China Has Surpassed the United States to Become the Largest Market for AMD

As an American semiconductor company, AMD's largest market has been from home for many years, but the proportion of the Chinese market has been increasing. In 2020, it finally surpassed the United States to become the largest market for AMD, and more than 23.9% of AMD products are sold to the domestic market.

According to the report released by AMD, they announced the main source countries and regions of revenue last year, of which the U.S. market contributed US $2.294 billion, US $1.764 billion in 2019, the Chinese market contributed US $2.329 billion and US $1.736 billion in 2019.

It can be seen that last year, the share of the Chinese market was very close to that of the United States, and the price difference was very small. This year, it was slightly higher, with a share of 23.9% slightly higher than that of the local market.

In addition to the two major markets of China and the United States, the share of other countries and regions is less than US $2 billion. The Japanese market has sold us $1033 million, the European market has US $1108 million, Taiwan has US $1187 million, Singapore has US $1096 million, and the rest of the world has a total of US $716 million.

Last week, amd announced that in fiscal year 2020, the turnover was US $9.76 billion, the operating income was US $1.37 billion, the net income was US $2.49 billion, and the diluted earnings per share was US $2.06. Non GAAP operating income was $1.66 billion, net income was $1.58 billion, and diluted earnings per share was $1.29.

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