Chaining Up 5v LED Strips Using 5v Cellphone Chargers [duplicate]

If you go on ebay they sell 1 male to multiple female connectors. Having multiple power supplies is not ideal because if one goes out it puts stress on the LED strip and could short out the strip and other power supplies. With one power supply and wires to divide it evenly if it goes out, the whole thing goes out without the risk of a short in the microchips in the strip. One strip one power supply is best. An adjustable power supply to lets you choose your voltage and amperage and they are cheap. The 50/50 rgb has more versatility then that brand in you picture which looks like a 30/30. The 50/50 come with built in power connectors. You will have more difficulty tracking down the bad power supply in your example if it goes bad without a multi-meter.If you hard wiring this without a control box(small control CPU that con be programmed for sequenced patterns and brightness) a 3 12volt dimmer switch for each color would work. The control box does have a timer and can be thrown off by multiple power supplies. Some of the answer came from the comments

1. im trying to make sound reactive LED strips for a car subwoofer?

definite, that is conceivable, yet you gotta make constructive your sub is not stressed out down bypass 4 ohm, otherwise your reciever will bypass into look after mode. I also advise you hook up a house sub extremely of a motor vehicle sub. They both are outfitted in yet in a unique way and the residing house sub will sound alot extra proper. sturdy success.

2. Why are most RGB LED strips common anode instead of common cathode?

I was not able to find any definitive reasons, but I did come across:- EEng (source)It may be that the slight advantage that sinking current offers over sourcing for most devices, leads manufacturers more often to design displays in a common anode configuration

3. Why don't people power LED strips in parallel instead of using amplifiers?

Watts = Volts x Amps, so the current and wire size required to deliver a certain amount of power with minimal voltage drop is much larger at 12V or 24V than at 110V or 230V, and that thick cable has to be run all the way from the power source. Where will you put the cable? Not in the LED strip channel because there is not room. Not alongside it as that would be unsightly. That leaves in the ceiling or under the floor, which makes for a difficult installation. But let's say you do not mind seeing the extra cable or crawling through the ceiling to get it to the destination - just how much larger does it need to be to eliminate visible loss? The human eye is very sensitive to intensity variations, and the strips have multiple LEDs in series so they are quite sensitive to voltage drop. So to achieve 'insignificant' power loss the current has to be much lower than the ampacity of the cable. Therefore the cable needs to be oversized. A typical LED strip may draw several Amps - your cable might need to be rated for tens or even hundreds of Amps to match the output voltage of a local controller. However the room probably already has multiple mains power points that can be tapped into to supply additional LED drivers. So now you do not need to run a long thick cable to each remote LED strip, and each strip gets full voltage from a local power supply so it has the same brightness. The only problem is how to operate them all from a single location. LED 'amplifiers' or are peaters' solve this problem.

4. How To Create Ambient Lighting with LED Strips

How To Create Ambient Lighting With LED Strips Ambient light is defined as the general illumination within a space. The availability of ambient light throughout the home is one of the most critical considerations in interior design. With LED strip lights, there are many more ways to effectively create ambient light to brighten the home for family and guests. Strip lights capitalize on the well-known benefits of LED technology - providing ample, beautiful light with low energy costs and incredible durability. But there is another important factor exclusive to strip lights, and that is their supreme design versatility. Our strips can be cut, curved and connected to fit any space and shine light exactly where you want it. Here are four ways to create attractive ambient light with LED strips: One of the best uses for LED strip lights is in indirect lighting projects. Indirect lighting is a great way to add focus, texture, layering and accent color to rooms throughout the house. Many people choose to run the strips above cabinets in the kitchen, behind mirrors in the bathroom, or in coves through hallways. Modern designers have expressed a preference for indirect lighting because of the way it hides fixtures and because it produces an evenly distributed glow of ambient light throughout the room. Pro Tip: Take extra care to make sure the high energy areas of your house have ample lighting. Where does the family gather? In the kitchen or the living room? Make sure that the lights you install are bright enough to energize a crowd, making everyone feel lively and excited to be together. Our LED strips are some of the very brightest LEDs you will find on the market. Ambient light in a room is not only measured by how attractive it is, but also by its functionality. One advantage of LED strips is that their versatility makes them great for task lighting installations. LED strip lights are perhaps the best solution there is for under cabinet lighting - a common example of home-based task lighting. Further, this is a simple DIY project that wo not require a huge electrician expense. To add kitchen task lighting, just peel back the adhesive on the back of our strips, stick them under the cabinet and connect them to a power source for incredible kitchen task lighting. Pro Tip: When installing task lighting, it's a good idea to put in more light than you think you will need. First, these lights will last many years into the future, and who could not use more light as the years go on? Second, when you are focusing on a task, more light means better concentration and improved accuracy. Dimmers are important for creating the right ambient light atmosphere in the home. With dimmers, you can turn down the lights as night falls, which will relax your mind and bring you closer to sleep. Dimmers can also be used to add light to a room where natural light normally enters, but perhaps clouds are letting in less light than normal and you need a little extra. With a dimmed LED strip lights, you will have full control to add the perfect level of light necessary for any given situation. Pro tip: Before you add a dimmable LED strip lighting system, it is a good idea to consider whether you want a hardwired wall dimmer or a remote inline dimmer. The first option is easier if you have a professional electrician on hand, while the second option can be done as part of a DIY installation. LED strip lights can also improve a room's ambient light by adding accent. Running strips along toe kickers or under counters is a great way to add color or textures to a room. With LED strips, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you are looking to add an extra creative flair, add color-changing RGBs and harness the power of color psychology. For instance, say you want to create an excited mood in a room, add red light and the occupants will feel stimulated and passionate. On the other hand, add blue light and the occupants will feel relaxed and comfortable. Pro tip: Many color changing LED strips on the market are of low quality. Be sure to compare options before making your purchase and make sure that the lights come from a trusted brand. While many lights claim to last 25,000 to 50,000 hours, make sure there is a warranty on the product to guard yourself against disappointment. We truly enjoy the opportunity to provide clients with the LED solutions they need. It's a great pleasure for us to see our strip lights installed in the countless innovative and sustainable projects that we see developed every single day. Your vision is what inspires us to do what we do! Do you need any help deciding which LED strip lights are right for your commercial, industrial, or home renovation project? Give us a call at 1-844-FLEXFIRE (1-844-353-9347) or shoot us an email to and we would love to get involved!

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