb, almost all is generated around the glass, some is dispersed by any circulating air while some will rise upwards toward the stem and the closed part of the enclosure. The LEDu2019s thermal load is generated almost entirely around the stem, not the glass bulb.

Decent air circulation dissipates the thermal energy, but also large metallic mass in contact with the stemu2019s area can act as a heat exchanger and dissipate even more of the thermal energy.Pay attention to the fixtureu2019s construction, but in most cases a 100W LED consumes way less than a 60W incandescent


Is Richard Muller a religious person?

I pray every day, often more often.

This question just reminded me to pray again. That prayer was to give thanks.I donu2019t pray for favors, such as asking God to help my football team to win, or the army of my country, or to cure a cancer in a close friend/relative (or even me, maybe someday).

I only pray to give thanks, or to ask for spiritual strength. I do not go to church or a synagogue or a mosque on Sundays or Saturday or Friday, or practice any other kind of organized religion. I can sense God, and talk to God, and I am blessed by God, and the more time I spend in awe of God and in gratitude, the greater spiritual happiness I feel.

God is obvious, but not seen by people who are distracted (e. g. by physics) or who close their eyes.

If you want to understand in more depth my sense of God, download the (cheap, $2.99) Kindle version of my novel The Sins of Jesus: A Historical Account of a Human Jesus. (If you donu2019t have a Kindle, you can still read it on any computer.

) Donu2019t read this if you feel that Jesus is your personal God; I treat Jesus as a prophet, not as God himself. But in it I depict the relationship of a human Jesus to God that closely reflects mine


What are the consequences of greed?

Russian classic story!

There was a priest looking for a worker. He meets Balda who offers to work for 3 flicks (hitting priests forehead using fingers) and food with shelter a year. Priest accepts.

Balda is an amazing worker, he does everything he is ordered as fast as a lightning. He is loved by everyone except the priest himself, because the time for his payment is coming.Priest comes up with an amazing idea: to order something impossible to Balda, namely collect taxes from devil living in the see.

Balda accomplishes that (he takes 2 rabbits and makes a race, who can run faster around the see - devil or rabbit. The race starts, the devil runs fast, and is soon back, but the second rabbit is already there. So devil loses (Balda cheats)).

Devil gives his taxes.Now Balda returns and priest pays his price:At Rap Number One, up he flew to the ceiling.At Rap Number Two The pope, the poor wretch, Lost the power of speech.

And at Rap Number Three he was battered, And the old fellows wits, they were shattered,But Balda, giving judgment, reproached him: Too keen upon cheapness, my pope, thou has been!This is the famous story by Alexander Pushkin The Tale of the Priest and of His Workman Balda

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