Christmas Shopping All Wrapped Up at Four Seasons Boston ...

As you walk through the doors of the Four Seasons in Boston you truly feel like you are coming home, well to a home with a huge lobby, well stocked bar and a suite that’s bigger than my tiny



After a drive which took nearly seven hours by road from New York to Boston due to heavy traffic, a warm and friendly welcome awaited complete with cupcakes delivered to the room.

It was the perfect start to a weekend break away and gave me a much needed sugar rush after a tiring journey.

I was staying for two nights in an executive suite on the eighth floor of the hotel which has sweeping views of Boston Public Garden and Boston Common.

In April the hotel completed a $15million renovation with a newly designed chic lobby and gave its guest rooms a facelift with the emphasis being on creating simple and uncluttered spaces and improving visitors' sleep.

Rooms have a New England feel to them and are spacious, calming and most importantly very quiet.

The hotel wanted to create what it calls a 'Sleep Temple' concept so you get a good night's sleep.

With double-walled windows for soundproofing, in-room temperature controls and blackout shades you are not only guaranteed a good night's sleep but maybe one of the best night's sleep you've ever had.

Mattresses designed exclusively for Four Seasons in partnership with Simmons are so comfortable that you literally will not want to get up.

My suite was located right by the hotel's fitness center and pool.

Sitting in the whirlpool surrounded by bubbles and looking out over the beautiful green space in the heart of the city is the perfect way to start the day, end the day or indeed spend the whole day if you are looking for sheer relaxation.

However the Four Seasons is in a prime location for exploring the city and soaking up all the festivity it has to offer this holiday season so you have to tear yourself away from the pool to hit the shops and take in all the city's charm and festive cheer.

The garden and common across the street are the perfect places for a stroll, run or to go ice skating on the Frog Pond which is just a short walk from the Make Way for the Ducklings statue.

You can also pick up the Freedom Trail here which is the best way to get to know the city.

The 2.5mile-long trail takes in 16 locations significant to the history of the U.S. such as Paul Revere House - his colonial home during the time of the American Revolution, Old State House, graveyards and churches.

Marked with bricks, the self-guided trail winds between Boston Common and the Bunker Hill Memorial in Charlestown.

At Faneuil Hall, the National Park Service operates a visitor's center where you can pick up free maps of the trail and organize tours.

And until January 3, a light and sound extravaganza called Blink is at Faneuil Hall Marketplace for its fifth year.

The light show uses over 350,000 LED lights to illuminate Boston's skyline and is set to music with the largest Christmas tree in the Northeast in the backdrop.

It runs continuously each evening in seven minute intervals.

The hotel sits on the trendy Boylston street which along with neighboring Newbury Street has a Fifth Avenue feel to it but without the hustle and bustle that New York has. Think Rodeo Drive but less pretentious.

Here is a designer shopper's paradise with big name stores like Tiffany's, Hermes and Chanel.

For those not looking to splash quite as much cash and pick up some bargains then the best place to start is Primark on Summer Street.

The discount fashion chain imported from the UK opened its first store in the U.S. in Boston two years ago.

It's an Aladdin's cave of clothing and accessories for both sexes and all ages. Drop $100 in here and you'll find you almost have an entire new closet - it's cheap.

It also offers an array of homewares and gifts along with Christmas decorations and all you need to wrap your gifts so they look pretty under your tree.

And near Primark you'll find a host of big name favorites including Macy's, Forever 21, Gap and TJ Maxx.

After a long day's shopping the best place to unwind and take in an early evening cocktail is back at the hotel's Bristol Restaurant and Bar.

The lounge area features a backlit spirits display as well as new artwork as part of the renovation.

Although it is very spacious and has seating for 75 in the lounge it feels personal and cozy.

A favorite from the cocktail menu was the Beekeeper. Gin, lemon, acacia honey and lavender are mixed together to make the perfect drink for those with a sweet tooth.

And if there's nothing that takes your fancy from the menu our cheerful bartender Bryan was happy to help create our own signature cocktail.

A fusion of Plantation rum, watermelon, lemon and lime juices we dubbed the creation Lost At Sea as the taste evoked memories of sitting on a far flung beach with the sun beaming down despite it being a chilly fall day outside.

Overall the Four Seasons makes for a relaxed and luxurious stay in a prime location - it's like being on vacation but with the comforts of your own homes and a few added extras and surprises.

Speaking of the renovation regional vice president and general manager Bill Taylor said: 'We worked closely with our designers to ensure a classic ambiance that pays a modern tribute to New England style as well as our location on the Public Garden, with the ultimate goal of always enhancing the guest experience.'

It certainly did that. Rooms for December start at$655 per room per night. Those staying on Christmas Day need not fear that Santa will be unsure where they are as all guests receive a holiday stocking in their room on Christmas Day.

People can also request Christmas trees in their rooms for an additional cost. For more information visit the hotel's


or call 617 338 4400.

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