Cheap Drum Set for College Student?

Cheap Drum set for College student?

Cheap Drum Set for College Student? 1

He could use a prepare pad or purchase drum head silencers or something like that. The drummer in my band used to stay contained in the dorms, yet he had and digital drum set which had a quantity administration and whatnot. If he has the money, possibly an electric powered set could be the thank you to bypass. wish this enables.

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Should i buy a drum set ?Or is too early?

I would wait for your exams to finish before buying a drum set!

Cheap Drum Set for College Student? 2

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I want to start playing the drums, but I don't know exactly where to start...?

get a drum set music book then buy a drum set and practice or if not first buy a percussion drum ( ta) and the music book for it then move on to the drum set when you know how to read the drum music and your pretty good or good , also ( if you can afford it ) take private lessons because there is much much needed techniques that pros use that they teach you hope i was a help =P.

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how to make a drum set platform?

The risers I've played on varied in size, but about 5'X5' works well. Assemble with 2 1/2" drywall screws using 2'X8' lumber for the outside frame and every 16" inside (like building a stud wall) and cover with 3/4 plywood and then a short nap carpet. The carpet keeps drums & stands from sliding around. Cut hand holds, 2 per side, in the 2x8 outer frame and paint the outer frame flat black. As an option, you may want to drill a couple of extra holes on each side of the frame to allow monitor, mic. and electrical cords to pass through, but you can always modify later to suit your needs. It will take a guy on each corner to move this thing, but it's strong and stable and wo not rattle. Sound guys and musicians hate things on stage that rattle

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what is a good beginner drum set?

a free one. Craigslist. Sets start out cheap and simple but to get a kit to "Breath" you have to invest. Stick with the guitar, even though In my opinion I truly believe the drummer holds the band together. and the singers near worthlessness. (just kidding) I play guitar, and have a $2k kit in my studio. I wai on it, but when my brother in law comes. The freakin thing comes ALIVE. Good luck in your decision. Oh and you can wear headphones from your digibox. not from a set.

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Is this a good drum set for a beginner? HELP!!!?

that is a great beginners drum set

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im 14 with 36k in bank but parents say i cant spend til im 18, are they wrong cuz i want to buy a drum set...?

Because you are 14, you are a minor and the money is controlled by the custodian. The custodian has final say and they can say no to a drum set. A drum set is not absolutely vital to your health, education and well being.

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How do I become a better Drum set player (Drum set experts only please)?

I think you should focus on harder pieces/ beats or whatever you use to learn your music. When you have a harder song to learn you wo not get it right the first time but once you adjust you better. I hope I made that clear

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What brand drum set is the best?

I's say Pearl, or Yamaha

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Why do I see drummers with pillows in their bass drum?

I am not sure about the duct tap, but when I used to have a drum set, we put a pillow in the bass drum to dull the noise so it was not so loud

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How to Clean a Drum Set

Not sure how to correctly clean a drum set? Find out the right way to clean a drum set in this guide. Different drummers can have different opinions regarding the maintenance and cleaning of their drum sets. Some drummers do not care much for cleaning their drums at all, as it does not jive with their "let it be" rock and roll approach to life. If you have this same punk rock attitude, then you better have plenty of money because not cleaning your drum set can result in its shorter lifespan. You are going to have to buy a new one much sooner than you ought to. Of course, some drummers prefer to have their drum sets shiny and gleaming all the time. Others tend to have a more relaxed attitude, and clean their drum sets less frequently. But the point remains-you do need to clean your drums on a regular basis so that it does not wear down too soon. So how do you do this? Here are the basic steps you need to take: Some drummers do not do this for general maintenance. That's understandable. It takes a lot of time and effort to disassemble the drum kit. It can get fussy too, as you end up with too many parts that you eventually have to put back together again. So some drummers just wipe down their drum set with a clean cloth every now and then. This takes care of the dust that inevitably settles on the drums as time flies. However, at least once a year you should do a complete and thorough cleaning of your drum kit. This means disassembling your drum kit so you can take a good long look at everything. Here are some tips to help you out: At this time, it's also an opportune moment to inspect every part of your drum kit for any damage that may require repair or replacement. See if you have any missing or loose hardware. Look over the tension lugs and check that they are not bent. Look also for any sort of damage to the threads. You need to be careful when you clean your drum. They are somewhat as delicate as elegant furniture, so you will need to be very careful. There are several ways to clean the whole drum, but here are the basic steps and tips: Now that it's clean, you may as well polish it so it looks fine. You will want to clean the cymbals. That's because the dirt can have a negative effect on the sound of the cymbals. Also, it's great if the cymbals look shiny, especially if you are performing on stage. Take Care of The Hardware Drum kits have plenty of small moving parts, and you will want each one of them to work together properly. So you will need to clean the hardware, and you should not forget about the bass pedals and the hi-hat stands. Here's how to clean drum hardware: This should be easier, as you can just consult your original drum kit manual to assemble it like you did the first time. YouTube is also a nice resource on how to do this. Just do not forget to make sure that your efforts should match what you have with the "before" pictures you took. In between the thorough cleanings, here are some basic maintenance tips: You need to learn how to clean a drum set, so you can take care of it properly. Of course, there's a better way of keeping the dirt and dust away from your drum set. Keep on playing as often and as long as you can!

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